[Arc 1] Chapter 22

Chapter 22

You Forgot To Ask What?

When Chu Shen walked out of the restaurant there was unexpectedly a pair of eyes on him. Because of his low cultivation and lack of experience he could not tell that someone was watching him.

Sitting upon the rooftops opposite the restaurant sat a black robed man. With a coldness that could cause even a tiger to hesitate the eyes stared down on Chu Shen. The plot to steal that thing from the city lords brat had failed, due to this boy.

His most trusted promising youth had been killed all because of this brats interference. While he couldn’t get revenge on the city lords son, he could get revenge by killing this boy.

Smiling with this vicious thought in mind his outline shimmered and then disappeared into thin air.

“Master are you ready to go yet?” Chu Shen walked into the main part of the bedroom. He had been ready for almost an hour and had spent the rest of that time trying to ease the nervousness in his heart.

His master wasn’t there, and neither was any gear of his. On the bed was a note. ‘Chu Shen, I have gone browse around at a couple Artifact stores. Go to the trials and if you can come back to the hotel within the week so I can find out what happened. Do not lose your masters face.’

He smiled. Just like his master. To be an artificer requires patience but Master Lang had a unique type of patience. As far as crafting goes he could wait an entire week to craft a superb weapon, but when it comes to watching others do something Master Lang wouldn’t have any at all.

He always had something to do and would only stop by and look every now and then before judging the final product. Shaking his head Chu Shen grabbed his hammer, stored it in his ring, and walked out of the hotel.

As he started walking down the road he stopped. ‘Crap. I forgot to ask for directions.’

The black robed man stared at Chu Shen. He could see that he had just gotten out of the hotel. He couldn’t assassinate that brat in plain daylight, if so the city guard would be on him in seconds.

He likewise couldn’t attack Chu Shen in the hotel because of the old monster in it. If he decided to cause a ruckus in the hotel it would simply be him throwing his life away.

Revenge wasn’t worth that much.

Stalking the brat the black robed man started to become confused. He kept asking people questions only for them to shake their heads.


Why did he keep asking and what was he asking? While the black robed man puzzled over this weird conundrum, the little brat suddenly took off. Cursing, the black robed man hurried after him.

Chu Shen kept asking people where the trials were but no one knew. He kept looking around when suddenly he saw Bei Fong off in the distance. Chu Shen immediately thought of how Bei Fong said he was trying out as well. ‘Maybe I can get directions from him.’

Chu Shen immediately caught up to them. “Hey, Bei Fong. Its me, Chu Shen.”

Bei Fong looked puzzled for a second then smiled. “Ah, its you. I didn’t expect to meet you before the trials began.”
Chu Shen had a bashful smile on his face. “Well I was planning on meeting you there but I forgot to ask you something.”

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“Oh, what exactly?”

“Where is the trials at exactly?”

Upon hearing Chu Shens question Bei Fong immediately started laughing. Even the cold faced bodyguard that stood silently behind smirked at that.

“Hahaha. Something that simple? Hahaha. How could you forget to ask something so basic? Hahahaha.”

Chu Shen just stood there, waiting for Bei Fong to stop laughing. “Ahh. Its been a while since I laughed that hard. Thanks brother, you certainly do have a certain naïve charm. Come on, you better follow me to the trials otherwise you would be robbed a dozen times before making it. Truly you are too young. Only what, ten years old?”

“ Twelve actually. Thanks brother Bei Fong.”

As they walked they eventually made it to the edge of town. There was large crowd there all lined up in front of a large tent with tables next to it.

“Come one Chu Shen, go ahead and get in line. I will wait with you.” They got in line and waited to register for the trails. Soon enough they had almost reached the end of the line.

By now Chu Shen could hear what was going on. “Age” “Seventeen” “Cultivation Level” “Man Level 10” “Pass. Go over to the Elder over there”

‘Hmm. It seems that I simply have to tell them a couple things and then it will be fine.’

Chu Shen reached the front of the line. There was an elderly man with a long flowing beard. He stared at it, mesmerized. “Age” Chu Shen startled himself out of his reverie.

“12” “Cultivation Level” “Man Level 9”. The old man looked up for a second at Chu Shen before grabbing his hand. A pulse of Qi intruded in his meridians. Luckily he had already neutralized the nullifying effects or his secret could have been found out.

“Pass. Go over to the Elder.” With a wave of his hand he pointed to a middle aged man about 40 years old. Around him was bunch of other people. Walking nervously over to the man he studied the other people surrounding him.

The others were standing around in groups or by themselves. The atmosphere was quite weird. Soon they would probably be martial brothers and sisters but right now they were all competitors.

While Chu Shen was studying suddenly he heard a small commotion from the crowds behind him.

“What!” “At such a young age” “He certainly has a bright future”

Chu Shen turned around and saw the people in line staring at Bei Fong. He turned and walked towards Chu Shen before joining him. Chu Shen waited a moment before curiosity got a hold of him. “What exactly is everyone making a fuss over?”

Bei Fong had taken out a fan and waved it around, the perfect image of a graceful master. “I just told the old man what my cultivation was at and they were shocked.”

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“It can’t be that bad right? I mean how old are you.” Chu Shen had started to accept Bei Fong as a true brother and was finally starting to relax around him.

“Hehe. I’m only 16, quite a bit older than you. I’m at the tenth level of the Tiger Stage, I don’t see why their all shocked.”



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