[Arc 1] Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Martial Arts

Chu Shen waited anxiously for it to be night time. At first he merely paced around the room for a while. Next he started listing forging materials and how to forge them.

Finally Chu Shen sat down and cultivated. For the next two hours he merely sat in a corner of the room meditating. Ti Wu on the other hand was extremely busy.

Inside the Voids Hand he was going through different Jade slips in his mental library. Even Ti Wu had no physical jade slip and had to use the mental library.

“This one might be good for him. No, no, doesn’t suit him. It’s been so long since I have gone through these low level techniques that I’ve forgotten most of them.”

He browsed the shelves picking up slips randomly and would either put it back or place it on one of the tables. On the tables was about twenty different techniques.

“Why did this brat pick a hammer for a weapon? There’s so few people that use a weapon like that there is only a couple suitable attack techniques.” Ti Wu complained out loud.

Shaking his head with a bitter expression on his face he sighed. “I want a disciple who will shake the world. So what if his weapon is unique, it just means no one else will be prepared for it.”

Looking up at the ceiling of the library he stared into space for a moment, thinking over bygones of the past. Shaking his head he focused again on choosing a good cultivation technique and martial skill for his disciple.

Chu Shen opened his eyes. Honestly cultivating in his families ‘broken techniques’, as his teacher put it, felt like a waste of time. He knew that only by using his teacher’s techniques would he be able to enhance his strength quickly.

He looked out at the sky and saw it was dark. Excited he waited for Ti Wu to say something but nothing happened. After waiting for another ten minutes before becoming impatient.

Gritting his teeth and praying for forgiveness he contacted his teacher. ‘Teacher, its bedtime. Will you come teach me now?’

Ti Wu startled when he heard his disciples voice. ‘Bedtime already? All right. Now lay on the bed, we will begin soon.’

The real reason Ti Wu had waited until Chu Shen would go to bed was so that when he fell unconscious this time, the boys dad wouldn’t worry.

Doing as his teacher said, Chu Shen sat down on the bed. Laying back and closing his eyes he waited for a couple seconds.

Suddenly he was once again in the soul cave. Except now there was a door in the side of the cave. Curious he went up to it. Inside was a room filled with jade slips. There were two tables in the very middle of the library.

Ti Wu was looking at one of the jade slips while sitting at the table. Beside him were four piles of jade slips.

“Master, shall I learn some martial arts in here?”

“Yes. Sit down. Now, do you know the different types of martial art techniques?” Following his masters instructions he sat down.

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“Yes master. There is cultivation techniques that help you absorb Qi, attack techniques that allow you to use Qi to attack, defense techniques that allow Qi to form shields, and movement techniques that help you move faster or more agile.”

“Good, good. You know the fundamentals of martial art techniques. Now, these four piles are separated into the four types of techniques. Browse through a couple and choose them. Tomorrow you will start training in the different techniques you choose.”

“Yes master.” Immediately he picked up the jade slips and started browsing.

<Celestial Being> (After cultivating this body refining technique you will have a body comparable to celestial bodies). The technique was a body cultivation technique. It sounded nice but he didn’t want to choose one after looking at just one. Picking up another he kept reading. Surprisingly enough he realized that all the jade slips in the cultivation technique pile contained body refining techniques.

Finally he chose one. <Void King> (Cultivating this to the peak you can shatter the very void with a wave of your hand. All things in the void will be beneath you). Even the very description was arrogant and overbearing.

Setting it off to the side he started looking in a different pile. This one was filled with movement techniques. After looking through it he finally decided on one.

<Comet Travels Though> (At the peak you will be able to travel across the entire planet in a day.)

Ti Wu had been watching him the entire time, when he started to move onto the next pile he snorted. Freezing Chu Shen looked up at him with fearful eyes.

“Pick another one.”

“Master? “ Chu Shen had a questioning tone. He didn’t understand, couldn’t he only choose one?

“Pick another movement technique. While the one you chose can help you reach the pinnacle of speed it is only in a straight line. Choose an agility technique so you can use it in battle.”

Nodding Chu Shen immediately picked up another technique. This one had caught his eye earlier. He had debated with himself over choosing<Comet Travels Through> , or <The Stars Dance>. (Using the power of the cosmos you can become incurably quick and agile like the stars dancing in the heavens).

Next he moved onto attack techniques. The first technique shocked him quite a bit.<Stellar Flame> (Burn the universe to nothing. Incinerate your enemies and let nothing stand). Such arrogance and boldness was uncommon. It was an extremely ruthless technique to follow. Even a simple touch of the flame would cause you body and soul to be burnt to nothing.

Most of the other techniques were what he was used to. One techniques appealed to him the most. One was called <Song of The Universe> ( Using the vibrations of the cosmos you can penetrate any defense and attack at range). It was a semi-ranged technique that was quite suitable for his hammers crushing blows. It wasn’t a direct move but rather amplified his original attacks.

Finally he looked at the defense technique but suddenly Ti Wu exclaimed out loud.

“Ah, what am I doing? You can’t use those defense techniques!”


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