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[Arc 1] Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Explanations (1)

Chu Shen stared at Ti Wu in rapt attention. To be honest, there were two reasons why he had accepted Ti Wu as his master. The first was obvious, by following him Chu Shen would be able to break into the Emperor stage.

Only his father and the patriarch were at that level. They only knew about the higher realms because of their family’s ancestors. The Chu Sect was only a branch sect.

Even the main sect had only one Cosmos level cultivator and they were widely regarded as one of the three strongest sects in the Ji Empire.

However the second reason was even more important to Chu Shen than breaking into the higher realms. What he wanted to know was why his Qi was different than anyone else’s.

One must realize that he is still a twelve-year-old kid, curiosity about what made him different was the real driving force behind his choice. Maybe once he matured would Chu Shen realize how this would impact him.

Ti Wu looked at Chu Shen humorously for a moment before clearing his voice. A serious expression came over his face as he began speaking.

“The kind of Qi you have is called null Qi. This kind of Qi is actually a spacial attribute Qi. It’s a special Qi that rarely appears in the natural world but it conquers everything around it.”

“My sect called it null Qi because it nullifies every other type of Qi. The only kind it does not nullify is heavens Qi because it doesn’t come from this plane of existence and Qi that is inside someone’s body.”

Chu Shen nodded his head. There was something’s he didn’t quite get like spacial attribute but he could get most of it. After all since before he had started practicing martial Chu Shen had studied under his father.

He’d learned the basics of cultivation but the advanced theories and other stuff, as Chu Shen thought of it, wasn’t important. After all before this there was no hope of cultivating.

There was one thing that was troubling him. “Master, you said earlier I had a void constitution. What is that exactly?”

His masters face changed from a serious look to a contemplative one. Looking at him Ti Wu remembered something. His disciple was still a kid!

‘How much does he know about martial arts, it can’t be much. He probably knows the basics but he is quite talented for such an out of the way sect. With his constitution and still making it to the eighth level of the man stage he could actually be considered a cultivation genius!’

‘However his life experience was still lacking though he is a fast learner, as evidenced by the trial.’ With this in mind he looked at Chu Shen with new eyes.

Normally only 16-18 year olds would take the test but at 12 years old he was already an inner disciple. Even within his sect this was considered good. Of course, they never would have accepted someone of such low cultivation though the void constitution he had was an exception.

‘Its best to not let him get to arrogant though, having a big head is never good.’ Chu Shen was starting to get nervous. His master was just staring at him after he had asked what he thought was a basic question. ‘Hopefully he doesn’t decide to punish me.’

“What do you know exactly about constitutions”. This sudden question startled the nervous Chu Shen.

“What master?”

He rolled his eyes. “I asked brat what you know about constitutions.”

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Chu Shen was delighted. With his condition it was labeled as a broken constitution. Because of this Chu Shen was often lectured on all the different constitutions by his father.

“Yes master. A constitution is when your born different than everyone else. It might be that you’re meridians are weird like mine or you have inborn strength like me as well. It could also be that the body has a special affinity with an element.”

Ti Wu nodded. “Its sufficient though basic. You actually don’t have inborn strength. It’s a side affect of your constitution. A void constitution is when you have an affinity with space or rather the void of space.”

“The void of space contains all the different types of Qi. The void is where everything originated from and also where everything goes in the end. Because of your affinity with the void whenever you cultivate your body turns the Qi into null Qi.”

“Your body also absorbs the energy of the void when you sleep. That’s why your body is so strong. As the harsh energies of the void penetrate your muscles and bones they strengthen them. That’s the reason why you are so strong.”

“As for you lacking meridians, its actually not true. The void is nothing and everything. It is not detectable to anyone besides someone who uses void Qi.”

“When your body absorbed the Qi of the void it stored it inside your meridians. Because of the void Qi no one could sense your meridians, hence the reason why you were said to have no meridians.”

A light lit up in Chu Shens eyes. ‘So it wasn’t because of my body lacking meridians but rather my body absorbing an undetectable Qi and storing it in my meridians.’

“Is there anything else brat? I think you’ve been passed out long enough.”

“What? What do you mean passed out master?”

“I mean when I took you into your soul realm you’re consciousness left you’re body.” Seeing his panicked look he started to reassure him. “Don’t worry. At most it’s been an hour.”

“Master I need to go back to the real world. Let me get out of my soul realm. Can’t you come back when I go to bed or something?” Chu Shen begged his master.

“Brat, you truly don’t appreciate the heavens. Your void constitution is something anyone in my sect would have killed for. Almost half their cultivation was spent converting their Qi into null Qi but here you are able to do it with even trash techniques. Ah, the heavens are truly blind.”

Chu Shen was getting desperate. “Master that is not the point. Of course I appreciate my fortune but my father may get worried if I am gone too long. I need to wake up so he doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Fine brat. Don’t tell anyone about me until we can talk later.” Waving his hand the world dissolved around him into darkness.


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