[Arc 5]Chapter 131

Arc 5 [Desolate World]


Chapter 131


Chu Shen and Lucas appeared in the middle of that blue grass field once again. Chrissa and Aslo also appeared after Lucas let them out of his pocket dimension. They immediately started looking around.

Aslo looked shocked as he glanced around. “How far did you teleport us? I had no idea grass could be blue. Also, that space you kept us in. There were so many metal things in there. What were they?”

Lucas felt a headache coming. “Uh, well.. you see….. Chu Shen!?”

Chu Shen shook his head. “Nope. This one’s all yours, buddy. I got to explain it to you last time.”

Lucas sighed. “Okay. Well, first let me start off with this fact. We are on another world. We have these bracelets, the Chains of Transportation, that let us travel to other worlds. We were both kind of sucked into this on accident and are hitching rides until we reach our original world.”

Chrissa’s eyes were as big as saucers while Aslo just sat there. Finally, he shook his head. “Okay then. So, what are we doing here?”

Lucas shrugged. “We don’t have a goal. We are forced to disappear to another world with no idea when it will happen. As far as we can tell, there is no pattern. We just randomly disappear.”

Aslo seemed to be struggling to come to grips with this new information. “Then what abo-”

A blue flash of light blinded them. Once their eyes adjusted, all of them looked at the area where the light had come from. Standing there was a 33 ft. (10 m) tall, metal scale covered, human-like creature.

As everyone looked at it in confusion, it pointed its arm at them. Suddenly feeling a sense of danger, Chu Shen summoned the <Universe Shield> and placed it between them and the creature. Not even a second later a beam of white energy shot towards them from the creature’s palm.

“WHY DO WE ALWAYS GET ATTACKED LIKE THIS!!!!” Lucas yelled to Chu Shen. The sound of crackling was so loud that one had to yell in order to be heard over it.


“SHUT UP AND FOCUS! I CAN’T HOLD ON LONG!” Chu Shen yelled at both of them. Immediately Lucas and Aslo’s eyes turned towards Chu Shen’s energy shield. The circular shield was cracked and starting to fade away. It was absorbing the energy from the white beam to repair itself, but not fast enough to offset the damage the beam was doing to it.

Lucas and Aslo immediately became serious, ceasing their chatter. Lucas pulled out his Beast Cannon. “I NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO TEST THIS THING. BETTER NOW THAN NEVER!”

The Beast Cannon. It was a long box 4 feet in length with a barrel sticking out of one end. In the middle was a U shaped gap that would fit over Lucas’ shoulder. He aimed the barrel at the creature. Smiling, he fired the Beast Cannon.

A stream of orange and red lava flew towards the creature at three quarters the speed of sound. The outside was solid rock, cooled by the wind. The inside was molten rock, superheated from Qi. These two features combined formed a very formidable weapon.

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The creature glanced at the lava projectile. Without any outwards motion, a white barrier appeared in front of it. The projectile smashed into the barrier, causing it to flash brightly and then weaken. The molten projectile bounced off the shield and flew backwards over their heads. Lava smeared onto the barrier and dribbled down it, cooling rapidly.

Lucas gritted his teeth. “Oh yeah!? That was only at five percent. Take this! Full power blast!”

The lava projectile shot out once more. It was now white hot and made a sonic boom as it flew towards the creature. This time, the white barrier wasn’t able to stop the projectile. It smashed through and hit the creature.

The creature flew backwards through the air and hit the side of a building, cracking it. The creature lay slumped against the side of the building, completely still. Lucas was just about to cheer when the creature shifted. It grabbed the black hunk of rock from where it was jammed into its abdomen.

With a quick jerk, the rock became dislodged. The creature threw the rock behind it. Its stomach now had cracks in its metal scales. The lava left scorch marks on some of its scales as it trailed down its body. Everyone’s faces immediately became serious.

A soft girl’s voice suddenly sounded behind Chu Shen, causing him to turn around. It was Chrissa! “Wind focus and shape. Take form before me. Create what I want through this fragile will of mine. Go forth, Wind Scythe Hurricane!”

The Rank 7 spell formed around the creature, creating a hurricane around it. Hundreds of blades of wind struck the creature all over its body in a matter of seconds. Sparks flew from the mana-infused wind, striking the metal scales of the creature. The white barrier appeared around the creature again, but it was quickly shattered by the onslaught of wind scythes.

Aslo decided he wasn’t just going to watch though. “I’ll help you sis! Flames of the world, converge in front of me. Burn those who I want to destroy, and protect those I wish to protect. Flames take form, Fiery Sun!” A huge ball of flame appeared around the creature, consuming it. The hurricane around it caused the ball of flame to become even bigger. The magic spells synergized together very well, creating a Rank 8 spell from the two Rank 7 spells.

Chu Shen grimaced while watching them. There was no way he could join in. His Qi would just absorb their spells. Honestly, he was better for melee attacks and defensive maneuvers. He would get in the way of everyone else if he tried attacking now.

Lucas also didn’t stand idly by. “You can take one full power blow, but how about ten?!” He hoisted his Beast Cannon up and aimed at the center of the fireball. Immediately, several lava projectiles slammed into the creature. It hadn’t been doing nothing and had started to try and close the distance between them.

With the lava projectiles slamming into it, the creature was forced back into the building, causing it to crack even more. Surprisingly, the building was still standing. The twins’ spells, which had been active for a minute already, were starting to falter. They had enough mana to sustain the spells, but the concentration required was another matter.

Multiple sniper drones appeared around Lucas, though several of them appeared far bigger than the others. Chu Shen quickly covered his ears and none too soon. The air shook from over forty sonic booms occurring at once. Aslo and Chrissa winced at the unexpected sound. Their spells became disrupted as they were distracted.

Lucas glanced over apologetically before turning back towards the creature. Right now they could finally see it clearly since it wasn’t covered in fire or dust now. Lucas and Chu Shen gasped when they saw it while the twins seemed confused.

The creature was severed in half, the upper body pinned against the wall by several rock shards. The lower half lay on the ground motionless. That wasn’t what was making them so shocked, however. It was the wires that were spilling out of the creature’s abdomen. Or rather, the robot’s abdomen.

Lucas grimaced slightly. “Sorry to destroy such a fine piece of equipment like this, but…” Another volley of projectiles launched from the sniper drones, causing the twins to flinch once again. The robot’s head shattered into fragments of metal and unidentified materials.

Lucas turned to Chu Shen. “So, what did you think of that?”

Several flashes of blue light suddenly went off. Turning around, Lucas saw five more robots that were identical to the first appear out of nowhere. Another robot standing at 49 ft. (15 m) tall appeared as well. It was identical to the others except for its right arm, which was a barrel instead of a hand. It also had what appeared to be a backpack on.

Aslo seemed shaken. “So what do we do now!?”

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Chu Shen grabbed his and Chrissa’s hands. “Well, we do what one always does in the face of imminent death.”



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