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Chapter 75: The Loli is OP

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Death was sent flying by Milla’s punch outside the castle. The purple skeleton quickly got back on his feet. He tried to ponder on what just happened. It was the first time a blow was dealt to him.

My power… I am sure I had it activated. Her hand should have turned to dust the moment it came in contact with my aura. Even if she used some kind of trick, it shouldn’t have been possible for her to touch me.

As he was lost in thoughts the crimson haired loli took one step after another. She was getting close again.

“You… What did you do? How did you manage to land a blow on me?”

Does he really expect me to answer that? He’s more of an idiot than I thought. He should be able to guess from seeing my left arm. It’s because of my dragon scales. They’re pretty much as strong as orichalcum. If I were to compare them, they have the same properties as diamonds back on earth. A diamond doesn’t age. It lasts for years and years. Although I feel a slight numbness in my hand, it’s no big deal at all.

I looked at the skeleton.

“I won’t forgive anyone who tries to harm my home or family. I’m going to kill you.”

“Nonsense! My power is absolute. You can’t do a thing!”

Death fired a huge blast of his dark aura at me. But I didn’t try to dodge. Instead I extended my hand and simply crushed all that energy in my palm.

“Wha…!? Impossible.”

“Is that really the best you can do? You might think you’re a big deal because of this power, but you’re just a one trick pony.”

“Hehe! Fool. That was just a diversion.

[Otherworld Maiden]!”

Behind me, a sarcophagus with the face of a woman appeared from the ground. It’s doors opened and sucked me in. This was definitely an iron maiden. A medieval torture device.

“Be judged! There is nothing on this earth that those spikes can’t pierce.”

As soon as he said that the doors closed. He was right. Countless spikes pierced my body in spite of my dragon scales.

“Farewell, foolish child. Nobody is above…”

But as he was about to give his speech cracks started to appear on his sarcophagus. I broke out of it with no wound and formed a large shockwave.

“Honestly, did you really think skewering me was enough to kill me?”

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Phoenix Resurrection saved my a̲s̲s̲ again. I suppose I got a bit careless. But now I have more mana than before. So I can afford to take some risks.

“My turn now.”

I extended my hand towards Death. A large magic circle formed. But that wasn’t all. It split into four. I fired water, wind, fire and earth tornados at the same time.

“Impossible… the intel I got stated…”

Hmm? Someone must have told him that I couldn’t use certain elements. After all I did crush my earth, water and light gates. But this is technically a new body. With fresh gates and powers. Meaning I can use all elements freely again.

“Still… it’s useless!”

As soon as my magic came in contact with his aura, the tornados vanished into thin air.

“All form of magic must abide by the laws of time. All shall erode before me. You shall never break through my power!”

“Naive. I’ve already broken through it.”

As soon as I said that, a small magic circle appears inside his so called barrier. A bright light flashes and a huge flaming explosion detonates, engulfing Deaths’ skeleton body. I wanted to act cool, but that was just a trick I used. Thanks to mom, I learned new ways to use my powers. When I punched him earlier I placed that small invisible magic circle on him and detonated it now. It was just as I figured. He’s not using that aura on himself, or else he would die too.

“No… how can… this be? This means the information about you is outdated. Yes… that must be it. You were hiding your full strength when this info was gathered… it’s the only explanation. You weren’t using it like now.”

“Like now? Sorry to break it to you buddy, but I’m not using even half my full power.”

“Kh! That… That’s a lie!!”

Shout as much as you want. But it’s the truth. This body is like a newborn. Just like when I first came into this world, I couldn’t use Milla’s full power. The same principle applies here. Right now, I’m barely using a fifth of my strength.

“I… I won’t lose to you. My axe… WILL SHRED EVERYTHING TO DUST!”

This time he lunged at me swinging his huge axe. But… he’s slow. Really slow. I even closed my eye and dodged all his swings. He probably didn’t train his speed since staying near him dulls his opponents’ movements. He took many swings, until eventually he got irritated and threw one big blow. The earth shook and dust filled the surroundings.

“Hehe! I got you this time for sure.”


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I stood there in one piece yawning with his axe caught by my dragon hand.

“I’m getting bored.

[Point Break]!”

Dark lighting ran through my hand and with the spell I chanted I completely shattered his axe in thousands of pieces. Death immediately took a leap back.

“You’ll pay for this. Mark my words!”

When his feet touched the ground, he disappeared into some sort of shadow.

DAMN IT! To think I was actually forced to retreat! If I hadn’t created this space I would have been dead. This doesn’t make any sense. Why isn’t my power working on her? Even a Demon King fears me and yet she made me look like a fool. But I’ll be back and…

As Death was having those thoughts a hand grabbed his shoulder.

“Did you really think I couldn’t follow you in here?”

Death’s eyes went wide open and sweat ran across his bonny face.

“NO! This is my world… How could you enter here? I am GOD in here! YOU’LL PAY! TIME HEED MY CALL! STOP NOW!”

A huge magical energy was released.

“This is my world. In here I am a true master of time! And now that I stopped time, you’re mine… little… girl… ?”

“You were saying?”

“Impossible……!! Why haven’t you stopped!? Why!?”

“Stopping time doesn’t mean you’ll stop me.”

Okay, this was another bluff. The truth is, I absorbed his shadow into mine the moment he vanished. He may think this is his world, but since I devoured his shadow, this is actually my world. I just let him have the impression that he’s still in control. Your powers mean nothing to me in here. Shout ZA WARUDO as much as you like. Nothing is gonna happen. I came closer and tightly gripped his head and pinned him to the ground.

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“Please… spare me… I’ll tell you who hired me… I’ll do anything… Please…!”



“Then go to hell!”

With those words I shattered Death’s body into tiny chunks and obliterated his core. It’s over. You wanted to be called Death? Try experiencing it first, baka!

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