A Chapter where the Heroine Shocks the Crowd

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Author: TrashyHuman Original Source: Scribble Hub

There exist many superstitions. The world is ever so unpredictable and unstable that even a walk in the park can turn out to be a disaster for some. Maybe it was for that reason that our ancestors, in their vain attempts to understand the world and feel just a tiny little bit in control, came up with so many rules based on the most random things: the color of one’s shoes, the length of one’s hair, the movements of celestial bodies that, as we found out later, have happened thousand and even millions years ago.

A more reasonable-sounding superstition would be something along the lines of “when you visit a new place, your first actions and impressions will determine how your life will be in that place thereafter. That’s why it’s recommended to behave nicely and act positively”

Maybe because of her dislike for the illogical restrains that the society has imposed on its people, or maybe because of the mind-splitting headache she was experiencing, the new summoned heroine greeted the world that she has been transported to and a lot of high-ranking officials of the church and government of the Trelos-Agapi Kingdom with a very long string of various coarse and yet creative profanities just as Cardinal Manroove greeted her.

It seems that the place that she came from was quite progressive in terms of culture, judging by both her large repertoire of verbs, adverbs, nouns and adjectives that existed for the sole purpose of making others feel bad and by the way that she was allowed to be dressed in clothes that were obviously too big for her, allowing her snow-white shoulders and a little of her collarbone to peek out of her clothes creating a rather spicy picture.

While the Priests of the church of Morai who conducted the summoning weren’t very flexible in their ways of thinking and therefore responded with displeased frowns, Lachersia, the head of the Royal Institute of Magic and Arcane Arts, who was overseeing the Divine miracle, seemed to be quite taken with the new arrival’s inexhaustible ways of belittlement and humiliation of her fellow kin, their blood-relatives and the rest of the natural world.

About half-way through the awe-inspiring speech, Lachersia even took out a parchment and a magic quill and began taking notes. The fact that the next day, the Prime Minister received an anonymous letter regarding the lack of funding for the Royal Institute with its contexts being suspiciously similar to what the heroine was describing in vivid detail is a completely different story, however.

After about thirty more minutes, the summoned heroine got tired of describing in what way the mothers of some unknown individuals were uncouth in their behavior in the face of God and Man and ended her deeply-philosophic monologue with the words “A-f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲-men, bitches!”, showing her devout belief and love for the Higher Powers.

The king of Trelos-Agapi, Epipleon I, was so fascinated with the fresh outlook on life that the heroine had that he felt that letting her go would be too much of a loss for the country. Archduke Proten, Northern Glacier’s Duke Laras, Southern Plain’s Duchess Lydia and many other personages of pure blood and high esteem shared the fair king’s opinion. Everybody was so motivated, judging by how animated their gestures and how loud their voices and how red their faces were.

Needless to say, the heroine was immediately escorted into the finest dungeon of the Royal Castle.

On her way there she was muttering something like: “Claudia, I DUN wan, hick, I DUN WANNA go tah LE dunjon!!! Lemme Goo- bwea, hick”

It seemed that this year would be quite auspicious for the Kingdom.

After the gates to the summoning stage room were closed, silence descended. Probably because everybody was too busy envisioning the bright and boundless future led by the heroine. “What was her name again?” – was a thought that nobody paid attention to.

Ding Ding Ding

A metal pipe was rhythmically struck against the concrete walls of the building as the tall girl with raven hair and piercing blue eyes was skipping down the corridor.

“Je~re~my~ Where are you~ Come out on your own and I promise that I won’t hurt you~”

Even though her melodious voice was very pleasant to the ear, there was a hint of hellish wrath that would be enough to burn the world hidden deep within her tone and the listeners would get permanent mental scars if they listened for too long.

She stopped in front of the only door in the corridor and…

“One, two, three~ Ready or not, here I come!”

Completely erased it from existence with the assistance of the metal pipe and incredible brutish strength that really didn’t fit with how slender her arms were.

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“Huh? Is that a Venian-style tri-complex summoning circle that I see? What could such a thing be doing in my Jeremy’s secret hideout? Did someone dare to kidnap him right under my nose~ I wonder who it could be~”

Faint laughter that possessed a manic quality would be heard all evening that day in the apartment.

“It seems that Claudia was able to find me when I was drunk? No matter, it’s not the first time I was confined in some strange place. Anyway, I refuse to make up with that heretic! And she’ll never catch me! Who… am I by the way? And who’s Claudia? And what did she do? Am I a priest of some kind? Then why is it me that’s locked up and not the heretic? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Whatever, let’s escape first”

An undeniably cute little girl with large brown eyes and brown hair woke up in the dungeon cell. She began looking around unreservedly and remembering every single detail of what she was seeing, formulating a plan to make an escape.

“It’s so nice to see that you’ve woken up! My name is Lachersia Luster and I hope that we’ll be getting along nicely, miss Heroine!”

The girl turned around and began shaking like a leaf in the wind.

Remembering her truly brilliant entrance, she almost frowned and spit on the floor. Luckily, she didn’t break her expression of lack of understanding and shock that she put on the first thing the moment someone came to her. Improvising, she jumped away, while silently screaming, which broke the composure of the visitor.

“Sorry, sorry! M-my name is J-jeniffer” – she sheepishly said with a trembling voice and watery eyes while acting like a frightened little animal. The name was the first female name that came to her mind.

“Aww, don’t be afraid! I know you must be scared and confused, but trust me, everything will be all right!”

Lachersia squatted to be at the same eye-level as Jeniffer and said reassuringly. Seeing the girl acting all stiff and scared, the previous image of the coarse little monstrosi- angel that would unhesitantly say things that would put even the most experienced sailor on the knees vanished from Lachersia’s mind. The girl was so pitiful, to have been torn away from her home and family into this strange and unfamiliar place, all for the sake of some people completely unrelated to her. Lachersia subconsciously wished to protect Jennifer with all she had, to shield her from the scary outside influences. Unbeknownst to her, her goodwill towards the little girl was rising rapidly.

Jennifer with a good deal of struggle in her expression timidly looked at Lachrsia and began to open and close her mouth repeatedly, as if afraid to say something. Seeing such a Jennifer, Lachersia couldn’t help but lean in closer and nod her head instinctively, as if encouraging Jennifer to say what was on her mind.

“M-miss L-lachersia”

“You can call me big sister Lache”, Lachersia said with a brilliant smile


Seeing how Jennifer got scared again because of her sudden interruption, Lachersia mentally chastised herself and shrunk a little, as if to reduce her presence and not scare the little girl.

“I, um” Jennifer’s ears and neck began burning in bright crimson and she hid deeper into the cell, fidgeting.

“Yes, yes, what is it, little Jennifer”, this time Lachersia spoke very softly and gently, so the girl wouldn’t get scared any more than she already was.

“I need to go to the toilet!” Jennifer quickly yelled and squatted, subconsciously reducing her frame not to be noticed.

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Seeing the girl act like this, Lachersia found her to be too adorable and her already full reserves of goodwill towards Jennifer miraculously increased even more.

“Of course, of course! Please wait for me, little Jennifer, I’ll go get the key and then escort you”

Lachersia went on her way, while Jennifer began to come up with more of the plan while piecing the situation she landed in together in her head.

It seems that she had a very long day ahead. And the fact that she still had a horrible headache didn’t help her one bit.

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