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Chapter 73: Do You Know Where Lolis Come From?

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

You’re probably wondering what happened to me. After all, I got eaten by a dragon. So let’s rewind a bit. To the moment after I was eaten.

Darkness. As far as the eye could see… there was only darkness. The last thing I remember was being swallowed by the dragon. I didn’t panic that much because… I’ve kinda gotten used to these situations. I know that’s not what a normal person should say but… that’s the truth. I soon realized that even if I can’t see anything, I still had a body.

The first thing I did was to lower my hand down to my crotch. Yup. I still have a p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲, which means I am still a loli. I also noticed that I am in some sort of puddle or strange liquid. It smells bad. I moved my hands around only to find out that I am surrounded by weird walls. But on one side of the well where I applied some pressure, a crack was formed. I could see sunlight coming in.

Well if this thing isn’t so sturdy, might as well break it and see what’s on the other side. I started putting pressure on the wall and the cracks got bigger and bigger, until eventually I got free. I ended up straight on the ground alongside the pale green liquid I was in. It wasn’t long before I realized it… I looked back and couldn’t believe it. I… I just came out of a giant egg.

You heard it right. I didn’t want to believe it myself but it was true. I came out of a large egg. What the hell just happened to me? Why did I come out of an egg!? While I was being all confused, a large shadow covered the sunlight. It was the dragon. She brought her face close to me and started to lick me from head to toe. I didn’t complain that much this time since she was getting rid of the weird green liquid I was covered in. Once she was finished I wanted to ask what the hell happened, but as soon as I opened my mouth and wanted to speak, flames came out instead of words.

I quickly covered my mouth with my hands quickly. I tried it again but I got the same effect. Why was Ispitting fire? Seeing me struggle, dragon mom took on her human form again.

“It’s okay, sweetie. Don’t worry. Mommy is here. Use this. It will stabilize your power.”

She held a weird eye patch. She put it on my right eye. After that, I was able to speak with no more issues.

“Mom… what happened? More importantly… you ate me!”

“Mommy is sorry. But it was so I could save your life.”

Hmm? First, how come she can talk normally now? She used to have an arhaic speach, but now she’s talking like everyone I know. Second how does eating me save my life?

“Sweetie, mommy didn’t send you to her stomach. Mommy used an ancient spell so that she could give birth to you again. With this, your body is new. Like a newborn. Now, you truly are my child. Happy! Mommy is so happy!”

Okay… I guess that explains why I came out of an egg. But it’s still kind of creepy. You ate me, then pooped me as an egg. I strongly shook my head. Let’s not think about this anymore. The most important part was indeed that she saved me. Once again I could feel the flow of mana. I could feel power rushing through my body. I was saved.

“Mom… your speech…”

“I assimilated proper speach through you while carrying you inside me.”

I don’t think I even want to know how that works. Well, let’s test if I can blow stuff up. That was my plan. But as soon as I got up, I quickly fell down again. It’s like my feet were jelly.

“Sweetie, like I said, you are similar to a newborn right now even if your body hasn’t changed in appearance. You can’t expect to walk right after being conceived.”

Well that does make sense. But I don’t wanna sit around and wait. Maybe if I do this…

I started pouring mana through my body to strengthen it in a similar way Persia taught me. And then I suddenly jumped up.

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Dragon mom was taken back since I stood up and started to do some stretching. It certainly feels different than natural movement, but if it’s just this much, I can manage.


Dragon mom let out another one of those half human half dragon screams. What’s her deal now? But before I realized she once again tightly hugged me.

“My daughter is the best! Simply amazing! To be able to stand right after hatching…! Mommy is truly happy!”

Okay, okay already. Let me go. Your boobie face hug is dangerous. I can’t get enough oxygen. And I had enough deaths already. At least this time I don’t feel pain from her hugs.

After mom finally calmed down I took a bath and searched in her cave for some clothes that fit me. In the meantime, she went and brought back one of those sand worms. One puff from her mouth and it was cooked. She wanted to feed me. I honestly didn’t need food anymore, and a worm would be the last thing I would eat, but since I need to be on her good side, I played along. It was actually well cooked. The taste wasn’t that bad either.

After I had my meal it was time to talk about the subject.

“Mom… I don’t want to stay here.”

She instantly froze. Not just her. It felt that the whole area around us froze, which was actually a big deal since we were in the desert. She quickly rushed over to me and tightly grabbed my head.

“You can’t! You promised! You promised you would stay with mommy!”

Tears started to form in her snake like eyes.

“No! Mom, you got me wrong. I have no intention to abandon you. You are my most beloved mom. How can I leave you, after you’ve done so much for me? I can feel your warmth, your gentleness and I can feel your love for me. But, mom, I am a Demon King. I have a country to rule. It needs me. My friends and faithful servants love me too. They are also my family. Mom, I want you to come and live with me. You’ve been alone for too long. Come with me.”

“Mommy loves you too! Mommy understands. But… this is mommy’s home. To abandon it and all the memories I have here… Gilbert…”

Was she still attached to Gilbert even knowing he’s dead? Hold on. She just lowered her hand to her crotch. And her nipples are erect… could she be h̲o̲r̲n̲y̲? Also, is that breast milk I see? Heh… hehehe!

“Sweetie? Are you alright? You’re making a strange face.”

That’s cause I’m a predator that just found a new prey. I just need to play around with her and satisfy her better than no man or dragon has ever done. I need to wipe any trace left of her former flame. I need her to love me more than anything else. It’s time for my hentai self to kick in. As big of a pervert as I am, I never could look at my own mother or sister with those eyes. Incest only appealed to me in eroge manga. But this is different. With this dragon, I can make this fantasy come real too.

“Dear, why are you looking at mommy like that?”

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Because it’s time for a session of ‘how to train your dragon’, Milla style, huehue!

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