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[Arc 1] Chapter 31

Chapter 31


A bald asian man stood in front of a classroom raving. Chu Shen had decided to take an extra class called Cultivation Breakdowns that went over different stages of cultivation. Right now it was his fifth time coming to the class and it often helped him realize how far he had to go to become a real powerhouse.

“You are vulnerable! Right now you are all still in the Mortal Realms. Until you enter into the Martial Realms you cannot adequately protect yourself. The reason for this is simple.”

“You have not unlocked your outer meridians. Once you do you will be able to emit Qi from your body like armor and survive in places you couldn’t right now. You can survive in lava, underwater, and even harsh impacts.”

“Right now the only things that separates you from a mortal is your body strength and durability. You can’t even use proper martial techniques yet. Yes, I do realize you are all practicing some form of martial art but those do not qualify.”

“Martial arts such as <Heavenly Shot> or <Absolute Control> are martial arts based off of proper utilization of your muscles or agility. Even mortals can become skilled in such techniques if they practice hard enough.”

“What really makes a martial artist stand out from mortals is Qi. Everything boils down to Qi. What enables a martial artist to destroy mountains or fly? Qi. What is used to tame beasts or create pills? Qi. What is used to forge weapons and control them? Qi.”

“Everything that a martial artist does is centered around Qi. So if a martial artist can control their Qi better or has an attributed Qi they can become powerhouses unstoppable in their stage.”

“As I am sure you all know you can release Qi right now. However, this Qi is at most a slight trickle and can only be used to power certain treasures right now like a spatial ring or even a small formation.”

“On the trial stage you all must have seen the archer with the explosive arrows imbued with Qi. This was not actually done by him but was rather the effect of a small scale array. When he reaches the Martial Realms he can use his Qi to imbue arrows and make a similar effect however right now that archer has to rely on outside help to do so instead.”


The sound of chimes echoed throughout the building, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere. The bald asian man turned to look at the class.

“That concludes today’s lecture. Come back next week if you want, we will be going over the differences between stages and rough power levels of each stage as well. Dismissed.”

Chu Shen gathered his notes and left along with Bei Fong and Jian Kuai. In the hallways he saw many familiar faces, many of which had signs of adoration when they looked at him.

However, the faces Chu Shen enjoyed seeing the most was those students who were at the Dragon Stage in the trials. Upon seeing Chu Shen their faces would turn red with shame.

Things had changed drastically for Chu Shen at the Academy. Because his cultivation technique was extremely suitable for his constitution his cultivation speed was unparalleled.

Barely a month later and he was already in the 2nd level of the Dragon Stage. Comparing those Dragon Stage students to Chu Shen it was like the difference between heaven and earth. They simply lost all face, it was already considered amazing if they broke through a single level in a month much less breaking through an entire stage.

Because of the mocking words they had said at the trials their face was all but tossed in the dirt by the ‘country bumpkin’ they had looked down upon. Many of the students they had jeered at now mocked them openly.

“You broke through a level this week? Too bad Chu Shen broke through three.”

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“So proud and arrogant yet barely any results. You’re just like a frog in a well, unable to see how wide the sky truly is.”

“They can’t compare to Chu Shen at all, it’s like comparing dirt to jade.”

Of the five students at the Dragon Stage two actually dropped out of the Academy. After all, they were proud sons and daughters of heaven from rich and noble families. When had they ever been openly mocked like this?

They couldn’t take the loss of face and pride and so to prevent a blockage in their cultivation those that could dropped out to re-enter next year. Those that didn’t were at the very age limit that the Majestic Sword Academy would accept and couldn’t re-enroll.

Chu Shen knew of this problem and had tried to talk to his fellow classmates and ask them to stop mocking them but only a handful listened. After all, Chu Shen was a kind and caring soul and really didn’t want anyone innocent to be hurt.

Even though they had indeed said some unkind words it was as his father said. “You may steal from an enemy, kill your enemy, but never destroy a man’s pride.” It was because of these words that he sought out the students at the Dragon Stage and apologized to him.

Those that had to endure the mocking of their classmates had their hearts full of anger towards Chu Shen. In their eyes they had done no wrong and instead blamed Chu Shen completely for the suffering they endured.

When Chu Shen came and apologized to them they thought of it as another form of humiliation but accepted it with a kind face. After all, Chu Shen was now a legendary talent and couldn’t be offended too deeply but they still carried deep grudges in their heart.

While Chu Shen thought of the problem as being settled both Master Ti Wu and Master Lang knew it wasn’t. If they could, they would indeed make trouble for Chu Shen later on.


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