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Chapter 99: Soul Taker

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Bang Clang Sword clashing sounds

“Well, I must say, you do live up to your reputation, lord Ornis.”

Ornis Balmund was currently fighting a masked figure. In the back there were also 3 more figures. 2 were wearing hoods so their faces weren’t revealed. The other was a an old Mazoku with a long white beard and short white hair. His skin was custard cream yellow and he was leaning on a staff. However, Ornis couldn’t attack either of the 3. As right now all of them were trapped in a dome like magic spell. No matter how much force he put behind his magic or blows, he couldn’t break the cage. But that wasn’t the issue. If he took his eyes even a split second from the opponent to charge the others, it would be fatal.

There’s no gap in his defences. No matter where I strike, I’ll be countered. Just who the hell is this guy? I wasn’t aware that someone with such skills and strength existed.

After a brief moment, the mysterious swordsman’s blade blurred, and in the next second the tip grazed Ornis’ cheek at a speed that can’t be followed by the normal eye. Ornis tried to shift his body around and swing his sword, however the swordsman took a step forward blocking his swinging direction.


The swordsman unleashed a strange technique, managing to thrust his sword from an impossible position.

“Don’t take me lightly!”

To protect his face Ornis blocked the sword with his bear hand. Blood splattered, but the sword didn’t manage to cut all the way through.

“My bones are quite hard. You won’t be slicing my arm off with that.”

The swordsman pulls his sword out and quickly jumps back, taking a stance once again.

“Brutal Cutter!”

“Perpetual Slashes!”

A barage of black and red slashes were unleashed in the air. Sparks were flying everywhere. At first it appeared that Ornis was starting to push his opponent, but…


2 swords pierced Ornis from behind. When he looked around he saw 2 other masked figures.

“Hahaha! I never said it was a 1 on 1 fight!”

“Just… who the hell are you?”

“Show him.”

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At the words of the old Mazoku, the 3 warriors took their masks off.

“You are… Impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible with the power granted upon us!”

“Kuh… even if I fall here… there is someone else who you should fear…”

“Words of a loser. Matters not. Your soul is now ours!”

In altar like room a man was kneeling against a table and was apparently praying. The room was large and had no windows. The only source of light was from candles scattered around the room. The man that was praying had a pure white robe. His azure hair reached all the way to his shoulders. His ember eyes were staring at the empty altar. And the most important thing, he was human.

As he was praying, a telepathic message ran across his brain.

“Master. I’m sorry for disturbing you. We did it. Ornis’soul now belongs to us.”

“Excellent. The dawn of the new era is close. The destroyer shall once again awaken and set this world on the proper path.”

“Shall we continue and head for the next Demon King?”

“Not quite. The destroyer has shown me something interesting. A possible threat. A mortal with power equal, if not greater than a God.”

“Hou? Whatever it is, it means nothing before our dome.”

“On the contrary. Her power might be the only thing that can break the dome.”


“Calm down. By the will of the destroyer, I will provide you with the means to render her useless. However, before any of that, I would like to offer her a chance to join us. If she refuses, then she’ll share the same fate as the others and her soul shall be tributed to the destroyer. I’ve been preparing for this moment for thousands of years. Ever since I realized the mistakes the Gods made when they created this world. But finally, it seems this generation is the one that can provide us the power we need to awaken the destroyer.”

“Master, if I may, which person are you talking about? Who shall our next target be?”

“The Demon King of Insanity, Milla Walpurgis.”

“Understood. Then we shall make our way there.”

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“One word of advice. She might not willingly accept a fight, so you will have to find a way to… persuade her.”

“Leave it to us.”

The telepathic transmission was cut off. The man once again looked at the altar.

“I will not let you down. You have chosen me to be the Messiah of the new world. With your power, we will reshape the world and bring proper balance. 10000 years I have waited for this moment. Rest a little longer. Soon, you and I shall cleanse the world. And after destruction, a true paradise can finally flourish. Nobody will stand in my way. Not even a girl favored by the gods. Now then, what will your move be, Milla? Will you join our cause? Or perish alongside the world?”

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