[Arc 1] Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Ti Wu’s Past

“What is it Master Ti Wu, it has been a while since I talked to you.”

“Well brat that’s because I was meditating to gather void Qi. Your body makes the perfect conduit what with you naturally gathering it from the universe.”

“What?! You mean you are actually stealing my Qi from me? You truly are a ghost!” Searing pain assaulted Chu Shen’s head. As he grimaced in agony he wondered why master Ti Wu always attacked him when they met up.

“You brat! Call me a ghost one more time and you will suffer!”

“Sorry master. What was this interesting thing you were going to tell me.”

“Actually it’s only something that helped satisfy my curiosity and coincidentally you can now live a lot less cautiously. Using the void Qi from your body I was able to scan this world. Naturally I could have scanned it some time ago but I needed void Qi so as to avoid being discovered.”

“When I woke up I thought this place was a little strange compared to my memories. You see, where I come from the natural laws are stronger.”

“Natural laws?”

“Yes, it is only natural that you wouldn’t know of this since you have never been to another plane of existence before. Basically different realms have different natural laws. These laws control how much suppression is put on the beings there and also how much Qi is there as well.”

“Basically a move that could shatter a mountain in a place with weaker natural laws might not even be able to crack a pebble in a place with with much higher natural laws. For example. Here the natural laws are more than three times weaker than in the realm I originated from. This means to accomplish the same feat here than in my realm it would take one third the energy.”

“If it takes more energy to do things then why would you go there?”

“Because the natural laws are stronger there you can sense them more clearly making it beneficial to understanding the laws necessary to breakthrough to certain stages. Along with the natural laws being stronger the natural Qi is also stronger.”

“The ground becomes harder because it contains more energy. Consequently, with there being more energy you can cultivate faster and the universe gives birth to more treasures as well. Essentially cultivation becomes easier and faster along with there being more opportunities.”

“So essentially your realm was richer in Qi than mine.”

“Precisely. I got off topic though. I will allow you to use all of the Void Sects secret techniques openly instead of hiding it.”

“I never truly got that master. Why would I have to hide it anyways.”

“Sigh. This is where things might get complicated. Sufficient to say I have my reasons. As you know from the techniques you have learned my sect was incredibly strong.”

“That much is obvious master.”

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“Well I have some news for you. My sect was not actually the main sect but rather a branch sect. The founder was the son of an elder in the main Void Sect that wished to become the so called tiger of the mountain. Unfortunately while he had great talent he was not a heaven defying talent like some others. Comparing his Void Constitution to other talents his was lacking though he used top tier techniques from his father.”

“Because of his desire his father granted him the ability to establish a branch sect instead and become the founder and patriarch. His father even let him keep some advanced techniques from the main sect though his son could only pass them down to other people with Void Constitutions.”

“Why would he only let his son pass it down to others with Void Constitutions?”

“Mainly because most of the techniques required a Void Constitution. Most of the members of the main sect had a Void Constitution. As you know there is a strong possibility of passing down certain constitutions to their descendants. The Void Constitution is one of them. Because of this most of the sects truly powerful techniques required a Void Constitution.”

“There even became a technique that could create a pseudo Void Constitution and those with this pseudo Void Constitution gained a Void Body. As you know a normal body cannot withstand the power of Void Qi. So instead a body cultivation technique was used and those that reached the end of the technique had their whole body down to their cells infused with Void Qi and therefore gained the ability to have a pseudo Void Constitution.”

“Unfortunately the father outlived the son because of the stage he had reached the father could be considered as unaging. Afterwards he picked a suitable candidate for the patriach position and continued his sons heritage.”

“Master, while your story is awe inspiring I don’t see how this is related to the problem.”

“Cough cough. Anyways, because of this elders support from the background our branch sect could survive. Unfortunately during the time that I was the elder we received word that the main sect had been attacked by the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect that had combined their might with several other major sects.”

“Most sects were afraid of us because of the Qi we used including the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect. They used Heavens Qi, a Qi that was unstoppable when compared to all other types except for our own Void Qi. Out of fear they wiped the main sect out and began to extinguish the branch sects so as to not let the tiger return to the mountain.”

“The elder that was always supporting us was able to help us divert the disaster. At the time of the disaster he was actually visiting our branch sect to remember his son because it was his son’s birthday. He transmitted a full copy of all the sacred arts including the secrets of the Void Body to the voids hand before asking for volunteers to assimilate a soul into the gauntlet.”

“The only one that was willing was a cranky, cantankerous elder in charge of physical training. After that he sent the voids hand somewhere while he stayed behind to fight to protect his son’s dream.”

“I doubt he survived that fight.”

Chu Shen could not see his master’s face but could feel intense sorrow and melancholy coming from him. He had no idea what to do but to continue on. While it was interesting to find out his teachers true background it was not what his teacher had been trying to teach him.

“Master. I know this is tough but what does all that have to do with me being able to use the Void Sects arts in combat.”

Inside the voids hand Master Ti Wu was staring off into space while tears trickled down his cheeks. Yes he was old and yes he did enjoy watching others suffer pain more than he should. It could actually be considered a psychological addiction that had resulted from his training his students in such a painful method like body cultivation.

However, he had lost all his friends and family in that fight. His emotions had been bottled up and truly he needed to express himself somehow, otherwise, how could he be willing to share his story with a disciple?

Upon hearing Chu Shen’s voice Ti Wu was startled out of his recollection. Killing intent came out of his eyes for a second before he stopped himself. After all, what could he expect from a little kid with no ideas of adult emotion?

Lightly brushing away the tears Ti Wu answered his naive disciples question. After all, what more could he do?

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“Ahem. Anyways I thought you could come to this conclusion on your own but instead I have to tell you everything you little brat. Basically if Five Heavenly Mountians Sect was willing to destroy even the branch sects, what do you think they would do to someone who is using the Void Sects techniques?”

“Kill them of course! This is why you had to mask your techniques and also your Qi. However since we are on a different plane they are not here. Because of that no one would recognize the type of Qi you have so you can use it to its full potential. That is why I am letting you use these techniques.”
“Now that I have explained all that to you I have a special surprise for you. I can now use the void Qi I stored up to strengthen your body but it will hurt a lot. Will you do it?”


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