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[Arc 1] Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Explanations (2)

A sleeping boy laid on his bed while two men looked down on him. The one right in front of his bed had an incomparably noble air about him The other had soot over his clothes.

The man with the noble air stared down at the boy. “How did this happen to my son.” He said coldly. This man was obviously Chu Bai, the elder of the Chu branch sect!

If Chu Shen was awake he would instantly recognize the other person. It was actually Master Lang! He was looking at Chu Shen with a worried expression but did not seem concerned about the killing intent that was directed towards him.

“Elder Bai, I don’t know. I went back to see why Chu Shen was not bringing in any of the orders and saw him collapsed on the floor. After that I called you and the doctor. You naturally know the rest of what happened.”

Chu Bai just stared silently at Chu Shen. After a long pause he spoke up. “If my son is permanently harmed you will pay for it. Luckily for you this will probably not happen.”

Master Lang sighed. “You know I would do anything for you brother. We have gone through many things together, I would not harm your son. You have suffered enough.” Chu Bai stayed silent as he kept his back to him.

Hesitating for a second he spoke up. “Brother, what is the exact condition of Chu Shen.”

Sighing Chu Bai looked away from his son and instead at Master Lang. “If it were anyone else I would not let them ask about my son’s condition. However, you are his master and my sworn brother so I will tell you. He is suffering from Qi exhaustion and blood essence loss, though only a small portion of blood essence was lost.”

Master Lang frowned. “Blood essence and Qi exhaustion. Those are the two signs of bonding a treasure beyond their level.” Looking up sharply at Chu Bai he waited anxiously for his response.

He nodded. “That is also my conclusion. Do you see now why I would let no one else know of his condition.”

Master Lang nodded his head. “Of  course brother.”

“Good, you are dismissed.” Chu Bai stayed at Chu Shens side while Master Lang left.

He stayed at Chu Shens side for an hour before he heard Chu Shen stirring.

Chu Shen opened his eyes. He was back in his bedroom. Looking around he saw his dad looking at him with a serious expression on his face. “Hello father, what happened?”

“You don’t know do you son? Ahhh. It is only natural after all you are still a kid. Tell me my son, did you drip blood on a tool of some sort at the shop.”

Chu Shen was naturally stunned. Truly he was worthy of being an elder in that he was immediately able to recognize the signs of binding a treasure.

“Father, this….” Chu Shen was hesitating. The last thing he wanted to do was to lie to his father. However his new master had told him not to say anything about him.

This put him in quite the predicament. He wasn’t sure what to say, either he offended his father who he loved greatly, or he offended his master who could help him reach the pinnacle of martial arts.

Suddenly a voice sounded in his head.

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‘Brat, you can’t keep your training a secret from your father. I truly did not expect someone of the nature stage to be here, much less that you be related to them.’

Taking a gamble he thought to Ti Wu. ‘Teacher, what should I tell him then?’

‘Tell your father that you met an expert who came to the forge. He became interested in your constitution and gave you a necklace and a cultivation method. He oversaw you bind the necklace with blood upon which you fainted and afterwards you woke up here.’

‘But Master, I don’t have a necklace. Where would I get one if he asks to see it?’

‘Brat! You think I don’t know what I’m doing! Obviously the voids hand can be used as a spatial device. Contained in it is a lot of great artifact’s and one of them is a necklace. I will let you use it since it has a good effect on cultivation speed.”

Now that the issue had been settled, he told his father about how a mysterious master gave him a cultivation technique and a necklace that boosts training speed.

After hearing his explanation his father simply stared at him. Chu Shen was a little nervous but waited patiently. “Son. What kind of technique is it?”

“The master said I am the only one that can use it because of my bodies constitution. He said that my constitution is extremely rare but it is also a good thing.”

Chu Bai then asked the question that weighed heavily on his mind. “With this technique, how far can you breakthrough?”

Respectfully Chu Shan replied “All I know is that with this technique, I can breakthrough past the Emperor stage.”

Chu Bai was at first hesitant to believe this. After all, the Emeror stage required the meridians to be unblocked, but now his son who had no meridians said he could reach that stage.

His father started crying. Startled Chu Shen stared at his father with some hesitation in his heart. It was the first time he’d ever seen his father cry. Even when his mother was lost he did not cry, instead he just became angry.

“Thank the heavens, thank the heavens. My son can finally reach the pinnacle of cultivation. Ah son. You may not know this but your mother was not killed but captured. I have waited so long to search for her but could not, I had to protect you. If I had tried to rescue your mother then I would have put you at risk. I couldn’t do that so I have suffered in silence all this time.”

“Son. If you can truly reach the Emperor stage then you will be able to protect yourself. With that I can be at peace when I go to rescue your mother. If you ever encounter that master again tell him he may request anything of me and I will do it in an instant!”

Ti Wu heard this inside his gauntlet and nodded in appreciation. Obviously this man knew how to appreciate kindness. Chu Shen was lucky to have such a good father.


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