[Arc 1] Chapter 30

Chapter 30

The Principal

Master Lang was lead along a winding path filled with plants and medicinal herbs. The Qi here was dense, letting the local fauna flourish. Soon they reached a stately building with majestic gold trim on the outside.

A sword statue stood in front of the building. Just by looking at it you could tell it had great mysteries regarding the dao of the sword hidden inside it.

Master Lang was actually startled when he saw the statue. The elder saw his expression from the corner of his eye and smirked. This was a statue personally carved by the founder of the Majestic Sword Academy whose sword arts was legendary throughout the world back then.

With such a powerful cultivator had personally carved such a thing, how could it be simple? In truth to those who studied the dao of the sword it was indeed a great boon to look upon.

Master Lang quickly recovered his senses and acted like nothing had happened. He followed the elder inside the building, there he was lead to an office.

Inside was a woman who looked like your average grandma except for the powerful ripples of power emanating from her frail body. “Master Artificer welcome. Please sit down.”

The principal was being very polite to Master Lang, and with good reason. A seven star artificer was as rare as phoenix feathers nowadays. They were able to craft some of the most powerful weapons and had great influence.

If a clan or sect was able to secure a seven star artificer for themselves it was guaranteed that their later generations would be adequately equipped. Not to mention that most powerful artificers also dabbled in alchemy.

After all, an alchemist have perfect control over flames, and knowledge on herbs. Because of this many great alchemists and artificers had some success on both paths. Both had to have control over flame and learning herbs or materials is all that separated the two jobs.

Master Lang politely acknowledged the principal, giving her some face.

“So, I heard from Elders Li Xen and Li Xian that you were planning on staying at the academy.”

“That is correct Madame Principal.”

“Please, call me Principal Mayweather.”

“You may call me Artificer Lang.”

“I wanted ask what your disciples name is.”

“His name is Chu Shen. He is still a Man Stage cultivator.”

“Is he from the main family?” The principal suspected this was the reason they were accepted as a disciple.

“No. He is from a branch family called Misty Pass.”

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“Oh. Anyways, the reason I wanted to talk to you was to inform you that he will not be getting special treatment.”

“I never expected him to receive any. However, if I can provide resources better than the academies could he be allowed to accept any.”

“Of course, we allow anyone to receive outside resources so long as they are vetted by the academy.”


“Now that we have that down, I wanted to talk to you about a proposition.”

“Go on, I am listening.”

“The Majestic Sword Academy teaches a Beginners Forger and Artificer classes but we don’t have any Expert classes on the subjects. We are quite interested in hiring you to teach these classes, of course you can sell any weapons you forge and you can set your own schedule. You would also become a teacher of the school.”

Master Lang simply nodded. To be honest this was the whole point in him coming. By becoming a teacher here, especially in a class Chu Shen would be in would be extremely good for him.

This way he could protect his disciple through official channels thereby bypassing any resentment and discrimination from outside pressure. Also, there would be less resistance from other people. After all, if it was an outsider asking for favors it was an automatic response to reject it, no one liked being bossed around after all.

Principal Mayweather sighed in relief. Now the overseer from the Chu Sect would get off her back. “Thank you Master Lang. It is a great help for all of us.”

He smiled. “Don’t worry, you helped me as well”


Chu Shen sighed. Finally he was done with his schedule. Of course every few seconds Ti Wu would chime in with a sarcastic comment, however these comments did indeed help Chu Shen plan out everything.

First he would have weapons class, then formation and inscription classes, artificing, and finally techniques class.

With his schedule he would have two days of classes and the rest would be for research and cultivating. Chu Shen nodded, this was the best type of schedule.

Taking a deep breath Chu Shen sat down and started cultivating. He still had half a day left, of course he wouldn’t waste any of it.


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