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[Arc 3] Chapter 105

Chapter 105

“3.2.1. Bang.”

Immediately the sound of a muffled explosion went off behind them. Of the 27 riders, 7 at the front immediately died, their bodies exploding from the inside out. Another 9 had their faces turn pale, coughing up blood and passing out. The rest seemed to immediately double over in pain but could still move.

As for why they did not all experience the same amount of damage, that part was simple. The ones in the front breathed in more nanites than the ones in the back. As a result, the explosion was a lot bigger for them.

“Ugh! What the heck is going on!? Why did they suddenly explode!?” One of the men yelled panickedly. The horses were also not let off. Over half of the horses in the front died, simply because they did not have a very powerful cultivation level.

“It must have been them!” One of the bandits yelled pointing at Chu Shen and Lucas. “They’re the only ones here!”

Chu Shen and Lucas immediately turned around to face them. “Hey! What are you going to do to those kids!?” Chu Shen yelled at them.

“Kill them of course! Run Xuan, we’ll hold them off while you kill those kids!” The bandits wheeled their horses around to face Chu Shen and Lucas. Of course, a couple were on the ground because their horses had died. All of them activated their body shield, or mana shield as it was called here.

Lucas frowned. “Chu Shen you’re the fastest. You go after that guy while I hold them off.”

“Fine.” Chu Shen took off after Xuan who was riding his horse towards the kids desperately trying to get away in the wagon. The bandits tried to stop him but Chu Shen dodged their attacks and continued on towards the fleeing bandit.

“Don’t bother chasing him, he’s only a kid. Kill this guy first, he’s more dangerous!” The bandit leader yelled. Immediately the bandits let out a roar and charged towards Lucas.

Suddenly one of the men dissolved into a mist of blood from the waist up. Not even a second later there was a loud BOOM. The horses reared from sudden loud sound. Lucas grinned. The sniper drones sure did live up to his expectations.

“What is happening! Our mana shields have no effect! This is ba-!” The man spun backwards, half his body disappeared in a spray of blood.

BOOM. The sound of the railguns projectile bullet breaking the speed of sound came half a second later.

Lucas was hit several times by the bandits as they closed in on Lucas. The blades bounced off his metal skin, causing some sparks and nothing more. Lucas grinned as the warriors faces paled.

“HAHA! This is so much FUN! Let’s do this more often!” Lucas said as he lashed out at the group of 8 warriors surrounding him. His fist broke the sword of one of the warriors before hitting him in the chest.

Like he had been hit with a cannonball, the warrior flew off through the air. His mana shield shattered with that one blow. The body shields of the bandits was different colors.

The one Lucas hit had a white colored shield. When he touched it, Lucas’ hand became covered in frost. He glanced at his hand. “Hmm. It seems like you guys do have some elemental powers. Might just make this interesting.”


“Get back here and face me!” Chu Shen yelled as he ran towards Xuan, utilizing <Comet Travels Through> to it’s max. His speed was almost impossible for someone of his cultivation level. He was slowly catching up to the horse.

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“Ha! You must think I am a fool!” The bandit yelled over his shoulder. He kept riding full speed at the wagon full of kids.

“D*mn you!” Chu Shen kept running after him, slowly closing the distance. Suddenly a pistol appeared in his hand and fired a stream of fire towards the bandit.

“Crap!” The bandit jumped off his horse into the air. At the same time he drew a sword from his waist. He landed on the ground while Chu Shen stopped in front of him. Facing Chu Shen he held his sword out in front of him. “Fine, let’s fight.” A mana shield of a silver color appeared over him.

Chu Shen said nothing more as a black body shield appeared over him. He immediately took out his hammer and charged towards the bandit. The bandit similarly charged towards Chu Shen. Right as they were about to meet, the bandit swung at Chu Shen’s leg.

Chu Shen jumped over the man, doing a somersault in midair. As he did so, he used his movement to swing his hammer with deadly force. It struck the man’s back sending him flying forward, tumbling over the ground. However, electricity snaked up Chu Shen’s hammer.

The lightning seemed to cover his entire body, ravaging Chu Shen’s Qi. Chu Shen felt a slight numbness over his body as the lightning continued striking him. However, the lightning was slowly disappearing as Chu Shen absorbed the lightning with his null Qi.

“Sheesh. This guy is dangerous.” Chu Shen said shaking his head as he absorbed the last of the lightning Qi. The man got up with a smirk on his face but he immediately paled upon seeing Chu Shen standing there without a scratch.

“What! Why aren’t you knocked out!? I clearly felt my lightning mana hit you!” The bandit said pointing at Chu Shen in shock.

Chu Shen shrugged. “Too bad it doesn’t work on me.” Null Qi was indeed too awesome, with it being able to nullify any type of Qi. However, the cultivation level was still a bit too much, causing him to take longer to nullify it.

“Alright then, take this!” The bandit yelled. He lifted his sword up in preparation of an overhand blow. The sword became covered in crackling lightning. The bandit swung his sword at Chu Shen even though they were over ten feet apart.

A blade made of lightning shot towards Chu Shen, so fast he couldn’t hope to dodge. Reinforcing his body shield, he gritted his teeth and swung his hammer to try and block the blow.

With a BANG Chu Shen was tossed backwards, flying through the air. As Chu Shen landed, the bandit continued running towards the kids, still attempting to kill them. The null Qi didn’t let any of the enemies mana hit his body but the explosion still knocked him backwards. His body became slightly numb from this strike as well.

Chu Shen recovered quickly though and ran after him. The man was slightly slower than the horse he had been on. Chu Shen quickly caught up to him and swung his hammer at the bandit. The bandit ducked, having heard Chu Shen running up behind him.

Chu Shen missed his swing but went with the hammer instead of slowing down. Following it’s circular motion, Chu Shen came completely around, smashing the bandits back as the bandit stood up just in time to receive his blow.

Before Chu Shen did not use null Qi so the bandit was able to block the majority of his blow. This time Chu Shen used his null Qi to cancel out Xuan’s mana shield. As a result, he was forced to take the blow with his body.

SNAP “AHHH!!” The bandit Xuan screamed as the sound of bones breaking echoed outwards. The bandit landed on the ground a couple feet away. The bandit tried to stand up but his legs flopped around, not responding to his brains orders. Obviously his spine had snapped, causing him to be paralysed.

If it was before, than Chu Shen may not have had the strength to do such damage to a higher level cultivator. However, with Chu Shen’s increase in strength he could pose a threat to a cultivator who rashly let him hit their body. Not to mention that Chu Shen could drastically increase his hammer’s weight compared to before since he had a higher cultivation level.

Chu Shen put up his hammer and took out his railgun before walking up to the bandit. “If I hadn’t exhausted half my mana from that fight with the guards, I wouldn’t have died from just you!” The bandit spat out, along with some blood, as he glared at Chu Shen

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Chu Shen nodded before lifting the railgun, pointing it at the bandit’s head. He fired it with a BOOM, making the bandit’s head dissolve into a mist of blood. A hole with cracks spreading from it appeared below where the bandit’s head had previously been.

Chu Shen glanced over at Lucas. He still had three more people attacking him. Suddenly blades of ice appeared above the three people’s heads and hit Lucas. Ice spread across Lucas’ body. The three men sighed.

This guy was a monster. Their blades bounced off of him, fire and lightning didn’t work. He was so strong that not even using Mana he could break through their shields. Not to mention how their comrades would suddenly die after that loud sound. If they hadn’t exhausted themselves so much fighting the guards, they may have been able to finish it earlier.

“Hey Lucas, can you finish up? I’m already done here.” Chu Shen yelled at him. The three bandits looked at Chu Shen like he was stupid. Obviously his friend was an ice statue, did he actually expect a response?

“Fine.” Came the curt response from the frozen Lucas. Suddenly flames shot out of Lucas’ arms and legs. The ice melted quickly. Three BOOMS echoed out and the three bandits dissolved like snow in summer. Though a bit more gory than a snowflake.

Chu Shen and Lucas went over to the wagon of kids, a bit curious as to why they were being chased. As soon as they came over, the wagon driver came out and kneeled in front of Chu Shen and Lucas.

“Thank you! Thank you! Without you, we would certainly be dead.” The wagons driver said with fervent intensity while kowtowing to Chu Shen. The kids were still crying and trembling from fright, too incoherent to speak.

“It’s fine. We loved to help out.” Lucas smiled at them.


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