A Generic Prologue that’s Not Really Necessary

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Author: TrashyHuman Original Source: Scribble Hub

“To think that I have spent so much time OF MY LIFE on HER! bleaw

Jeremy was drunk and angry. But then again, there were rarely times when he was drunk but many times when he was angry, so he was just drunk.

As can be guessed by the gurgled barely understandable sentence that he half-yelled and half-muttered before passing out on the floor, the reason for this unusual state of his was his break-up with his, now, ex-girlfriend.

While he never took any romantic relationships that he has had seriously, which was half the reason why this one had come to an end, the feeling of a severed emotional attachment was unpleasant enough for Jeremy to seek escape in alcohol. A task that he was able to accomplish splendidly.

The other reason for the break-up was quite unusual: he always ended up dating people who took the romantic relationships they had a little too seriously. Take his childhood friend Delilah, for example: when they had a one year anniversary, she kidnapped him from home and trapped him in the basement of an abandoned house in the countryside.

That much would be fine, he had been able to deal with her constant stalking, jealousy, the emotional manipulation of his friends and family and the manipulation of his public image that Delilah was so fond of doing after all. But when you had to live in an unhygienic environment with little sunlight, food, water, entertainment and personal freedom, it became too much for Jeremy, unfortunately.

And they had it going so well… Sigh.

A fake identity and a new city later, he met Eliza. A lovely young lady. Maybe she was a little out of the norm in the way she had an obsession with dead people. Maybe it was a little overbearing how much she loved inflicting physical pain on others. But she was rich, beautiful and, apart from certain times, kind. Unlike Delilah, she even let Jeremy have friends! Maybe she required to have an hour-long conversation with them which left them traumatized and a little dead inside, but they were still his friends! Living, breathing friends that weren’t made up or drawn on paper!

That one time when Eliza tried to murder Jeremy’s little sister left a shadow on their relationship that could never be repaired though. Just because she was jealous! To his sister! Unthinkable! And thus, another love died.

As forging a new identity would be hard with Eliza having eyes and ears everywhere in the region, Jeremy had to lay low for the next year. Luckily, his family was used to such shenanigans and was able to help him get through those tough times.

He was left broken. Not emotionally, as he was too afraid to love to actually fall in love with Delilah or Eliza. During one of the times when Eliza’s dogs found him, they broke his leg so he wouldn’t run away. Silly people. As if a broken leg would stop him.

Still, not being able to walk left him depressed. Mostly because his sister began too fond of taking care of his needs and began going a bit overboard in her care. While familiar love knows no bounds, everything should be done in moderation. Though he was thankful that she cared about her brother so well. To think Eliza would mistake his sister’s feelings for romantic love! Hmph!

But he recovered after a while. Then he met Claudia. Oh, Claudia. She was the one who was the closest person to have Jeremy truly fall in love with. She was smart, smarter than him, who got a master’s degree in computer science at the age of 17. She was kind. She never intruded into his personal territory and forced him to do things he didn’t want to. Not even once! Maybe it was because she was able to ‘convince’ him that he wanted to do what she wanted him to, but still. She never even trapped him in a single place! For too long. Not longer than two weeks at least.

They had fun, they laughed, they shared their sorrows together. They truly understood each other! But, alas, she betrayed him. To think that she thought that olives weren’t delicious. What heresy! Of course, he could no longer stay with such a culinary deviant. And everything was going so well… Sigh.

Maybe because the last relationship truly hurt him, but he couldn’t help but get drunk so badly that he now lied on the stone floor out cold.

Surely, Claudia would try to find him. Surely, the city’s police database has already been cracked and a pair of blue eyes were looking through the recordings in search of him. Maybe his location was already exposed and a black van packed with rope, sleeping gas and many muscle-relaxants of all kinds was already on the way.

Unfortunately, Claudia would not find Jeremy, for he has already disappeared. Not like before, he didn’t just leave the city, the state, the country, the continent, no. This time he left the very planet and his previous identity behind. And not voluntarily too.

Not that he was aware of it, as drunk as he was.

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