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An Interlude that Propagates Corrupt Moral Values

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Author: TrashyHuman Original Source: Scribble Hub

The Sun rose and the world was once again enveloped in its warm presence. Despite this, the air and the ground hadn’t had enough time to warm up, so there was still mist outside and it was a bit chilly.

It was during such a morning that Lachersia once again, like always, visited her little angel as the little angel was about to wake up.

Lachersia always treasured the times she spent with Jennifer and the times in the morning, when they would watch as the world outside shook off the last of its slumber, especially.

As Lachersia entered Jennifer’s room she saw that Jennifer had yet to wake up but she was about to. Jennifer’s blankets had long ago been thrown across the room and Jennifer herself lied on the bed perpendicularly to the direction she was supposed to. Seeing this sight made Lachersia chuckle a bit to herself and she went to pick up Jennifer’s blanket.

When she returned to cover Jennifer, she went to adjust Jennifer’s sleeping position first. She didn’t expect that the moment she bent down to pick the little girl up, Jennifer tightly embraced Lachersia’s neck with her arms and then used her legs to entangle Lachersia’s torso and ended up sticking to Lachersia like a baby koala.

Lachersia was so surprised that she fell on the bed and it allowed Jennifer to embrace her even closer.

At this point, Lachersia was incredibly flustered. Many thoughts were running through her head. Mostly thoughts about how soft Jennifer’s body was or how it was very distracting that Jennifer was softly breathing into Lachersia’s right ear but she didn’t hate the feeling at all or how every time Jennifer breathed or moved it sent very strange but nice tingles down Lachersia’s spine…

Lachersia shamelessly decided to enjoy the unexpected treat since something like this happened anyway and quietly thanked the changing weather and Jennifer’s terrible sleeping habits in her heart for making Jennifer feel chilly in her sleep and ending up clinging to Lachersia in the search of warmth.

She used a spell to heat up her body and robes to a comfortable temperature, making the sleeping heroine practically crawl over her and then gently hugged her back to make her feel comfortable.

The effect was very good as Jennifer let out a few content murmurs in her sleep, her breathing became steadier and she fell asleep even deeper than before.

Then a very tranquil half an hour passed by.

Lachersia was running her hands across Jennifer’s waistline and arms and marvelled at how delicate and thin her companion was.

One moment her gaze stopped at Jennifer’s lovable little face. Jennifer’s skin was smooth, soft and fair and Lachersia really wanted to poke and pinch her cheeks every time she casually looked at her.

This time Lachersia could enjoy looking at Jennifer’s face all she wanted without any embarrassment or fear of being noticed, the two feelings she recently developed. And, most naturally, she wouldn’t let such an opportunity go. But she couldn’t take it for too long as her mind was beginning to be overrun by several rather dangerous (mostly for Lachersia’s heart) impulses.

Lachersia stared dully at Jennifer’s small cherry lips and her mind clouded with every warm breath that brushed against her face. She looked hypnotized, her eyes glossy and her expression dull. Her breathing sped up quite a bit but even in this state, she didn’t dare to breathe too loudly and have Jennifer wake up and end thee wonderful yet torturing experience.

There was a very big battle raging inside Lachersia’s mind. The battle of desire and whatever the shameless woman had for a conscientiousness. It was a battle far more intense and ferocious than any battle ever fought on the planet before, more intense than the battles imagined in the epics of old.

The lights of hesitation and decisiveness flashed in Lachersia’s eyes so fast that it wasn’t even noticeable.

She steadily inched closer to Jennifer.

Jennifer slept without even imagining that there was a dangerous predator right beside her.

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Lachersia stared at Jennifer’s sleeping face without blinking, she held her breath and moved little by little.

Jennifer wasn’t realizing that Lachersia was so close that their noses were about to touch.

Lachersia entangled her arms around Jennifer, like a cobra entangling her prey. Her face was very red and her eyes were misty. Just a bit closer… She didn’t notice that the corners of her mouth arched into a victorious grin.

All the while Jennifer was still sleeping sweetly. She probably dreamt of unicorns and sweets and rainbows… Everybody knew that Jennifer had a heart just as pure as it really seemed to be.

The evil shameless woman took a last look at the sleeping face of the heroine and then decided to make that last push…

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