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Chapter 69: You Want to Be My Mom!?

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

The cave went a lot deeper than I imagined, and it had lots of different paths. I’d be lost if I entered alone. I didn’t know how far I went, but my physical stats weren’t at their primes at the moment, so I soon felt so tired that I leaned on a wall and panted. I didn’t know how much time I had but I could feel a lot of pressure on my heart.

“Thou are physically weak.”

She turned around and looked at me with a worried look. I leaned on the wall and panted. Well thanks for stating the obvious, Einstein.

“That’s why I said I’m almost dead. I’m in a physically poor condition at the moment. I wouldn’t be so weak, otherwise!”

She seemed to be scanning me to see if there was anything wrong with me. Although she already knows that I have no magic circuits. I felt I might’ve had a chance at being cured by her, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she came over and grabbed my hand. I almost cried over the warm sensation.

She tightened her hold on my hand. If it was any other girl that was holding my hand, I’d feel reassured and warm, but I felt as if the dragon would crush my hand. She continued forward while holding my hand. She didn’t look back.

“Thou father and I had a deep bond. I see many of his traits in thou. Jelous. He… left me and had a daughter. I feel jealous. I have lived here alone for hundreds of years. I lived with thy father for a full month, but never had a child.”

She seemed to ponder something before lowering her head all of a sudden. She then righteously said to me:

“Thou is thy father’s daughter, therefore thou are also my daughter.”

“Sorry, I don’t think that’s how it works…”

How did I become your child all of a sudden!? Does this dragon lack common sense? Even if my… Milla’s mom died when she gave birth, she must realize someone else brought me in this world. How in the world can I randomly have another mother!? I was lost for words. We were struggling to traverse a dark and wet cave, but we suddenly found a massive vacant space. The area was so vast that it appeared an entire mountain was dug out. There were all sorts of gold coins and treasures in the vast space, and they were all squished together.

Legends claimed that dragons had a habit of collecting treasures, and it sure appeared to be true. I had no idea where she collected so much gold and treasures from. This is all wonderful… but why did she show me this place? I doubt gold can cure me. But she pointed towards a red cloak buried in the gold.

“This is the place I like most and has the things that I like most, which includes thy father’s last belonging, gold and now, thou.”

She spun around and looked at me. Her eyes were full of affection, causing me to feel flustered… And what do you mean ‘now me too’? Are you planning to trap me in here? No… shake it off, Milla. Focus on the end result.

I picked up the cape. It had the the Walpurgis clan’s emblematic bird drawn on it. What can I say. He might be Milla’s father, but for me… he’s just a stranger. I feel no emotional attachment to this piece of cloth.

“Thou can take it. Stay and keep me company. Thou are similar to thy father and thou are my daughter, while I am thy mother. So thou can keep me company.”

She pressed her hands onto my shoulders. So she brought me to this cave to have me stay over and keep her company!! By the looks of things, not even dragons can bear with the pain of loneliness. I mean, there are even humans who lose their minds cause of loneliness. Even an otaku like me, doesn’t want to be alone. Sure, I might play games and stuff, but I still used to talk with a fake name to other people who shared the same interested. The dragon was dying from loneliness in the desert. But I’m physically dying over here.

I shook my head: “I want to live. Even if I stay, I’ll die. My body won’t hold up. Can you not sense that?”

“I shall take care of thou. I can save thou. If thou live, thou shall stay with me.”

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Was she telling the truth!? Was there a way for her to actually fix my body? To regenerate my magic circuits or something? Well… dragons are beyond our knowledge to begin with so maybe I should believe in her and have her give it a try. I’ll think what to do later on, but for now… she’s the best bet I have.

“All right.”

The moment I said those words she looked as blissful as though she had obtained her most cherished child. She’d been so lonely living in the desert all alone. She finally had a family. She finally had somebody she could chat with. The dragon cherished that feeling with all her heart. The dragon was also a woman who cared for her family. She just wanted me to stay by her side. All she asked for was a family member. Just one. Even so…

She wasn’t my only family. I had to return back somehow. I wonder just how attached she is to this place? Could I convince her to come and live with me?

As I was having those thoughts she turned around and was preparing to leave this cave. From behind I shouted to her:

“Hey. I want to know how I can live.”

She staggered for a moment.

“Are thou my daughter?”

Is she asking for confirmation from me? What should I do in this situation? More importantly, what the hell did Gilbert do to her to put her in this state? Was he a playboy looking for a one nighter? If he stood here for a month why didn’t he bring the dragon back with him. Sorry, Milla. If you’re listening right now, I’m sorry for bad mouthing your old man but… he’s a douchebag. Let’s try forgetting about logic and just tell her what she wants to hear.

“I haven’t got the foggiest clue as to how blissful you two were together. Your romance with my father has nothing to do with me. But… I saw your gentle side. So… Yes. If my father loved you and if you loved my father, then you are my mother.”

Tears came forth from her snake-like eyes. I never knew dragons shed tears until then. She walked over to me in an aggressive manner as though she wanted to swallow me whole, and then pulled me into her tight embrace. I would have been in the 9th cloud with such a boobie face hug, but… All my bones felt as though they were going to be crushed… Ouch… control your strength, damn it! At this rate you’re the one that’s gonna kill me.

“Okay… Okay… Okay… Save thou… Save thou… I shall definitely save thou… Promise!!”

I really hope I don’t regret doing this. But… maybe it won’t be so bad. After Tenebria sent me back again, my memory returned to the state it was after fighting Tenebria. Which means I can’t remember my own parents or family. And since Milla had no blood family either… it can’t be that bad to have a mom, right?

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