[Arc 4] Chapter 119

Chapter 119
Mages Abilities

Chu Shen had just finished with unblocking Aslo and Chrissa’s meridians. He could not, however, start on the other kids. The reason was because Lucas had not come back with the toys for the kids yet. While he was waiting, he continued talking to the twins.

He learned a couple interesting things about them. Their father had been a Rank 2 warrior and used his strength to become a lumberjack. They had a happy but simple life with their father and mother. Unfortunately, he was killed by a magical beast while chopping down trees in the forest.

A Rising Tide Sect member brought them his body. They had tried to rescue him but were too late. Upon delivering his body, the Rising Tide member felt guilty and offered to take the twins to be tested for potential. That was the reason they joined the Rising Tide Sect. Everything after that was the very sad history that Chu Shen had heard before.

Ten minutes later, Lucas finally appeared. He carried a satchel on his shoulder that Chu Shen had inscribed the [Shrinking Inscription] on. Chu Shen stopped talking with the twins and went over to Lucas. “So Lucas, you got the toys?”

Lucas set down the satchel and nodded. “Sure do.” He reached inside the satchel and pulled out a toy mage. He had on black robes with his hands lifted up, palms facing outwards. A fireball was in the palm of it’s hands. Lucas smiled at Chu Shen. “Pretty cool right? Now watch this!” He pushed a button on the toys back and the fireballs shot forward about two feet.

Chu Shen smiled. “You’re right, that is pretty cool.”

Lucas smiled back. “I know right? There’s springs in the hands so that you can load the fireballs and shoot them. I also have ones with lightning, ice balls, rocks, and wind scythes. I also have a couple warrior ones that their arms chop down instead.”

Chu Shen grinned. “Well, that should definitely be cool. How about the girls though.”

Lucas’ grin faded a bit. “Oh, yeah. Well I have a couple of girl dolls in dresses with tiny brushes and extra clothes.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Well, I’ll let them choose. I may need you to make more so stay close.” Lucas grunted in confirmation. After that, Chu Shen left to gather a few more kids to open their mana rivers.

While he was doing so, Aslo came up to Lucas. “Hey, what is that you got there?” He pointed at the toy in Lucas hands.

He held up the mage. “This? This is a toy mage that I made for as a reward for those that open up a new mana river.”

Aslo nodded. “Well, me and my sister Chrissa,” he gestured towards Chrissa behind him, “just got done with opening up a mana river. Do you think we can have one?”

Lucas nodded. “Here you go kid.” He handed Aslo the mage. “My names Lucas by the way, what’s yours?”

Aslo replied off-hand, absorbed into studying the toy. “My names Aslo.”

Lucas immediately became intrigued. He had spent time with the other teachers and kids after all. He had learned the name of the twins from them but never actually approached them since he was usually busy. Now he was able to see them face to face.

“Hey, Aslo. I heard you were a Rank 3 mage. Is that true?” Lucas asked casually.

Aslo looked up. His face puffed up with pride. “Well actually i’m a Rank 4 mage now.”

Lucas smiled. “Well, how about a duel then? I was getting bored and I need the practice.”

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Aslo shrugged. “I don’t know. I am pretty new to this whole mage thing. It’s barely even been a month since I became one. I only know a couple spells.”

Lucas walked off a bit before making a come-at-me-bro gesture towards Aslo. “Don’t worry, this is only a spar after all. I’ll go easy, I swear.”

Aslo shrugged before putting his fists up. “Alright then.”

Lucas held up his hand. “On my mark. 3….2…..1….begin!”

Immediately Aslo held up his hand, palm pointed at Lucas. “Flames gather in my hand and create balls of fire. Go forth, Fireball Barrage!” As Aslo finished his chant, six fireballs appeared in front of his outstretched palm. Aslo thrust his palm towards Lucas. When he did, the fireballs flew towards Lucas, one after another.

Lucas reacted immediately, firing beams of ice from the beast core in his palm. The first beam hit the first fireball, causing it to explode. Lucas hit two more but the resulting blasts knocked his aim off slightly. The fourth fireball was already in front of him before he could shoot it.

Lucas leaned left, barely dodging the fourth fireball. The fifth one, however, caught him on the shoulder and sent him flying backwards. As he did though, Lucas legs seemed to explode! Fire streaked from them as Lucas not only stabilized himself mid-air, but also flew upwards above Aslo.

Aslo had not been slacking though. “Flames gather here before me. Create a dragons breath to destroy the enemies in front of me. Go forth, Dragon’s Fire!” Perhaps due to the longer chant, the flames were much more intense. A cone like flame shot towards Lucas.

They bathed him in fire, causing his skin to melt slightly. Lucas panicked somewhat when that happened. He opened his mouth and a high pitched squeal came out of it. The noise was deafening and caused Aslo to falter. When Aslo did so, the Dragon’s Fire sputtered out. That sonic weapon was just Lucas’ voice modulator that he had tweaked a bit.

When the Dragon’s Fire went out, Lucas immediately landed on the ground. Digging his hands into the ground, he pulled up a hunk of rock. Using this rock as a shield, he charged towards Aslo. Aslo continuously pounded the rock shield with fireballs while retreating backwards.

Each time a fireball hit, the shield would slam into Lucas making him pause for a half second. The rock shield also had small craters from when the fireballs exploded. Unfortunately, he could only create twelve fireballs before Lucas reached him. Comparing Lucas and Aslo’s speed, it was obvious that Lucas was superior.

By the time Lucas reached him, his rock shield was a mess. Scorch marks covered the front of it and cracks were spread throughout it. Lucas had cheated slightly though. He used the earth Qi from his beast core to prevent the rock shield from being destroyed by firing earth Qi into the rock shield and making it even thicker.

Upon reaching Aslo, Lucas decided to stop goofing around. Aiming at Aslo with his hand, a yellowish-brown beam struck Aslo in the leg. Immediately rock enclosed his leg, forcing Aslo to a stop. Lucas didn’t stop there though. Instead, the beam of Qi traveled upwards, completely enclosing Aslo in rock except his head.

Aslo’s face showed a panicked look along with anger. Suddenly he started chanting again. “Flames gather, create that which I want. Create that which can destroy what I want. Gather into a sphere so that I may throw it at mine enemies as I wish. Go forth, Apocalypse Ball!”

As Aslo chanted, a ball of fire appeared before him. It was only the size of his fist, the same size as the other fireballs. Because of that Lucas hadn’t been worried. As Aslo chanted though, the fireball started doubling in size with every passing moment. By the time he finished chanting, the fireball was as big as a house.

Aslo started yelling at Lucas. “Lucas, this is the only Rank 4 magic I know! All of the others were Rank 3 or Rank 2! You should really stop fighting, I’m not sure how well I can control this Apocalypse Ball!” His face was pale and covered in sweat, his brow furrowed in concentration.

Lucas stood in front of the Apocalypse Ball, his arms covering his face. He could feel the heat from where he stood and it was like a blazing furnace. He spread his arms wide. “Come on then! I can take it! Hit me with your best shot if you think it can take me down!”

Aslo gritted his teeth. “Then don’t blame me if you die!” He frowned in concentration as the Apocalypse Ball surged towards Lucas. The Apocalypse Ball did not explode but rather enveloped Lucas in a world of fire and heat. After Lucas was in the direct cent of the Apocalypse Ball it exploded. Lucas didn’t move, but his fake skin burned off completely.

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Other than that, Lucas was not damaged in the slightest. Aslo looked at Lucas in a sort of horror. That strike took up all of his mana. Lucas hadn’t even used his mana shield yet he could withstand that! That was the equivalent of a Rank 5 warriors full out attack and yet Lucas didn’t even flinch!

Then suddenly Aslo recoiled. Lucas had transformed from a normal human into a metallic beast! Chu Shen suddenly appeared behind Aslo. Seeing Lucas the way he was, he stopped, taken aback. Just what had happened here? He had heard some explosions while he was talking with the teachers about what student to start on next. So he ran here only to find a stark naked Lucas.

Chu Shen appeared in front of Lucas like a ghost. “Hey, buddy.” He whispered. “You do realize that your skin and clothes are gone right?” Lucas immediately looked down. His face showed embarrassment but it looked weird without any skin.

Chu Shen turned towards Aslo. “Don’t worry, this is just an ability of Lucas. He can turn his body into metal when he needs to. It’s a unique mana shield like mine.” To demonstrate, his gray Cancellation Armor appeared around him.

Aslo nodded. “You sure do have some weird techniques Chu Shen.”

Chu Shen turned towards Lucas. “Come on Lucas, we need to get you some new skin. Why don’t we try that carbon fiber mesh skin you were talking about. I know you didn’t want to change your skin but since the old one is gone….”


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