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Chapter 81: Hang in there, Lorina

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

-6 days left before the wedding-

“It’s tough to resist, isn’t it, Lorina? Are you ready to end this joke?”

Lorina opened her eyes and glared at her brother. He was amused by the situation she was in. Lorina was subconsciously rubbing her legs against each other.

“Should I just go on, and make you my woman now?”

But when Melron tried to get closer, Lorina twisted her body around and gave Melron a big headbutt! Only her arms were tied, so she had still a little mobility left in her.

“I’ve said it before, but you’ll never be able to touch me. My body… my soul… my everything belongs to Milla. I’d rather die than become your wife!”

“Still stubborn. But that won’t happen. Do you know how miserable our lives have been? You think I’d let you take the easy way out? I’m going to turn your world upside down and make you even more miserable than me. You’ll be reduced to nothing more than a sow! Just you wait 6 more days.”

After Melron left the room with his hand on his forehead, Lorina mumbled to herself:

“Milla… I know you won’t abandon me, but… please hurry. Even with my mental discipline from my swordsmanship… I won’t last forever… My body is weakening… Please, Milla… come quick…”

-3 days left before the wedding-

“So sis, have you thought about it yet? I think that neither you nor I have the patience to wait any longer.”

Clear drops of liquid rain down from Lorina’s legs. Lorina’s eyes were confused and empty. When she heard a voice, she powerlessly raised her head up. A moment later, anger and hatred resurfaced in her eyes. She looked at the Melron standing in the opposite corner of the room.

“What’s… wrong? Not… coming closer this time?

“Nobody wants to come close to a dog that headbutts people. As I suspected, you’re still not broken yet.”

Melron smiled helplessly while touching his forehead. He looked at Lorina, took in a deep breath and then continued:

“Why do you do this to yourself? From the standpoint of the royal family, love is just an insignificant speck of dust that’s not even worth mentioning. Duty above anything else. Love is just a fairy tale after all. The love you believe in is even more twisted.”

“I… will never… betray Milla. She’s the only one… that understands my suffering… that took me in… the only one… that let me do as I pleased. Unless I’m dead… you will never touch my body.”

“You sure about that?”

Melron looked at the water stain below Lorina’s body and mocked her:

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“Your body is being so honest yet you’re still unwilling to admit it. You still think that brat will come? You’ll rot here before she arrives. You’re nothing but a pawn. Well, I waited this long, so I can wait a bit more. Doesn’t look like you’ll last much longer anyway.”

After those words, the brainwashing slime once again inserted it’s jellyfish tentacles in Lorina’s mouth. A cold liquid ran down her throat and entered her stomach again. Her vision became blurry, and her thoughts became unclear. Her numb legs felt cold each time she tried to budge. It was harsh. Her whole body felt like it was burning. And she actually started to think that Melron looked rather… appealing.

No! I have to resist. I can’t give up. Her Highness showed me that nothing is impossible. There isn’t a single path you are forced to walk on. I know she is alive… she will come! I can’t… hold on much longer… but no matter what, I have to stay strong. Milla, I beg you… save me… save me…

-1 day left before the wedding-

“Milla… Milla… Milla… Milla… Milla…”

Lorina was lying on the ground in a daze. She kept her lifeless eyes opened, but she couldn’t budge. Her eyes could no longer pick up any light. Her throat was soar from the constant liquid pumped in her but she continued to murmur and sob. All she could do was repeat Milla’s name over and over. Her strength left her body. Occasionally her body would have involuntary spasms and the ground would become wet near her crotch area.

“Hehe. It seems her mind is finally broken. One more day should do the trick. The moment I’ll show you my c̲o̲c̲k̲ a few hours before the wedding, you’ll finally become my b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲.”

Melron was eager to the final day. His lust for his sister, his desire for the throne… all his wishes would be granted in just one day. A guard was approaching with some news.

“My Prince, our men have reported an intruder.”

“What!? Who could possibly dare come in the royal capital?”

Don’t tell me it’s actually that brat…

“Our reports claim that there are some dark elves sneaking around.”

Melron took in a deep breath of relief.

So it’s just those annoying trash again.

“Well, find them and deal with them. The wedding has to go as planned. I won’t tolerate anyone.”


Gardenia Royal Capital. I say capital, but it’s actually just a huge forest. Although I must admit, it really was beautiful. There were gigantic trees that overwhelmed the other trees, and they were connected by various stairs and wooden bridges. Countless thick branches were used like rooms. Unlike Aria’s treehouse, the trees themselves were houses. At times you could see an elf extending his hand out the window and grabbing some fruit. Fruits and vegetables were their staple food. Of course, they also had meat, bread and other kinds of dishes. It truly felt like a peaceful paradise. I can see why Aria wanted to take this place back.

Right now me, Felicia and Aria were strolling around the outskirts of the woods. We had no trouble getting in thanks to me. I used my Doppleganger ability to change our appearance into that of High Elves. This way we weren’t suspected at all and the guards station at the forest didn’t even look our way.

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“Hey Aria, are you sure your scouts won’t get caught?”

On the way here I told Aria how they sent that Death fellow to destroy my castle. So she suggested we do something similar. She had a few of her fellow dark elves sneak in and make a little fuss. A distraction to keep their eyes pointed somewhere else. That way we could move more freely. I don’t actually know if those bastards are expecting me or not, but I intend to kick their butts regardless.

“Don’t worry. They are amongst my most skilled units. They don’t pack a big punch, but I’m very confident with their speed. They won’t be caught so easily.”

My main objective was to locate Lorina. I could here the elves gossiping about a wedding. There’s no way I will let that happen. But… I also don’t know where she is being kept. Aria said that it’s unlikely for her to be in the royal tree. I didn’t know if Lorina was okay. But I knew I can’t waste anymore time. It took us 8 days and a half to reach this place. Mostly because Aria had to handle all sorts of affairs in case she doesn’t come back. Her people had to live on even without her. I helped them as much as I could with some hunting for food… but I couldn’t meddle with their internal situation. After all, I’m not here to rule them.

Finding Lorina in this place is like finding a needle in a haystack, though. I even sent Sue from my shadow to sneak around and see if she can find her.

“I might have a hunch on where your friend is located. It’s best if we hurry. There are some rumors about the royal family… not pleasant ones. She might actually be in danger.”

“What kind of rumors.”

“Rumors about having a method to break women. I’m not sure what state your friend is in, but I know for sure that we must find her before tomorrow morning at the latest. If not, I’m afraid she’ll be lost for good.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Lead the way.”

“If the rumors are true, then it should be this way. Please don’t fall behind. It will take us some time to get there without being noticed.”

I know what you’re thinking. Why am I following a blind elf? Well that’s because even though Aria is blind, she once lived here and knows this place. She can feel the flow of mana in every single leaf around this forest. She didn’t exaggerate when she said she can move along the same way as if she wasn’t blind. I need to trust her now… hang in there Lorina. I’m almost there.

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