[Arc 1] Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Of Course!

Chu Shen braced himself. After all, his master was famous for putting him through extremely painful processes so it with him warning Chu Shen before hand it was undoubtedly going to be painful beyond comparison.

His master had him sit down in the lotus position. His master floated above him, a barely visible figure glowing above his head. He floated downwards until he was eye to eye with Chu Shen, if he had his eyes open of course.

His hands glowed with a greenish blue hue for a second before transforming into a sinister inky darkness. The Void Qi immediately put out his spiritual Qi, truly living up to its name leaving not even a trace but absorbing it completely.

“Get ready. It starts now.” Reaching out his hand he lightly rested them on Chu Shen’s bare chest. Earlier he had him uncover his upper body in preparation. Without a sound the Void Qi surged into his body.

The Qi entered his body’s meridians through his chest’s acupuncture points. As the Qi flowed Ti Wu gave up his control over the Qi and let Chu Shen control it. The Void Qi circulated according the <Void King> technique.

The Qi went around once and as it did it started to penetrate the outer muscles and skin like before. It would not penetrate deeper until Chu Shen had advanced his understanding of the technique.

With the Void Qi his strength increased dramatically. Suddenly it went from 4800 pounds to 4820 pounds. Every time he rotated his Qi it increased. Upon the second rotation it added on another 25 pounds and each time it rotated once more another five pounds plus the last times circulation was added. It came up to a terrifying 5225 pounds! This was an addition of 425 pounds, an almost 20% increase in his already tremendous strength!

Then the eleventh circulation came, now it added on not 65 pounds but rather 130 pounds! Almost directly doubling the last addition of strength! It made sense because upon reaching the eleventh circulation it meant that person would have reached the second stage of the technique.

The twelfth circulation added on 140 pounds! This was once again doubling the previous circulations amount. It finally stopped at the fifteenth circulation of Qi. His strength was now at 5975 pounds, that meant he had gained 750 pounds of strength just from one circulation! His strength was now at almost 150% compared to others in the same stage.

But that was not the only thing Chu Shen had gained, far from it. Let us not forget that the <Void King> technique also strengthened the skin. Before Chu Shen’s skin could be considered as hard as stone. Now his skin was as strong as impure iron. While this was not quite enough to simply let a Dragon stage warrior to bash at him with impunity, he could definitely take a minor blow without worrying too much.

Now that Chu Shen had reached his limit he had to reset himself if he wished to circulate the Void Qi again.

Ti Wu upon sensing the circulations had stopped he once again took control of the Void Qi. As he did he sensed the amount missing was almost 10%, a terrifying amount for Chu Shen to absorb. This was all the Void Qi Ti Wu was willing to spare on Chu Shen’s training and Ti Wu had calculated that this was also the limit of Chu Shen’s willpower.

Speaking of willpower….

Ti Wu thought it odd that Chu Shen had not uttered a single peep when had been absorbing the Void Qi. Even the toughest of men would have groaned in agony at the very least. Unfortunately Ti Wu had been absorbed in making sure nothing went wrong with the Void Qi to observe his disciples facial expressions.

Glancing up at his face Ti Wu saw that Chu Shen’s face had on a pleasant expression, like that of a tourist. Sensing something wrong Chu Shen opened his eyes.

“Are we going to start a second time master or should we stop here?” Chu Shen had on an innocent expression as he looked at Ti Wu.

“Tell me, did you feel anything abnormal?”

“Besides the Qi you put into me Master, no I didn’t.”

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“No pain? No pain at all?”

“No master I felt no discomfort.”

Master Ti Wu had an astonished expression on his face. Slowly his eyebrows furrowed in concentration before his face suddenly showed some enlightenment. “Of course of course. Why didn’t I think of that! It’s perfectly natural.”

“What master?”

“The reason you had no pain was of course because of your Void Constitution! Your body rejects all other types of Qi except Void Qi! In order to strengthen your body it has to absorb energy. Your body rejects this energy which is what causes the pain, as a matter of fact it’s not just you.”

“Everyone rejects Qi being put into their body, it’s only natural after all it is a foreign thing. But instead because of your constitution your body naturally absorbs the Void Qi to its highest extent without rejecting it, thereby strengthening your body while not causing pain!”

“Master that makes no sense though, otherwise my Null Qi would not have caused me any pain either.”

“Oh phooey! You can’t even talk of Null Qi and Void Qi as though they are the same! Null Qi is merely an altered version of Void Qi and comparing the two is like comparing a volcano to the sun. One is filled with the impurities of earth and ash while the other is pure energy.”

“How can your body accept a watered down version of what it wants while it is filled with hints of martial Qi. It’s like an alcoholic who has tasted the finest wine then pouring that fine wine into a jug of water and then giving it to him. Of course he would accept it reluctantly if that was the only thing given to him but he would always have his heart set on that pure fine wine.”

“I would have come to this conclusion faster but since all the Void Constitution Sect members were patriarchs I never got to teach them. That’s why I didn’t recognize it straight off.”

“Thank you master for enlightening me. Do you think we should continue though?”

“Of course we should. I have enough Qi for nine more times, use it wisely.”

Chu Shen managed to complete the technique another 9 times. Now his strength had gone from 4800 to 16550 pounds in single day. However, once Chu Shen reached this point he felt like his body would burst. After he told his master Ti Wu decided to stop after the tenth circulation.

“If you try and strengthen your body anymore it might burst. Because of that we can’t train your body anymore. Use this time left to get used to your strength.”

Afterwards Chu Shen went back to his room. He still had six more days before he had to go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.


Author’s Note: Here is the picture that my sister Kayla drew (You can see her name in the top left) Along with a picture of what I think the Majestic Sword Academy should look like provided by my fan, Darknebulous. Kudo’s to you both for the awesome pics.

Chu Shen Hand Drawn

Chu Shen Hand Drawn

Majestic Sword Academy

Majestic Sword Academy

Here is a link to Darknebulous’ website if you want to enjoy more.

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