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[Arc 4] Chapter 111

Chapter 111
The Plan

“He he. Chu Shen it worked. They’re gone.” Lucas voice came out of the transmitter on the ground in front of him. Chu Shen had stopped where the Vajra Asura Gu Lan had attacked him with the <Stare of The Asura>.

He had spent some time recuperating from his injury as it was too painful for him to walk very far with the burns on his chest. Plus, the entire plan they had come up with was based on subterfuge. So he wouldn’t have been much help anyways.

Chu Shen sighed in relief. “Good. I wasn’t sure if the plan would work or not, thankfully it did.”

The plan Chu Shen and Lucas had come up with was pretty simple. Pretend to be an expert and bluff their way to getting the Asura Sect to stop pursuing the kids. Of course, such a plan required great discipline.

The basis of this plan came from when they were reading in the library about mages and Chu Shen remembered a passage he read about mages having mental projections. There were even mages that specialized in creating illusions from mana and were called illusion mages by the public.

Chu Shen had Lucas ask the teachers from the caravan about it and gained some specific information that allowed them to carry out the plan. First off, the mental projection was not tangible but could still use techniques. Secondly, the mental projection could be done at a distance. Finally, the more detailed the projection, the stronger the caster.

With this, Chu Shen immediately realized that such requirements was perfect for them. With the holo-drone being able to create holograms, they fit the first criteria of being intangible. With the completely realistic image the holo-drone could create of a person, they would be perceived as a very high rank mage.

Using the sniper drones, they could pass as a metal mage. A metal mage was a mage with the innate element of metal. Their attacks were sharp and piercing, completely matching the description of a railgun attack. With that, the image of a high ranking mage was complete.

Of course, for normal people there would be one other problem. Nervousness. The assassins were experts at reading people’s body language and telling what they were feeling at the moment. If they showed any hesitation or nervousness at all, the game would be up.

However, Lucas was a cyborg. And the hologram was not a real person. Using his cybernetic brain and programming skills, creating a 3-D image of a black robed mage wasn’t tough. Manipulating the mage’s body from a distance was also not so tough.

Lucas’ cybernetic brain processed data at just slightly below the speed of electricity. With this, Lucas was able to manipulate the image perfectly, completely fooling those assassins.

Chu Shen let out a deep breath. Thankfully it worked. If they had discovered the holo-drone or the sniper drones, everything would have been over. Of course, they could have still tried to escape into the forest. However, it only had a 10% chance of success.

Chu Shen knew that in raw power they were not as powerful as the Vajra Asura. However, if they continuously used the sniper drone to attack them, then they could have killed most of the Asura with repeated attacks. Even the Vajra Asura would suffer if he was hit with twenty rounds from the railgun in ten seconds.

However, if they did then some might have escaped letting the Asura Sect know what they were up against. After all, there was only three sniper guns and twelve people. And some needed multiple shots to kill.

“So Chu Shen, what do we do now? That should have stopped those sects from pursuing us.”

Chu Shen shook his head but stopped halfway as he realized Lucas couldn’t see him doing so. “We’re not safe, not by a long shot. We may have thrown the Asura Sect off the trail but the other sects may still continue hunting us. They may believe this is an attempt by the Asura Sect to monopolize that Rank 7 Battle Mage and Rank 6 Mage.”

“If we encounter another one of those sects, we may not be as lucky as we were now. Mages are more sensitive to Qi in the air and may be able to detect the holo drone or sniper drones. It wouldn’t end well for us if that happened.”

“Go ahead and get at least another hundred miles and then lead them to the closest Magical Beast forest. Stay on the outskirts of it and set up a small camp. We can train them there.”

Lucas waited to see if Chu Shen was done. Upon realizing he was, his voice came out clearly from the comm. “Alright, will do Chu Shen. Stay safe.”

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“See you later buddy.”

“You too.”

Chu Shen continued circulating his Qi to his chest, speeding up the healing process by over tenfold. Already his skin had gone from the charred skin from earlier to having a thick scab.

The heat from the <Stare of The Asura> had caused third-degree burns and minor damage to his chest muscles. To a regular human, such a burn would be life threatening and would require months to heal. To a martial artist at the same level as Chu Shen, such a burn would be considered a serious injury.

It would take them at least a week to recover to fitness. Thanks to the <Void King>  technique, his body was not only extremely tough but also changed to heal faster.

A normal martial artist’s body would accept energy to heal their body. However, their body could only accept so much energy to heal without it being detrimental to their health. The amount they could absorb and use to heal the body at once paled in comparison to Chu Shen who had tempered his body with an enormous amount of void Qi.

As a result, his body was able to heal several times faster than normal but it also required several times more energy than normal. Chu Shen stayed there healing. The next day his scar had turned into new, silver skin where the burn had been before.

Chu Shen was almost finished healing when he heard horses galloping. Glancing up from where he sat in the Lotus position, he saw the previously arrogant Asura riding towards him. Three of the Dhara Asura were gone. Now only six Dhara Asura, three Agni Asura, and the one Vajra Asura was left.

He grinned as they passed by. Watching the fruits of his labor was certainly nice.


Tai Ju was incensed. His anger at his brother being killed before his eyes and yet denied revenge was barely contained. Even after he knew the killer was far above him in power, he still wanted revenge.

Tai Ju and Tai Min had joined the Asura Sect as orphans, their parents killed by bandits. The requirements for joining the Asura Sect was strict and one of the requirements was having a darkness attribute and be a warrior. Tai Ju had a minor lightning and Major darkness attribute, making him a rarity and a potentially powerful assassin.

With the increased speed and explosive power of lightning and the cloaking power of darkness, he was considered a favorite for becoming a powerful assassin. He had been called talented since he was young and used his influence to keep his brother close by his side.

A tear trickled down his face, hidden behind the demonic mask. Now he couldn’t defend his brother. His fist clenched. He decided to depart from the Asura Sect upon his return and hunt down the mage that killed his brother.

As he was consumed with grief and rage, he glanced at the side of road seeing Chu Shen grinning at them with the hole still burned through his clothes.

Tai Ju immediately focused on that grin. That mocking grin, happy at the fact that the arrogant Asura were missing. That some of them were dead. That HIS brother DIED!

He snapped.


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