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Chapter 96: Back to Normal… Sort of

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

When I regained consciousness, I found myself back on my bed. It was morning. I abruptly raised my body up and checked to make sure that I was ok. Everything seems to be okay. I wasn’t hurt or anything and my body felt normal. When I lowered my hand back on the bed though… I could feel a lump.

“What the…?”

I pulled the blanket aside and couldn’t believe my eyes. Tenebria was sleeping right next to me. But the shocking part was that she was completely naked. Okay… i need to process this a bit. We were in the God Realm a moment ago. I remember beating Tempus into a pulp, and then the Almighty One came and said Tenebria will be mortal now. But why is she in my bed?

Knock knock

There was a knock on the door. In the next moment the door opened and Grace came in with a tray of food. Normally a proper maid would wait for the “come in” reply, but I made an exception for Grace and told her she can come and go freely. She still insists on knocking though.

“Milla-nee, it seems you really had a fun night, judging by Lady Tenebria’s nudity.”

“It’s not that… WAIT! What did you call her!? Say it again!”

“Lady Tenebria?”

“You mean you know who she is!?”

“Of course. She’s your beloved older sister. Tenebria Walpurgis. Milla-nee, are you feeling well?”

If you could see my face right now, it went into the classic OxO pose. I was lost for words. What the hell just happened!? For starters, wasn’t I supposed to be the only survivor of the Walpurgis clan? And why is Tenebria my sister all of a sudden.

“Grace that can’t be… mphm

But before I could finish my sentence, a small hand came from behind covering my mouth. Yup, it was Tenebria.

“Grace, you need to excuse my sister. She really isn’t good in the mornings and had a rough night. Would you mind leaving the 2 of us alone for a moment?”

Grace glanced my way as if looking for confirmation. That’s a relief. At least her loyalty is still towards me. I nod my head and Grace left the tray on a table before exiting the room. After the 2 of us were alone, I could finally let loose.

“What the f̲u̲c̲k̲ is going on here!?”

“Ugh… so noisy. Are you always like this or just in the mornings?”

Yup, that’s Tenebria alright.

“I suppose I need to give an explanation. The Almighty One reincarnated me as a mortal. I’m your sister now. Let’s eat!”

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“Hold it!!! That doesn’t explain anything!”

“Fine fine. Listen Milla, a proper balance was necessary. In order for the world to not be impacted by the changes, he went with this route.”

She pondered for a moment as if scanning her own memories.

“Technically you are still the rightfull heir. I’m more like a step sister. Seems the story goes that I was an orphan and your birth mother took me in cause she was really fond of children. A month later she gave birth to you and died. Your father was devastated but kept me around more like a memento. When you grew up a bit you convinced him to officially give me the Walpurgis name and always treated me like your big sister.”

“Okay… I kind of get the idea but… why can’t I recall any of that?”

“Because you couldn’t recall the original Milla’s past life from the beginning. Try clearing your mind a bit and think carefully about when you woke up and until now.”

I did what Tenebria told me. I took deep breaths… and it’s true. Implanted memories. Tenebria was there alongside Grace when I woke up. That totally didn’t happen. But whenever I try to think of my achievements here I can also clearly see her. Fake memories were given to us. Well, they aren’t fake. Everything still happened like it happened. It’s just that Tenebria’s presence was added into them.

“So then… how are you treated in this world? Just my sister?”

“Nope. I’m also a Demon King.”

“Huh!? How did that happen?”

“Remember that you killed Miraluka? I didn’t appoint in her place so God probably took care of that too. I’m the Demon King of Kindness now.”

“Somehow that title… suits you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… you were a God and at times acted superior or scary… but in the end, you were kind. You cared about this world. And you cared about me. You favored me, so it’s correct to assume that you like me?”


Tenebria instantly turned red.

“Ba… ba… Baka! What are you saying all of a sudden!? And what’s with that smug face you’re making?”

“Does that mean you dislike me?”

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“It’s not… I don’t dislike you…”

“Then that means you like me!”

I gave Tenebria a big hug and started to pat her on the head. You could almost see steam coming out of her head. She really became bright red. Eventually she muttered the words:

“This feels… surprisingly pleasant…”

I know right? I’ll say it over and over. Headpats make you feel warm and fill you with affection. Honestly, modern day girls that slap your hand away the moment you try to touch their hair… you really need more affection in your lives.

“Hey, Tenebria, won’t your goofy brother meddle with us again?”

“After the beating you gave him? Trust me, he’s probably more afraid of you now than he is of the Almighty One.”

As I turn my head around.

“What… you ate all the food already!? Why didn’t you leave me some?”

“I never experienced eating before. You can do this anytime you want, so no reason to be upset. Forget about that. Let’s go outside! Show me your town! There’s lots I want to see.”



“Let’s find you some clothes first. I’m not taking you outside naked.”

Eventually we found a dark violet gothic lolita dress that fit Tenebria. It was similar to her old appearance.

“By the way Tenebria, you seemed really happy that you became mortal.”

“Isn’t it obvious. Milla, being immortal is lonely. Having a life, knowing that one day you will die… that’s exciting! Immortality might seem good, but what happens when all the ones you care about keep dying? You’re hurting inside. I viewed mortals as entertainment… but I always had the fear… when I found a mortal that I like… eventually he will die and I will have to move on. Although other Gods might disagree with me… that’s what I feel. So… I am happy that I’m here with you.”

Aww… that’s so sweet. Seeing her like this… it’s enough to make even a grown man cry. I wanted to leap at her and give her another hug but…

“Excuse me, Your Highness.”

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Cleo the lamia came just as we were prepared to head out.

“Something wrong, Cleo?”

“Well… there is a matter that needs your attention before you leave.”

She was fidgeting. What’s wrong now? I want to spend some time with my new loli.

“Spit it out, Cleo. What happened?”

“Last night, Lord Ornis Balmund came. He wanted to meet you. He didn’t want to disturb your sleep, but he really wants to talk to you now.”

Ornis? Great. What the hell does he want. Ugh… I guess only one way to find out.

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