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[Arc 1] Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – The Goal

“Father. Who took my mother, tell me!” Chu Shen pleaded with his father.

“I will not tell you until you unless you can reach the Earth Stage” Chu Bai was extremely firm on this point. Normally Chu Shen’s begging would have dissuaded him but this matter was far too important for him to give up on.

“But why father, I must know.” Chu Shen truly did not understand. Anyone would wish to know who had captured their family, even if they could not do anything about it.

“I know son. I will only tell you once you get strong enough, otherwise even investigating them can get you killed.”

“Father I….”

“NO. I know you are set on rescuing your mother and so am I. However you are the only descendant I have. You must survive to carry on our family legacy. Grow strong so that you may carry yourself with a straight back.”

Chu Shen stared at his father. It was the first time he had ever been yelled at by his father.

All he had ever know about his mother was that two years after he was born she had gone to visit her family in the main sect. She had gone missing on the journey there.

Grief was rending his heart in two. The only thing that kept him going was the fact that his mother was alive. A passion lit inside him unlike anything he had before.

His father had said that only when his strength was sufficient could he help save his mother. If that was the case than he would become strong!

He would turn the world upside down to help his family, even if it was the imperial family that had captured his mother he would slaughter all four of their generations.

Ti Wu was actually pleased with these events. He could tell before that Chu Shen really wanted to become strong out of curiosity and a sense of wanting to make his father proud. Now though there was a burning desire to be strong.

This desire would make Chu Shen try his hardest at cultivating, no matter what it took.

Truly only a person who was courageous was able to walk on the path to cultivation. Someone who feared for their life would not ever be able to travel far.

“Father. Since I can only become stronger then give me five years. Give me five years to become strong enough to go with you.”

There was the very beginnings of a killing intent present in Chu Shens aura now.

“Truly you have great ambition son and while I am anxious to go save your mother I don’t want it to be at the cost of your life.”

“Don’t take unnecessary risks. At most take ten years, that will be enough time.” Chu Bai faintly admonished Chu Shen

“Yes father. I will try me best to keep myself safe.”

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“Good, good. Now that I have your promise I can tell you this. Since you are able to cultivate to the Emperor Realm, then I can send you the main sect.”

“There you will learn different martial arts and become a great cultivator.”

“It is imperative that you go because of the resources they have there. By going to the main sect you can increase your strength as fast as possible but be careful. It not unheard of that disciples die during their trails.”

“Don’t worry father. When will I go?”

“In a week the main sect will have some trials to become disciples. If you go you will definitely enter.”

“How can you say that dad, there are undoubtedly others who are much stronger than me.”

“Yes but they all had wealthy families or came from a more prominent sect. “

“The average cultivation level of the people who go there is man stage 8. Not to mention that the people are usually around 16.”

“Thank you dad. May I be by myself? I’m still pretty exhausted.” Now that they had finally properly discussed the matter of his mom, he needed to talk to Ti Wu.

“Okay son. Rest properly, I’ll check up on you later.” With that Chu Bai left.

Immediately after he left Ti Wu appeared in front of him, just like in the spirit realm. He could be heard like a normal person instead of inside his head.

“Okay brat we can talk now.”

“Master, I know you heard all that. Will you be able to help me reach my goal.”

“Of course. Your five year goal will be hard but with the proper resources you can reach the pinnacle soon.”

“So do you agree with going to the main sect?”

“Yes I do. If your sect can send an nature stage cultivator to watch over a minor branch sect than the main sect is undoubtedly strong.”

“Yes master. Master, I wished to know if you will transfer to me the hammer and the martial techniques that you have picked for me.”

“Tonight brat, tonight. When you go to bed I will take you to the soul realm library and choose a cultivation technique for you.”

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