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Extra Chapter: Virus Slaying Loli

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

It was a dark night in a big city. A modern day city with tall buildings. The only light that can be seen is given by the street poles.

“Ok, what’s going up now?”

Milla Walpurgis was casually strolling around this city.

“Hey! Who said that? And more importantly, how did I get here?”

Our heroine was about to face an unexpected challenge.

“There’s that voice again! Who the hell are you?”

I’m the author. You rarely notice me. I brought you here today because there is an enemy that only you can handle.

“Hey, author-san, quit screwing with me. What’s with this random plot anyway? It makes no sense. And besides, you know I don’t take orders from anyone. That includes you.”

I know. But won’t you show some flexibility for your fans out there?

“Fine. But it’s still weird. What am I supposed to do here anyway? This feels like a ghost town.”

But, Milla didn’t know that she was being watched. A pair of sinister eyes were analizing her.

“Ohohoho! What have we here? A little girl that escaped my clean up?”

On top of a light pole there was a woman sitting and looking straight at our loli. She was rather tall. Long black hair wrapped into chinese meat buns and also she had long twintails. She had a red traditional chinese dress with the upper part of her chest exposed. She had a golden dragon drawn on it. Her purple eyes seemed very unique. And she had alluring black stockings.

She jumped down and faced the crimson haired loli.

“And who are you supposed to be?”

“Fufu! I am the end of worlds. I am the powerful COVID-19! This world is filled with corruption. People need to be scared to understand the right direction. I shall bend everyone to my will. All shall fear me and love me! All shall……


I didn’t think this person would be so mad just cause I turned my back on her. Seriously though, what’s up with this twisted plot?

“I’m not interested in the slightest about your delusions. Your stupidity might be contagious. So I’m just gonna search for a way to go home.”

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“Home, you say? Kuku! Then let me send you there permanently!”

She extended her hand and fired jet black flames towards me. Originally I didn’t want to dodge since fire has no effect on me, but this was different. Those flames were too sinister so I ended up dodging. A huge explosion was created in the spot I was standing.

“Fine. You got my attention. Eat this!”

I fired 3 fireballs at her, but to my surprise she brushed them off as if it was nothing.

“Nobody can measure up to my strength. And don’t even think you can throw a punch on me. Just try it and the moment you touch me, you’re dead!”

Darn it. What kind of enemy is this? How am I supposed to deal with something like this? This is totally different from the time I faced death. If even my dragon scales won’t protect me… then what can I do? It’s almost… like a virus. A virus!? Wait. That’s it!

“You’re mine!”

The chinese woman once again howled and from her mouth she fired powerful black flames. But this time I didn’t dodge. I took them on. Just like last time an explosion was made.

“Ohohoho! Nobody can escape me!”

“Are you done?”


When the smoke cleared she could see me and my little surprise.

“No way!! A sanitary mask!? Where did you get that?”

“I transmuted the ground and made one.”

Seems my guess was right. If this woman is like a virus, then I know how to beat her.

“Regardless, you still can’t beat me. You’re just buying yourself time!”

“I can’t win? Wanna bet?”

I reached for my shadow to pull something out from it. And the moment she sees it, she starts trembling in fear.

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“Im… impossible! Liquid soap!? Why… why do you have that?”

Don’t ask me. As this good for nothing author. He put it in there.

Hey… I heard that one.

Moving along I started pouring the liquid in my palms and the moment I do it, her dress and stockings started to get small cuts out of nowhere.

“Please, stop that! I just wanted to make a better world.”

“Sorry, but you aksed for it.”

As I start rubbing my hands her clothes start to tear more and more.

“Kyaaa…. This heat…. It’s so intense… please, stop… my head is going crazy…”

Is she getting h̲o̲r̲n̲y̲ just from me washing my hands? And why are her clothes vanishing? Are you telling me this is my version of Dress Break or something? Let’s try dealing the finishing blow and see what happens.

I knock over a fire hidrant and put my hands in the gushing water and rub them even stronger.

“Take this! ORA ORA ORA!”

“NOOOO! I’m… I’m…”

But before she could finish her sentence her almost naked body generated a bright light and then suddenly dissolved into soap bubbles. I was left speachless.

“What the hell just happened?”

And so, the world was saved by…

“Hey! Quit narrating over there. What the f̲u̲c̲k̲ was that all about? That didn’t make any sense. After all my adventures so far, what was the point of that?”

Although our heroine was confused, she managed to prevent a crisis of an epic scale. At times logic must be ignored and… ouch… ouch… hey, you’re burning my hand. How can you even do that?

“Did you really think that just because I’m a fictional character I can’t reach you? You’re the one that made me the person that makes the impossible possible. And this is the last time I’m listening to you. Same for you readers out there. You better appreciate my cuteness and shower me with praise, or you’re next! Don’t make lolis angry or they will bite you.”

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