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Chapter 63: Milla’s Condition Part 1

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

I really thought that was the end of me. But, I tried opening my eyes. I couldn’t see a thing. It was blurry. My vision was really bad. I tried moving my body. But I couldn’t do that either. It felt as if I was restrained right now. So I did the only thing I could. Try moving my head left and right. And so, my face ended in something soft. This… really isn’t how I imagined the afterlife.

But, something feels familiar. As I try pushing my face a little deeper to get a better feeling… I realized what I just hit. A pair of b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲. And even though I can’t see, I think I know what’s going on here.

“Cleo, it’s you isn’t it? Let me go already.”


“Just… 5 more degrees, mommy…”

I’m not your mom. I forgot that because Cleo is a lamia, so during sleep she’ll stick close to the nearest source of heat. Which in this case is me. Even her own room has double thick blankets. But I can’t just stay like this. I tried asking nicely, so don’t complain of what happens next. I managed to get my palm out of her wrapped tail and… I violently grabbed the tip of her tail.


Yup. She got the wake up call alright. Although her scales are for protection, the tip of her tail is very sensitive. And by suddenly touching it, she let go of me.

“Lady Milla… you’re so cruel…”

“It’s your own fault for… wait! Never mind that. Cleo… how come I’m still alive? What about the others? Are they alright?What happened…”

“Lady Milla, please calm down and ask one question at a time. I can’t answer everything at once. Let me explain everything from the beginning.”


“First let me reassure you. Everyone is okay. Odin and Persia are right next door sleeping deeply. They are exhausted after treating you. Grace-senpai is doing some paperwork left after Lorina’s sister funeral ceremony.”

“Hold on. Funeral? They already buried her? Cleo… how long was I out?”

“1 week. Honestly, Lady Milla we were afraid we lost you. Shiori refused to leave your side. Himeko held your hand almost 24/7 and Lorina was praying for you not to die and she couldn’t withstand another loss.”

I started touching my body. I could feel bandages almost all over my body. In the past I wouldn’t need such a thing. Still…

“Lady Milla, are you still in pain? You’re holding your stomach tightly.”

“It’s not that. I… I’m hungry.”

For the first time since I came to this world I was hungry. I never felt hunger before. This is still all confusing.

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“Cleo, how am I still alive?”

“First, I think it’s better if you eat something. I’m gonna go ask Grace-senpai to fix you something up. In the meantime, your vision should slowly return. As for why you are still alive… I think it would be better if Grace tells you the rest of the story.”


It’s hard to think on an empty stomach, so I followed Cleo’s advice. It didn’t take long until Grace came in with some food plates.

“Milla-nee, I really am glad you are alright. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you.”

“Grace, I…”

“Before anything else, please eat.”

“I can’t see yet. You’ll have to feed me.”

“My pleasure.”

Food never tasted this good. Maybe because I was hungry, but the flavors exploded in my mouth. As I ate, my vision slowly started to come back.

“Thanks, Grace.”

“There’s no need to thank me, Milla-nee. I swore my loyalty to you so I will always be there when you need me.”

The events in the past adventure got me thinking… I’m not hiding anymore.

“Grace, I want to tell you the truth. I’m not who you think I am…”

I started to tell Grace everything. Who I really was, how I got here and how Milla passed on an entrusted her body to me. At first she kept giggling as she thought I was joking. But soon she took a neutral expression. She didn’t interrupt me and waited until I finished.

“So that’s what happened…”

“You believe me?”

“You have no reason to lie. Also this does makes sense. When you woke up you were nothing like the past Milla. The fact that you once were a male also explains your attraction to the female gender.”

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Ugh… was she mad that I did all those lewd things to her? She really has a good poker face. I can’t tell what’s going on in her head at all. Oh well… I better make the next step.

“Grace… you pledged your loyalty to Milla, but she’s gone now. I’m sorry I kept it a secret all this time… if you wish to leave my side now… I understand.”

“What are you talking about? I said it before. I will always be by your side. Lady Milla, regardless of who you once were, I don’t care. I have come to love the current you. While I understand your fear, I have the feeling that I was meant to serve you. Meeting Milla was the way for us to get together. Originally I chose to serve Milla because of how cute she was and… there was something about her that was drawing me near her. I like to believe now that it was you calling me from the future.”

Grace brought my face close and rested it on her breasts. With her left hand she started stroking my hair.

“Lady Milla, whatever happens, I love you. The current you. So there’s no need to worry. I will always be with you.”

“Grace… is it okay… if I cry now?”

“Of course.”

I couldn’t hold back my emotions any longer. I ended up crying a river. I was happy. I was moved. Grace is similar to Shiori. She means the world to me. The fact that she’s not leaving me, makes my heart beat so fast. Like a mother, she looked after me. She takes care of me. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I’d be lost without her.

After I calmed down, she wiped my tears and kissed my forehead. Now that this is settled, I almost forgot… I still have to ask her why am I still alive.

“Grace… what happened to me? Why did I suddenly feel hungry? I thought I was dead.”

Once again, Grace took a stiff expression.

“In a sense, you are dead. We managed to rescue you, but… in your current condition it will be just a matter of time until you die. I better start from the beginning.”

This… doesn’t sound good. I got a feeling this won’t end well.

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