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[Arc 5] Chapter 132

Chapter 132


It turns out that the giant robot didn’t have a backpack on. Instead, it had on a missile launcher, which it was currently using to launch missiles at them. All the while, white beams of energy from the other, smaller ones shot towards them.

Lucas had put Aslo and Chrissa inside his pocket dimension while he strapped on his jetpack. He flew through air while trying to dodge missiles that were constantly exploding around him. Chu Shen was able to keep pace with the jetpack by using <Comet Travels Through: Dust Trail>. Just like the technique said, he left a trail of dust from the rock he crushed to powder with his feet and threw into the air with every step.

He may have been in danger of getting weary, except for one thing. The smaller robots were targeting him with their energy beams. Using his <Cancellation Armor>, Chu Shen was able absorb the energy beams and keep himself at full capacity. At the moment, it looked like a stalemate.


Deep, deep underground, less than five hundred feet from the mantle of the planet, sat a bunker. Inside this bunker was a series of large memory banks, comprising the brain of the A.I. that dwelled there. Currently, the A.I. was monitoring a very concerning situation.

Interdimensional energy detected. Calculating. Probability of the masters’ return is 13.333%. Probability of invaders is 62.651%. Probability of unknown occurrence is 24.016%. Dispatching Scout Mech 004…………


Interdimensional energy detected. Scout Mech 004 report received. No life forms detected. No mechanical constructs detected. Probability of cloaked enemies, 11.923%. Probability of an enemy testing interdimensional teleportation method is 86.056%. Probability of natural phenomenon is 2.021%. Preparing scouting party…………….


Interdimensional energy detected. Dispatching Scout Mech 004. Enemy contact. Four bipedal organics detected. Analyzing creatures. 62.12% match to invaders. According to Sh’lteek protocol, treat any invaders with 50% match or greater as threat. Assigning organism as hostile. Assigning Scout Mech 004 as test subject…….


Test subject has been neutralized. Match probability drops to 52.322%. Weapons of invaders match that of masters but also that of the T’keel. Can defend against minimum power energy beam. Invaders can also break Gret’ak material.

Further data required for analysis. Activating orbital observation satellite array. Dispatching Scout Mech 002, Scout Mech 003, Scout Mech 005, Scout Mech 006, Scout Mech 007, Light Support Mech 001.


Unknown teleportation method activated. Two hostiles disappeared. One hostile has flight capabilities. One hostile has movement capabilities on par with low class master. Forty mechanical hostiles are covering for the two fleeing hostiles. Match probability drops to 51.999%. Further data required for analysis. 


Further observation is needed. Determine hostiles objective in order to classify threat level. Recalling Scout Mech 002, Scout Mech 003, Scout Mech 005, Scout Mech 006, Scout Mech 007, Light Support Mech 001. Focusing orbital observation satellite array on hostiles.


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 Chu Shen and Lucas had been fleeing from the robots for about ten minutes. The larger one had run out of missiles. Instead, it started launching plasma balls at Lucas from the barrel it had in its hand. The plasma balls would explode on impact with anything else. Chu Shen had discovered that tidbit when he used <Universal Shield> to protect Lucas when he was about to be hit.

“HEY LUCAS! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THESE KILLER ROBOTS!” Chu Shen yelled at Lucas so he could hear him over the sounds of combat.

Lucas swooped over Chu Shen while doing a barrel roll to avoid several plasma balls. “I’M NOT SURE! MOST OF MY WEAPONS ARE GEARED TOWARDS PEOPLE, NOT ROBOTS. OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE USED AN EMP OR ION CANNON.”

Suddenly, all of the robots stopped firing. Chu Shen and Lucas glanced over their shoulders. The robots were now standing completely still. There was a flash of blue light. The robots were gone.

Lucas slowly landed beside Chu Shen. “What just happened?” Lucas sounded confused.

Chu Shen shrugged helplessly. “I’m not sure. Several giant robots attacked us for no reason and then left.”

“Soooo……What do we do now?”

“First we need to find a place to stay. We also need to be able to lose those robots if they appear again. Lucas, can you fly up high and get a good look around?”

Lucas smiled. “I can do better than that. Here, let me launch my satellite first. We can find a suitable place with that.”

The satellite appeared before Chu Shen and Lucas. Immediately, it started flying upwards. Lucas grinned. “Soon, I should get some images.” As he said that, he stored all of his sniper drones back inside his subspace pocket.


Hostiles have launched an orbital reconnaissance vehicle. Action determined as possibly dangerous. Match probability raises to 54.821%. Must eliminate orbital reconnaissance vehicle. Activating orbital weapon platform.


At approximately 420 miles (32 km) above the planet, there was a 1 mile (1.6 km) diameter sphere. A bay door slid open on the side of the sphere that faced the planet, and a long barrel emerged from the open hatch. The sphere rotated slightly before firing its weapon. A beam of white hot plasma shot out of the barrel down towards the planet’s surface.

The barrel receded back into the sphere. Once it was back inside the sphere, the bay door slid back into place. The sphere was once again silent, floating through the void of space.


Lucas had deployed his holo-drone so Chu Shen could see what the satellite was seeing. “Look at this, Chu Shen. It’s a city! Not a sprawling town but a city, with skyscrapers and everything! Wow, this planet is pretty amazing. It’s similar to my own realm, actually. Anyway, we need to decide where to go.”

Chu Shen nodded. “A city would be the best place. We might be able to find someone that can explain the random robot attacks to us. Plus, the city will provide lots of places to avoid the robots if they attack us again.”

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Lucas nodded in agreement. “Alright then. We’re here, and the nearest town is here. We would need to go this direction in order to rea- Hey!” Suddenly, the satellite view of the ground disappeared.

“Uh oh. I lost contact with the satellite. I have no idea what went wrong though.” Lucas was befuddled at this turn of events.

Chu Shen hit him in the arm. When Lucas looked at him, he pointed behind him. “Lucas, I think I found out what it was that destroyed your satellite.”

Lucas turned to look where Chu Shen was pointing. “I don’t see why you assume it was destroyed. What could possibly give you that ideaaaaa………… Never mind. I see it.”

A white beam of plasma could be seen streaking through the atmosphere a mile away from them. Chu Shen watched as the plasma hit the ground and chewed right through it, as if nothing was there.

Chu Shen watched it for a while before sighing. “Alright then, Lucas. We need to get a move on.”

Lucas grinned. He grabbed onto the unsuspecting Chu Shen’s arm before suddenly taking off.

“NOOOOTTTTT AAAAGGGGAAAAIIIIIINNNN LLLUUUUCCCCAAASSSS!!!!” Chu Shen screamed as he was dragged behind Lucas.



The hostiles did not have a major reaction to the destruction of their orbital reconnaissance vehicle. The hostiles are currently moving towards Gu’lt. Continuing observation of the hostiles.


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