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Chapter 82: Let’s Destroy This Wedding!

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

-Morning of the wedding day-

From the morning mist that had yet to clear away, the timber of flutes and harps could be heard. They were most likely preparations for the weeding. It was all happening at the plaza in front of the large tree. Decoration strings of various colors hung from up in the trees. Maybe they were beads tied to them as they sparkled and shined. Flowers bloomed as if encircling the area. They weren’t lined up in flowerpots, but bloomed from the ground as if from flower beds.

Benches were lined up, and were covered in velvety cloth.

Those with noble positions even among the Elves took those seats. The others stood as if to surround the venue and watched. A great number of Elves, enough to make one feel amazed that there were this many of them within the forest, had gathered.

A majority of the people that were in Gardenia had probably come here. Since it was a royal wedding, it was only natural that their interest would be high, and that they would think that they want to see the celebration. A carpet stretched out at the center of the place of ceremony.

It seemed to be a carpet that used golden thread.

Although it preserved harmony with nature, an important point was that it also adopted a design that made one feel its extravagance. It was something quite splendid.

I was observing everything from the sky. My vision was strong enough to see even the smallest details. Aria managed to narrow down the place were Lorina might be. But we still lacked an exact location. And here’s where I come in. Originally I wanted to just sneak in but… that’s out of the question right now. I’m not planning to wait for this wedding to start. I’m gonna rain hell on them, here and now. And when that so called prince comes out to check what is going on… I’ll know for sure where Lorina is. I hope you are all comfortable. Cause I’m gonna unleash a light show you’ll never forget!

Pant… pant

Lorina was breathing heavily while laying on the ground. Here eyes lost all her light and her body reached her limit.

“Hehe! The time has finally come. I’m going to make you my woman now! Once my c̲o̲c̲k̲ is inside you, you’ll fall in love with and will become my obedient dog!”

But as Melron was preparing to take off his pants, the earth shook violently and an explosion could be heard. Melron lost his balance and fell on his butt.

“What the f̲u̲c̲k̲ was that?”

He hurried outside to see what it was… and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Countless bullets of light fell from the sky along side lightning bolts. What’s more, fire and wind tornadoes were swirling around devouring everything in their path. The decorations were smashed, the flower beds were gouged out, and even the trunk of the large tree was shaved by a good amount. Everyone present was panicked and screamed. Some of them tried to run away. As he witnessed all of this, Melron eventually heard a voice.

“Found you.”

My eye was moving like crazy trying to locate the prince. Honestly, if I didn’t have my photographic memory I might not been able to pull this off. But I found him. He had a dumb expression when he saw me. But I couldn’t care less. I flew down and crashed into the tree he came out of, making a hole in it. A few seconds later I flew out of it again with Lorina in my arms. Poor thing. What did they do to her? She was twitching and convulsing. She felt like a lifeless doll. But after a moment, light returned in her eyes.


“Yes, it’s me, Lorina. Sorry I’m late. But I’m here now.”

She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck.

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“Milla… Milla… I knew you would come for me… I knew… you wouldn’t abandon me…”

This situation sure was weird. She started crying but at the same time she wet herself. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were erect and her she kept rubbing her legs. Did they feed her some sort of aphrodisiac?

“You damn brat! How dare you!? Are you insane?”

Eh… I don’t know why people keep saying that. I’m the Demon King of Insanity for crying out loud. Of course I’m insane. As I lowered myself near Felicia I gently applied a karate chop on Lorina’s neck to render her unconscious. Sorry, but in your state it will be easier. I placed her on Felicia’s back. Normally she wouldn’t accept anyone other than me, but this was an emergency. She did complain about Lorina being wet, though. I have to make it up and scrub her back when we get home. Sue and Felicia should be able to keep her safe while I deal with these clowns.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

So… that old fart is the king. An elf that looks to be around 60 years old, with a long moustache and a beard that went all the way to his belly. He wore a green robe, a crown with various jewels and was leaning on a golden staff.

“What does it look like I’m doing? You guys took Lorina away from me. I’m taking her back.”

“Do you realize what you are saying? Why are you interfering with our affairs? This wedding is the will of the Gods themselves!”

“Ku ku ku……Even if the Gods acknowledges this, I shall not allow it, you pieces of trash. She belongs to me! I will not let you all do as you please!”

“Why? Why must you oppose us? You know nothing about our ways. I am doing this for my children’s future!”

“Your children you say…

Hey, old geezer, answer me this. Do you love your children?”

“What nonsense. Of course I do.”

“Then, when the second princess Melina was kidnapped, why didn’t you lift a finger to rescue her?”

“You couldn’t understand. Why would I risk war?”

Okay… I can’t take this anymore. The more I listen to this fart, the angrier I get.

“There’s only one thing that’s obvious. You, a parent, have abandoned your children.”

“Say what you will. There’s nothing you can do.”

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Elven soldiers holding swords and bows gathered around me. It should be hard to blow a path for Felicia to escape. And these guys are just small fry.

“Nothing I can do? I think you forgot who you’re talking to. I am the person that can make the impossible possible. You damned fools who do not know your place! I shall annihilate you all!”

I extended my hand towards the sky and chanted:

“[Thousand Tears]!”

Magic circles formed in the sky. And from each one a fireball fired towards the ground. It was like a rain of fire. Dust and flames covered the plaza. Blood and body parts were the only things left of his soldiers after the dust cleared.

“Is that all you can do?”

“Father, I’m going to use that crystal. This brat needs to learn a lesson!”

The s̲h̲i̲t̲ prince pulled out some sort of glowing crystal and slammed it into the ground.

“I summon the guardian of Gardenia! Heed my call. Appear and destroy this brat!”

A bright yellow light was shining when he said those words and the earth was shaking. Something was definitely coming.

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