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[Arc 5] Chapter 134

Chapter 134


Lucas sighed. “Nope. No signal back. It seems as though I still have to travel with you.”

Chu Shen hit him in the side. “You’re not getting away from me that easy. We’re sticking together until we can both get home.”

Lucas gave him a sad grin. “Well, it sure does look that way.”

Chu Shen glanced around for something to distract Lucas with. He remembered that building from earlier and immediately zoomed in on it. “Hey Lucas, think we can go explore that command center with Aslo and Chrissa? They’ll get bored if they stay in there much longer.”

Lucas suddenly remembered Aslo and Chrissa were still inside his pocket dimension. “Oh yeah. I should probably let them out.”

Aslo and Chrissa suddenly appeared in front of them. As soon as Aslo appeared he jumped towards Lucas and hit him in the arm. “What is up with everybody hitting me today!” Lucas rubbed his arm and glared at everyone.

“Hey!” Aslo got right up in Lucas’ face. “Just because you’re one of the saviors doesn’t mean I can’t hit you. We came along to repay you, not to get transported around like some sword inside your Spatial Bag or whatever you have! Come on! How can we help you if we can’t even face some danger with you!”

Chu Shen sighed. “Aslo, while it’s true that you could have helped out, all you would have been able to do was flee with us. Unlike you though, Lucas can fly without massive energy drain. Because of that, he stayed behind, as did I, because I could help him block things from a distance.”

“But still, we could have-”

“Enough!” Chu Shen finally had enough. “We called you out because we thought you were bored, not to have an argument. Anyways, we were going to go inside that building over there to see if we could figure out why this town was abandoned.”

Aslo finally looked around him. “WHAT! That building…… It’s as tall as a mountain! So is that one! Sis! Look at all these huge buildings! Chu Shen, what kind of magical place is this?”

Chu Shen smiled. “It’s not magical Aslo. It’s the city.”

Chrissa approached Lucas and spoke shyly to him. “So, why would this building answer why the town was abandoned?”

“Well because it’s the command center for the planet’s military.” He explained casually.

She nodded before whispering. “So this town’s name is ‘planet’?”

“Hmm? Oh, no it’s not. The term planet is used for celestial bodies that orbit the sun. We are currently on a planet right now.”

Chrissa glanced at the ground and then pointed up at the sun.

Lucas facepalmed. “I’ll explain this later. Chu Shen! Are we going inside?”

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Chu Shen nodded. “Yeah, let’s go in now.”

Soon after Chu Shen and the gang went towards the Planetary Defense Command Center. It took them multiple tries to enter. Chu Shen had to smash a hole through the door for them to gain access to the building. Upon entering the smell of death and decay was heavy.

Glancing around Chu Shen saw bodies strewn across the halls as though they had died mid-stride. Mildewed clothes and bones could be seen. Only small bits of flesh hadn’t decayed yet on the bodies. There was some things that were really puzzling though. There were scales littered around the bodies. The bones also didn’t match those of a human. The fingers were longer than a human’s and the mouth was filled with needle-like teeth.

Lucas ignored the dead bodies and went over to one of the walls. A compound map was there. “Follow me, the tactical room is this way.” Everyone followed Lucas, though Chrissa walked far away from any of the bodies. They walked through several rooms and hallways, all with a body or two at least, before arriving at a large room. Inside the room was a large mushroom shaped stand.

Lucas immediately discovered it was a holo-projector. Going over to it, Lucas pressed the button labeled power. Nothing happened. He flipped open a panel on his arm and a cable emerged from it. He cut open several cables leading to the holo-display before discovering the one that carried power to it. He spliced the power cable with the one from his arm before supplying it with power.

Suddenly the entire room was lit up with a blue 3D display. There was the image of a solar system with ten planets floating in front of them with the sun of the system above the holo-projector. There were ships surrounding the fifth planet from the sun. There was only four or five of them and they seemed to be headed away from the planet.

Out by the ninth planet was a massive cloud of spaceships. Some were bright blue and others a blood red color. The red ships far outnumbered the blue. There were also blue, human shaped icons scattered amongst them.

The most eye catching thing though was a large white ribbon that was right next to the fifth planet. The holographic image of it was pixelated and distorted, as though something had been interfering with the image.

Aslo and Chrissa both jumped upon seeing this hologram appear out of nowhere. “What is this Chu Shen?!” He asked pointing at it.

Chu Shen sighed. This was starting to get really tiring. It seemed as though they would have to receive a lesson in technology from him and Lucas ASAP. “This is a hologram. Essentially it creates an image.” He couldn’t say 3D since they had no idea what 3D represented.

Aslo nodded. “So like a soul projection then? It’s a Rank 4 Light Spell. So, are you a light mage then?”

Chu Shen shook his head. “No. There are machines that can replicate the effects of certain spells. There are a couple branches of creating magic tools and technology is one of them. The Technology Branch of magic tools creates machines that anyone at any level can use. This mushroom thing is a machine that can replicate the soul projection spell.”

“Wow! That’s pretty cool!” Aslo immediately focused on the mushroom object. While he did that, Chu Shen approached Lucas.

“Is there anyway to find out what this image means?” He asked Lucas.

Lucas nodded. “Right now I’m hacking the database for the holo-projector. According to the records I have access to now, they were invaded. About a year before the records ended unknown ships started attacking them. They didn’t have Hyperspace Engines so their FTL (Faster-Than-Light) capabilities were severely hampered, though they did have Tachyon comm systems. The enemy would warp in at the edge of their solar system in droves and attack them. No messages were ever exchanged and their ships were unmanned.”

Lucas suddenly gasped. His head immediately turned towards the fifth planet. He pointed at the mysterious ribbon. “I know what that is.”

“It’s a solar flare.”


(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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