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Chapter 71: A New Enemy

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Shiori was curled up in Milla’s bed. She kept rolling around and tightly hugged Milla’s pillow.

“Lady Shiori, would you please get off so I can change the sheets?”

“No! Grace, this is the only place where I can still feel Milla’s scent. I don’t want to give it up!”

Everyone around the castle missed Milla deeply. Shiori was in the worst mood as she refused to leave Milla’s bed. Grace couldn’t just let her stay there forever. Not to mention it wasn’t healthy so she really had to change the sheets.

“Grace, I think I can help you a bit.”

From behind, Odin came and whispered in Grace’s ear. Milla requested Odin and Persia to come over from time to time to help keep the land peaceful. It was Odin’s turn right now. Persia was back to her own territory.

“Shiori, you really don’t need to worry.”

“How can you say that? It’s been 3 months and more already. She could be dead for all we know.”

With teary eyes she looked up at Odin.

“Take a look at this.”

Odin pointed around her own neck. She made her blue slavery choker visible for Shiori.

“When Milla and I fought, she redirected my Territory Sovereign at me. Since that day I was bound to listen to Milla’s orders. As long as Milla is alive, regardless the condition she is in, this won’t come of my neck. So I am sure onee-chan is alive and is just struggling to get back to us.”

Shiori wiped her tears and slowly got off the bed. She took a glance at Grace.

“How are you so optimistic?”

“Because I know Milla-nee well. She said she will come back. So that’s what she’ll do.”

“I know her too, you know!”

Sparks started to fly between there eyes. Odin softly giggled. This was common between them. Always arguing who knows Milla better. Odin often enjoyed these cat fights between them. Sometimes she felt jelous, but she was happy with the current relationship she had with her sister.


“What was that?”

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A high pitch scream could be heard. Odin, Grace and Shiori quickly ran to see who was causing such a commotion. But what they found…


“Irina… I don’t think it’s the right time for your hobbies.”

As you could probably guess, Irina was wrapping poor Momoyo in her strings again. The pose this time was more… extreme. Momoyo’s legs were spread and due to the sweat the shape of her p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲ could be seen. Strings wrapped around her butt line made thier way up to tie her hands behind her back. Her breats and torso were tightly squeezed by the web and her nipples were erect.

“Ara Ara! But I’m not doing this for myself. My hobby is just a bonus. I’m doing this for Momo-chan! She said she misses Milla so I thought this might get her to clear her head!”

“This… doesn’t… Fuaaah!!!”

Before Momoyo could say anything, Irina tug on her strings, tightening the bond even more and making Momoyo almost lose her mind.

“That’s enough, Irina. Please let her go.”

“Very well.”

As soon as Irina let the strings in her hand go, Momoyo suddenly dropped on the floor. Scared she quickly ran behind Shiori and Grace.

“There, there, Momo-chan. It’s okay now. Was it scary?”

“I think I’m more scared… that I’m actually getting used to this…”

There was no doubt that everyone missed Milla in their own way. And while all of them were gathered in thoughts, Cleo quickly barged in.

“Lady Odin! Grace-senpai! It’s an emergency! Teri is back and she’s in really bad shape!”

At those words everyone there gathered at the entrance to find a dryad with lots of bruises on her tiny body. What’s more, some of the leaves that were sticking out of her looked like they were about to dissolve into thin air. Grace quickly gave her a bottle of Phoenix Tears so she could recover fast.

“Teri, what happened?”

“It was awful! Scary. An enemy unlike Teri has ever seen… Tengu… he stay behind to let Teri escape… Grace, we have to evacuate everyone! He… that thing will soon be here!”

“Calm down, Teri. What enemy? Whoever it is, we shall defeat it…”

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“You can’t! You can’t get near it!”

Grace and Odin both tilted their heads. They didn’t understand what Teri meant at all. But her warning came late. In one of the castle walls, cracks started to appear.

“No way! It already caught up with Teri?”

The wall crumbled. Once the dust cleared, a skeleton with a white cloak stood there and looked at everyone present.

“Halt! You are trespassing on the Demon King of Insanity’s castle!”

“Why does everyone keep telling me that? I am well aware where I am.”

Odin quickly grabbed Grace’s arm. She narrowed her eyes and took a long glance at the enemy standing before them.

“By any chance, are you the rumored mercenary that goes by the name of Death?”

“Hou!? As expected of the Demon King of Wisdom. I’m glad at least someone here isn’t as ignorant as the rest.”

“Odin… you know this thing?”

Odin started to clench her fist. She didn’t personally know this skeleton. But she did hear rumors and stories about him. A mysterious creature with strength on par with any Demon King. A being that can cause death with the slightest touch. A monster that you can’t get close to, neither can you escape it if it targets you.

“First, let me say my thanks to that dryad for leading me here. You saved me a lot of trouble.”

“No way… you followed Teri? Teri ran as fast as she could. What happened to Tengu?”

“If you are talking about that swordsman, I didn’t kill him, but let’s just say he needs to pull himself together.”

Grace was mad. She signaled towards Irina. Irina rapidly sent her strings flying to restrain the intruder and Grace immediately pulled out her scythe and aim for the skeletons’ head.


Odin quickly drived her palm into the ground and formed an ice wall between Grace and the enemy. The moment Irina’s strings touched his body, they snapped as if they were as weak as paper.

“You idiot! Do you want to die? Your scythe would have rusted the moment it made contact with him! Even an ancient relic can’t take more than 5 hits of his axe.”

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Grace opened her eyes wide. She never saw Odin scared before. Not even when they were up against Corruption. This is the first time she saw Odin make that panicked face.

“Well, I would like to stay and play, but I have to fulfill a contract. This castle, must be demolished!”

“Grace, evacuate everyone inside. This guy is serious! I’ll buy as much time as I can, but we need to get ready for the worst!”

“Un… understood…”

“Hey… Death. Who hired you to do something like this?”

“You actually think I would tell you that? More importantly, I would appreciate if you would also evacuate. Killing you or anyone else here won’t make me richer. I was only ordered to tear down this place. So why not make it easier for everyone and just walk away?”

“No. This is my beloved sisters’ home. I can’t let you destroy it. I… will find a way to stop you…”

“Such a shame. Oh well. Let’s test then how long it takes for a Demon king to rot!”

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