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[Arc 4] Chapter 106

Chapter 106
Rising Tide Sect

“So, can you tell us who exactly was chasing you and why?” Lucas asked, looking a bit puzzled. Beside the wagon driver that had kowtowed to them, the wagon drivers of the other two wagons started kowtowing as well. The first wagon driver, who appeared to be their leader of sorts, got up.

The wagon driver opened his mouth to speak before closing it. He glanced at the kids behind him who were still shivering in fright. “Please respected master, could we take this conversation a little farther away? I don’t want to upset the kids.”

Lucas nodded while Chu Shen followed, wanting to listen in on the story behind the kids. The wagon driver stopped out of earshot of the kids and turned to face them.

“Alright, if you must know our story than it is pretty simple. We are from the Rising Tide Sect, a fairly well off sect in the White Lotus City. The White Lotus City has four leading sects. Ice Dragon Sect, Golden Palm Sect, and Asura Sect. The Asura Sect is a sect filled with only warriors that are filled with killing, studying assassin techniques.”

“We were stronger than the other sects but we kept to ourselves and wasn’t greedy. We gained two students, twins actually, that lead to our downfall unfortunately. They were taken to us to be tested, since we are the only sect that allows all to be tested for innate talent without checking their background and they were very poor..”

“One of the twins was tested as a possible Rank 7 Battle Mage, the other Rank 6 Battle Mage. We tried to keep it under wraps but it became known not even a month later. The other sects became worried, you must know that our sects combined had only ten Rank 6 adventurers with no Rank 7 adventurer appearing. And of those ten, four belonged to us.”

“The three sects knew that a Rank 7 Battle Mage would be enough to kill their highest adventurers even if they combined forces. However, none of them were strong enough on their own. The Asura Sect had three Rank 6 assassins and the other two sects each had their own Rank 6 mage.”

“They tried to take the kids from us but we refused them. After that they tried assassination but we managed to hold them off using our Rank 6 adventurers. However…….We never expected them to combine and wipe us out.”

“We received wind of the attack before it happened and immediately sent the kids away for their protection. After all, the entire point of this attack was to kill those two kids for their potential. However…” At this point the wagon driver had tears streaming down his face.

“That d*mned Asura Sect. They used their assassination stealth techniques to infiltrate the sect. As we rode out, we saw dozens of our sect members killed by the Asura Sect before our eyes. That is the reason the kids are in such a state, even if they didn’t come close to dying.”

“The other two sects had surrounded us and were killing or capturing any members that tried to leave the Rising Tide Sect. My own brother was among those killed. We wouldn’t have made it out if there hadn’t been for the elders sacrificing themselves to clear a path through.”

“However, even as we left we were pursued by those Rank 5 warriors you saw. Some of the elders did not participate in the killing so that they could protect us from further damage. Who would have thought we would only make it ten miles before they were killed by our pursuers.”

Chu Shen and Lucas exchanged looks. This matter was not as simple as the wagon driver said. Simply put, three organizations were hunting for them and wanted to kill them. All because of some superior talent. While they digested this news, the wagon driver gradually regained his composure.

Chu Shen spoke to the wagon driver. “If we can, we wish to keep these kids safe.” He turned to Lucas. “Lucas, what can we do? We can’t leave them otherwise they may just be killed.”

Lucas immediately became surprised. “Me!? I’m the one that asks you these kinds of things. There’s eighty one kids here on the three wagons back there and I have no idea what to do with them.”

“Fine. Let me try and think of something.” Chu Shen adopted a thoughtful look and closed his eyes. Several ideas flitted through his head. Eventually though he opened his eyes.

He looked at the wagon driver. “Did you have a destination when you set off with those kids?”

The wagon driver shook his head. “Unfortunately no, we did not have a true destination. We were merely hoping to outrun the those warriors by traveling on the road.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Alright, can you tell me how safe the surrounding forest is?”

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The wagon driver shook his head. “If you are thinking of hiding them here, you can’t. It is too close to the city, they would find you quickly.”

“Alright.” Chu Shen nodded. “Well then, there is only a few options and most aren’t safe. The best I can come up with is this. Take the kids as fast as possible as far as possible. Me and Lucas will scout farther back down the path and warn you when they are closing in on you.”

“Then the kids will leave the wagons and head into the forest. You and the other wagon driver will then keep going onwards to mislead them while we hide in the forest and cover our tracks. When you get by a town after the kids leave, abandon the wagons and hide until the pursuers are gone. Then come back for us.”

The wagon driver had a thoughtful look on his face while Chu Shen described his strategy. Finally he smiled at Chu Shen. “Well, I believe this is the best plan. Along with us three wagon riders there are two teachers, though they are only Rank 4 so they aren’t much help. They can help with the kids while we mislead them.”

Lucas smiled. “Well let us complete this plan then.” Chu Shen left to go look at the kids for while. There was some things he needed to check. Lucas went with the main wagon rider to help him with getting ready for the future tasks. The teachers he had mentioned were busy comforting the kids.

All of the kids were at most 9 and at least 6. Extremely young compared to Chu Shen’s age of 13 and Lucas’ age of 15. While Lucas was surveying the kids the main wagon driver came up to him and looked at the kids with him.

After a bit he sighed. “These are the greatest talents of my Rising Tide Sect. Unfortunately they are immature and pale in front of your young master. How fortunate it is to be a servant of someone like him.”

Lucas gave the wagon driver a sideways look. “What do you mean?”

The wagon driver looked back at him. “What? Aren’t you guys a master servant duo out to travel and experience the world? Most young masters of clans and sects are sent out to mature and have someone powerful guard them. I figured you must be one of them, maybe even one of those super sects?”

Lucas stared at him for a second before suddenly bursting out in laughter. The wagon driver watched him helplessly until Lucas managed to recover. He wiped a tear from his eye as he straightened up. Truly his body was a work of art, even able to mimic a tear.

“Hehe. Sorry about that. No we aren’t any young master servant duo. We are friends out traveling and exploring.” Lucas frowned as he saw the wagon driver look at Lucas’ tall muscular body before giving Lucas an incredulous look. “HEY! Just because I look old doesn’t mean I am! I’m fifteen! Puberty hit me harder that’s all!”



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