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[Arc 1] Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Just Training Is Not Enough

Without hesitation Chu Shen immediately nodded his head. After all his mother was still held captive wasn’t she? He still had to reach the Emperor Stage but if his power was weak what good could he be.

Right now while Chu Shen had a stronger body than his classmates it wasn’t by a whole lot. His body was tougher and he could lift about another 800 pounds compared to them. Though when you could lift about 4000 pounds (Or 2 tons) another 800 was significant but not game changing.

To put it in simple turns. Everyone else could lift 100% while Chu Shen could lift 120%. While that 20% more strength and body toughness was helpful it was not a guaranteed win.

“Alright brat, since you agreed just give me a half day to prepare. While you are waiting go through your normal exercise and then go to the caves of isolation for the training.”

“Yes master.”

Chu Shen went to his least favorite spot on the school grounds. There was a large waterfall at the edge of the school. Unfortunately Master Ti Wu had him train underneath the outermost edge of the waterfall.

Bracing himself Chu Shen got on the slippery rocks and went under the very edge of the waterfall. Compared to the other parts of the waterfall the power here was lacking. But that was like the comparison between a tiger and a dragon. While a dragon would win a tiger could not be taken lightly because of this.

The waterfall fell down on Chu Shen, as the water hit him it felt like needles driving into his Qi enforced skin. The water tried to pull him downwards, the pressure on his shoulders made any movement almost unbearable.

Chu Shen started practicing <Fundamental Fist Skills>, <Fundamental Kick Skills>, and <Absolute Control>. His teacher had recommended to practice the first two since the moves went through the various muscles of the arms, core, and legs. The last one anyone could guess at.

To be able to control your weapon perfectly was required for any good warrior. If Chu Shen could control his weapon reasonably good in a waterfall then he could control it flawlessly outside of the waterfall. If he was ever able to perfectly control his weapon inside the waterfall than his would have reached the pinnacle.

After his body became exhausted and sore he once again circulated his Qi according to the technique. When he had first started his Qi had only been able to penetrate his skin. Now his Qi could penetrate the muscles surrounding the skin. Not only that but he was able to circulate it up to fifteen times in a row rather than just once.

The more times you could circulate your Qi the deeper the Qi could sink into the body. Chu Shen could now be considered as reaching the middle of the second level of the technique. For every ten circulations there would be critical point before the next stage could be reached.

Unfortunately there was no longer a major increase in his strength but rather only a pound or two was added after an hour of training. Compared to his 4800 pounds of strength it was indeed lacking.

After Chu Shen had done this he went over to the caves of isolation. These were actually small caves with isolating formations set up inside. This was a specially prepared place for those who needed to breakthrough without being disturbed.

All noise could be cut off and any Qi released during the breakthrough would be contained.

Chu Shen turned on the noise cancelling formation before calling out to his master. Ti Wu immediately appeared. After studying the area around them and Chu Shen he nodded.

“Not bad kid, not bad at all. This is indeed a proper place for breakthroughs. Anyways do you know why you had such a massive increase in strength before when you tempered yourself using the <Void King> technique but now the results are lacking?”

“No master.”

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“I didn’t think so. Let me explain it in a different way. When you wish to forge out the impurities of a metal you pound on it until the impurities are gone correct?”

“Yes master.”

“Well what if the metal is not pure enough but you can’t pound out any more impurities?”

“Well master, I would either make the fire hotter by adding more wood or changing the type of fire.”

“Exactly. Your body has been tempered as much as possible by the docile null Qi in your body. So instead we must either change the fire or add more fuel. Since when you get stronger your Qi will naturally become stronger and more plentiful you will be able to make more progress.”

“Unfortunately the increase of Qi from the Dragon to the Tiger stage is almost negligible. Only when you enter into the Martial Student Stage will there be a major increase.”

“So instead we will use Void Qi. I have been scraping the excess Qi from your meridians for a while now and have stored up enough. I will be injecting your body with Void Qi and you will circulate it according to the technique. Are you ready?”
“Yes master.”


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