[Arc 4] Chapter 110

Chapter 110
Mental Projection

The black blade formed from the energy of three Dhara Asura struck the robed man! The Vajra Asura smiled underneath his mask. It seems as though the robed man was not as powerful as he thought. Suddenly his face froze. ‘No. No! NO! IT CAN’T BE!’

The black blade hit the robed man in the chest. However, strangely enough, the energy blade passed through his chest and continued on, slicing through the forest like a hot knife through butter. The blade cut through close to a hundred trees before it dissipated from lack of mana.

Gu Lan did not look so good. His face was pale underneath his mask, sweat dripping down his neck. The robed man glanced up. When he did, the Vajra Asura recoiled. “I warned you.” came the chilling voice of the black robed man.

The robed man flicked his wrist. Immediately three booms rang out and the three Dhara Asura that attacked him dissolved into mists of blood. A hole appeared in the ground below where their bodies stood. Rock shards flew through the air, bouncing off of the Asura members mana shields.

Gu Lan stumbled backwards. The might of that attack stunned him. It was just slightly over the power needed to overwhelm their mana shields and kill them instantly. Any less and they would have only been injured severely.

Of course, they were only Rank 4 warriors. But even he would require some effort to kill a Rank 4 warrior with their mana shield activated. The casual attack Gu Lan had used on that Rank 4 Warrior from earlier had injured the warrior. But that was under the condition of the warrior not activating his body shield. Otherwise, the attack would have only done glancing damage.

From this, Gu Lan was able to come to a frightening conclusion. Such a basic attack like <Metal Strike>  containing such tyrannical might proved that this man was a high rank metal mage! Adding in the fact that their attacks passed right through him proved one thing. ‘He’s a mental projection! This isn’t good at all!’

<Mental Projection>. The ability to make a copy of oneself using pure mana and a portion of the user’s soul. Such a projection is intangible but the copy can still use the abilities of the original, though the abilities will be weakened. It is an ability that is kept by major clans or sects and can only be learned by extremely talented people.

Only mages could make copies of themselves. It required immense control and major amounts of Qi to accomplish along with the ability to split a part of their soul and embed it inside the copy. It would at most look like an illusionary ghost at the early stages. To make a completely realistic copy like the one in front of Gu Lan required a Rank 8 mage, maybe even a Rank 9 battle mage.

His Asura sect only had three Rank 6 Warrior. Such a high Rank mage was someone they could not hope to fight against. Gu Lan would be almost instantly be killed. He couldn’t even hope to contend against such a person.

“B*STARD! TO KILL TAI MIN LIKE THAT!” One of the Agni Asura screamed at the robed man. The Agni Asura’s name was Tai Ju, the brother of Tai Min. As a result he immediately became outraged at his brother being killed. His body shield surged, causing the silver streaks to flicker brightly and the shadow to become darker.

He pointed his sword at the black robed man and a dark beam of energy a meter in diameter shot towards the man. Streaks of lightning was hidden inside the black beam, proving its hidden might.

While the black beam shot towards the robed man, a figure covered in black energy with swirls of orange darted in front of the pillar of energy. A similar beam of black energy with flames hidden inside shot towards the pillar.

However, the beam containing flames was obviously stronger. It blew the original beam back and struck Tai Ju in the chest and exploded, sending him flying backwards. His body shield cracked as he struck a tree, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

The Vajra Asura Gu Lan stood in front of the robed man with his hands up from firing the <Hidden Pillar of Asura>  back at Tai Ju. He turned towards the other Dhara and Agni Asura. “Get down and kowtow to apologize to this Senior.” Rang out Gu Lan’s cold voice.

He turned back to the robed man and did not bow at the waist like he had before. Instead he kowtowed on the ground. A rushed inhalation of breath was all the signs of shock the other Asura gave. They glanced at each other before dismounting their horses and following suit.

Gu Lan kowtowed three times before daring to talk to the robed man. “I am sorry great senior to have attacked you. I had eyes but did not see Mount Tai. Those kids, if they are under your protection, shall not be touched by Asura Sect. Please spare us.”

The robed man nodded. “I shall spare you. Leave and do not touch my disciples or their friends again.”

Gu Lan kowtowed one more time. “This Junior understands Senior.” He quickly got up before mounting his horse. Tai Ju had stumbled to his feet by now, still dizzy from the attack Gu Lan had struck him with.

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Gu Lan passed by Tai Ju. “Fool!” He hissed through closed teeth. “Do not lose control and disrespect the Asura. Assassins are cut off from all feelings. Next time, I shall not save you from your own idiocy.”

The Vajra Asura then quickly rode away on his horse. The other Asura had stopped kowtowing after the Vajra Asura had and quickly mounted their own horses. Tai Ju stared hatefully at the robed man but suddenly he became frightened. The robed man had disappeared right before his eyes.

Spooked, Tai Ju mounted his own horse quickly and rode off after the other Asura. Meanwhile, Lucas was laughing his head off. Wiping away a nonexistent tear from his eye, he activated his comm system. “He he. Chu Shen it worked. They’re gone.”


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