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Side Story: Detective Milla Part 4

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Attention everyone! Milla says she identified the criminal!”

“Child! Are you sure?”

“Yup! And although the task was to figure out how it was done, I also know who the killer is. In fact, he’s in this room right now.”

“Well then, who is it?”

“Before we get to the who, let’s start with the how. I will explain how it was done. As you all know, the room was locked to give us the impression that the killer never entered this room. But it’s false.”

“Right. The axe on his chest proves that there was a struggle.”

“The axe isn’t the cause of his death though.”

“Say what?”

“Think about it. This axe is a heavy weapon. Not many people can wield and swing it properly. If there was indeed a struggle, then there should have been more blood in this room. Nope. The axe didn’t even reach his heart. The fact that the body is in the chimney with an axe in him is all just a big distraction. To lure us away from the real murder weapon.”

I turned around and pointed to the Ringmaster.

“The Ringmaster already confirmed that this guy was trapped here for a weak. Which means he had to be given food and water. You can also see the tray with glasses on the table.”

“What’s this have to do with…”

“The murder weapon is ice!”


“There are a few water stains on the carpet. Darwin can confirm they are stains caused by melting ice cubes. They weren’t regular ice cubes. They contained poison. As the cubes melted the poison was released in the room and he died.”

“Eh… wait! But what about his position in the chimney?”

“For ice to quickly melt, the fire was probably on at that time. After he died, the killer put his body in the chimney to hide the fact that a fire was started. With the blood stains in there, you really can’t tell.”

“Then… who did it?”

“The maid!”

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“Miss Lily, you mentioned you were a slave. This is just a guess, but I assume you aren’t a contestant. You were bought by the Ringmaster and he ordered you to do this. As a maid, you came here to bring him water and that’s when you dropped the poison ice. You then came back later when he was dead and placed him in the chimney. You used that axe to try and lead us away, but you couldn’t swing it properly with your constitution. As a maid, you had the key to this room.”

“No… nono! Wait! I can…”

“Ding ding ding! And we have a winner! Milla is 100% correct!”

The Ringmaster then pulled his sword from the cane and pierced the maids’ heart, making a bloody mess. But he didn’t stop there. One by one, like a maniac he massacred everyone in the room, except for me.


“The prize was that the winner gets to live. And that’s you. I never said that the others will live.”

“You just killed them when your precious audience isn’t here?”

“Hahaha! You really think so. Have you noticed that mirror? It’s magically enhanced. The same image that’s reflecting in it is projected into the arena. They saw this the whole time!”

Your crazy! The Ringmaster then aggressively pulled my hand and took me back to the arena.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this edition is creepy girl Milla!”

“That means I am free?”

“Yes! You are free… to die!”


“You’re too smart. I can’t let someone like you alive. Besides. The audience asked for your death, so I must comply.”

“I… I don’t get it. What’s the purpose of this place anyway?”

“The purpose? Well that’s quite simple. Tell me, why do people smoke?”

“Uhh… addiction?”

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“That’s what keeps them going. But the reason why people smoke is stress relief. Sometimes people are driven into a corner by their problems and frustration. Nicotine helps to relieve that stress. And that’s what this arena is. A giant cigarette pack! People enjoy the bloody show I am providing them. And now, it’s time for even more blood!”

He snapped his fingers. All the arena gates opened and a pack of wolves came running inside.

“It’s dinner time! Kill her!”

The wolves started approaching me. Kuh. The audience is still applauding. This place is truly evil. I’m getting tired of playing the innocent girl. All this corruption… must burn. You think you guys are superior just because you are nobles? You think you can get away with anything? It’s time to burn!

“Back off!”

The wolves suddenly stopped and lowered their heads.

“Eh? What’s going on? I said kill her!”


“Good boys!”

“You… you can control them? How?”

“Wolves always follow the alpha and will never attack an enemy far stronger than them. In their eyes, the moment they jump at me, they’re all dead.”

“What nonsense. We sealed any power you might have.”

“Did you really think this collar can contain my power?”

I released a huge amount of demonic energy. The collar broke in an instant. I also returned to my original appearance. Yup. I never lost my power to begin with! I just played your game, fool.

“Let me introduce myself properly. I am Milla Walpurgis, the Demon King of Insanity! And you all… are dead! Puppies… dinner time!”


The wolves jumped and devoured the Ringmaster. But they also jumped into the arena seats. All of them are just as guilty. I used my powers to crumble all the exits. The arena was filled with screams and blood. You guys wanted to see more blood? I just granted your wish. Not a soul was left alive. When an official team arrived here they blamed the Ringmaster for the disappearance of all the people. They also blamed him for the nobles death. Neither me nor Claire were linked.

I did it. I solved this issue. I just hope that this disaster will teach the people of this country a lesson. The law is made for everyone, rich and poor. Even nobles bleed and die. They are no different from the poor.

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As for me… I plan to give Claire a big a̲s̲s̲ smacking. After all, I’m stressed out too, but I feel that sex is a more pleasant way to relieve stress, fufufu!

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