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Chapter 84: Aria vs the King

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“You are a damn traitor! For the sake of your so called vision of purity, you led all the elves into the wrong direction! Unforgivable!”

“Shut up, you dark w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!”

The kings’ tree trunk tentacles were headed once again for Aria. They were moving faster, like whips and made a more chaotic pattern.

“[Deep Sea Vortex]!”

It was impossible for Aria to dodge them so she created a huge water tornado to intercept the tentacles. And it worked. Loud clashing sounds resounded through the air and the tentacles were pushed back.

“To stand before me in that state… it’s a mockery in itself. You are relying on the treasured staff passed on from generation to generation. You’ve neglected your own powers and that will be your downfall. Eat this:

[Azure Burst]!”

Azure Burst was an advanced spell that combined both water and ice to form a powerful orb or magical energy around the size of a small house. It quickly accelerated to high a speed and the combustion generated from the friction with the air almost made it look like it would burst into flames. The elven king raised countless tentacles and tree roots from the ground to protect himself. Because his lower half of his body was akin to a tree now he didn’t have great mobility. When the magic made contact, several tentacles were sent flying by the blast.

However, Aria’s mouth opened wide when the explosion cleared. She felt it clearly.

“No way! How can you be uninjured?!”

The king’s main body didn’t receive a single scratch.

“Hmph… It’s only natural. You really thought you would reach me with just that level? Nature itself is on my side. How do you expect to win? Now it’s your turn to feel terror!”

His tentacles bent and once again were approaching Aria at a great speed. 10 at once.

“[Vortex Wall]!”

Aria slammed her hand on the ground, and like a geyser, water rushed from the ground making a wall in front of her. At first it seemed that she managed to stop the tentacles, but this time, another 10 were hidden in behind the first wave and a few managed to breach her defense.


Because of the impact, Aria was flying in the air, until eventually her back hit a large tree. The impact almost made her puke her dinner. She was brought to her knees.

I can’t allow myself to lose in such an unsightly manner. Ugh… so heavy… at times like this I really wish my breasts would have a normal size…

She forced herself to stand up again, although her body felt as if she was carrying a lump of lead on her back. She received a considerable amount of damage.

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This might get quite troublesome. His reach is great, and the force and speed behind his tentacles is no joke. However, it’s not the tentacles I should be focusing on, but his main body instead.

“Give up!”

“Why would I do that? As for you, don’t you have other ways of attacking me besides those tentacles? I for one still have plenty of spells up my sleeve!”

The king didn’t pay attention and unleashed another tentacle attack like before.

“You’re beginning to bore me. The same attack never works twice on me!”

This time Aria joined her palms together into a fist and not 1, but 4 water tornadoes were unleashed at the same time. All the tentacles were ripped apart by the force, but her spell still didn’t have enough force to reach the king’s body.

So… not even that was enough… oof… I’ve burned just over half my mana. If I can’t find a way to get close…

In the next moment, spikes grew from the tree that Aria was leaning on, piercing her body.

“Hahaha! You said I don’t have other attacks. See now? I told you, all the surrounding nature is under my control!”

He thought he finally won, but… no blood emerged from Aria’s body. Instead soon after, her body became like a liquid, clear and more transparent until eventually she fell completely like a puddle.

“What? What sort of trickery is this!?”

“Surrender now, or else I slit the prince’s throat!”

The king turned his head around only to find Aria holding a dagger at Melron’s throat.

“You… what the hell did you do?”

“It’s quite a complicated spell. As soon as I managed to stand on my feet after you sent me flying I chanted a small spell. Water from underground covered my body and took my form. A clone, if you prefer. And I also used earth magic that let me travel underground. I avoided any roots and here I am! Your son’s life is in my hands now!”

“Father… help me.”

“Hmph… very well. Kill him if you want.”

“Father! What are you saying!”

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Melron had tears in his eyes and couldn’t believe his ears.

“You must be surely bluffing. You realize if I kill him, then this is all over, no? You won’t have an heir anymore. The throne you so want to keep in the family… everything will crumble!”

“Bwah! You think I would entrust the future to that whelp without a backup plan?”

The old geezer snapped his fingers. Various plants started to appear from the ground and trees. Once they opened up slightly, a white liquid could be seen inside.

“These flowers all contain my seed. When I was still young, I collected it. Even after hundreds of years these flowers preserved it as it was brand new. So go ahead. Kill him. I’ll just have Lorina take the throne instead. I shall retrieve her, break her mind completely and I will have these flowers enter her womb and release my seed. Nothing changes! The future is still secured!”

At those words, Aria lowered her dagger and knocked Melron unconscious.

“You’re sick.”

The king was ready to attack her with all his tentacles, however, Aria was finally close enough. She extended her left middle finger. The finger with the ring that Milla gave her.

“I win.”

The jewel shined brightly and a magical circle formed. A bright blue light shined and a few moments later…

“Im… possible…”

Bits of the king started falling on the ground. His lower body was dismembered, his arms were cut off, his body was crushed. As Milla told her, the jewel draws it’s power from another jewel on the bottom of the ocean. And as we all know due to modern science, the pressure becomes bigger the deeper you go. Milla took the jewel as deep as her dragon scales allowed her. And Aria just opened the door to that place. A jet of water emerged and completely obliterated the king. Under that pressure the jet was sharper than any blade and the forced crushed him. Aria needed to get close to use that ability. And she pulled through.

When the battle was finally over, the Elves ran over from within the forest while raising their voices. Aria put up her guard, wondering what was going on. The Elves shouted. Words praising her victory. And among those words, were the ones she wanted to hear the most: Long live Queen Aria Rivercrest!

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