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Chapter 6: Preparations for the Fated Night

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Managing my new land was a chore. But thanks to my new subordinates, the load became easier for me. I put each of them in charge with various tasks.

The weapon master Tengu, was in charge of our military force and public order. That skeleton almost has no magic power at all, but in exchange he is a genius that can wield any weapon and cause serious damage. I made some new laws and he also had to enforce them. Honestly, the laws of beastmen were pretty weird. For example ‘stealing is punished with a strong punch in the gut’. What can I say. Me and Tengu had our work cut out to actually make a decent law system. Tengu will train all the military and enforce my laws. This place really needs some order and some common sense.

Then I made Teri, the little dryad, handle the farming. The last thing I wanted was for my people to starve. The lands around here weren’t all that fertile but they produced a decent amount of food. One thing in particular that caught my eye was a patch of unused land. The people said that nothing could grow there. But it’s clear that these guys never heard of rice. As a full fledge former japanese person, I was aware that rice can grow in various places where other types of plants won’t grow. So I told Teri to make a rice field from that patch.

Irina’s duty was catching flies. Well, not regular flies. The spy type fly. That shady tentacle guy sent by Vacheron found me way too fast. Grace kept me hidden for 200 years and soon after I wake up, someone comes at me. Irina was a master of the web. Her thread was very special. She laid various strings around the perimeter of my land. They were almost invisible to the naked eye. If you trigger one, she will know. Not to mention she can cut and slice you with them if she wanted to.

Cleo and Grace were in charge of hiring some staff for my mansion. I only made one request. All staff must be female. Maids, cooks, everything that’s needed, only girls. I let them take care of the rest of the details, as there were many who applied. They wanted to get on my good side. As for Sue, I gave her a more special task fit for her skills, which I won’t discuss now.

After a while I reached my destination. A blacksmith shop. I know what you’re thinking, but let me get it out of the way. I didn’t come here for a weapon or armor. I’m not an adventurer, so I don’t need s̲h̲i̲t̲ like that for myself. The smithy I came to was unique. On my way I found out that this place was the only shop that makes weapons, but also imbues them with various magic enchantments. But people kind of avoided this place.

When I opened the door a typical door bell rang. There was nobody inside. In this shop I could see various weapons placed on the wall and on the reception desk. The room was rather small. Behind the desk there was another door. It probably let to the forgery area. I as I kept looking around I could hear the sound of footsteps. The door I mentioned earlier opened.

“Welcome to the ‘Enchanted Hammer’! How may… I… help?”

The owner of the voice was rather shocked. Well I wasn’t surprised since I, the Demon King, was paying a visit to a place that is generally avoided. But, I was shocked too. I was expecting an old guy covered in sweat and with large muscles. But what stood in front of me was a woman. And not just any woman. An elf.

She had long silky pink hair, a pair of green emerald eyes and pink lips. As for her clothes, you could almost mistake her for a witch. She wore a pointy blue hat similar to those of witches decorated with small golden stars and a blue robe with small red and white accents. The more I look at her I notice that the robe looks more similar to a Japanese Mahou Shoujo1 dress. Like I said, you could easily mistake her for a witch, but her ears gave her away. Sharp pointy ears are a trait only elves had. I decided to take a peek at her stats.

Name: Lorina Seraphiel
Age: 3285
Race: High Elf
Class: Blacksmith/Grand Sword Master
Strenght: S+
Agility: SSS
Endurance: S-
Magic: S
Luck: C
Overall Rank: SS

Okay. I was surprised in more ways. Elves are known for having high mana quality, yet her magic was rather on the low end. Also I noticed she had 2 classes. I didn’t know that was possible. Maybe because she lived so long she broke the rule somehow. Her agility and sword master title made me curious. It’s like a mage wanted to be a swordsman. I noticed that she quickly bowed her head.

“Your Highness, I am honored that you took time to visit my humble shop. My name is Lorina. I am at your service.”

“Uhm… you’re an elf…”

I know I should have said something else, but the words just came out of my mind.

“I… am aware that this is the beastman territory and that I am an elf, but I assure you, I cut ties with the elves long ago. I beg that you don’t banish me and give me a chance to prove my loyalty to you.”

Her voice was shacking. She really was afraid that I would cast her away. Most likely any other Demon King would have done that. But not me. That doesn’t mean I trust her. But I didn’t want to get rid of such a beauty. I wanted to eat her up. You want to prove your loyalty? Alright. I’ll give you a chance.

“Please raise your head and don’t stand on formality. I won’t banish you either, so rest assured. I came here because I heard this is the only blacksmith that can also enhance weapons with magic.”

“Yes, that is indeed true. Because of my elven lineage I am able to directly enchant the weapons I make.”

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“I have a request. If you can do me a small favor I will make you my royal blacksmith in charge of making weapons for the military and of course, my personal units. You will be able to expand your shop and have to freedom to create any design you wish!”

She twitched. I guessed she was startled at my proposal, but I could also see that her eyes were showing eagerness.

“But if you fail, I hope you realize that punishment will be necessary.”

“What if… I were to refuse?”

“I guess you can do that, but I wonder how it would affect your business if people were to find out you turned down the Demon King.”

I was threatening her. I made it so she can’t refuse me. There was no way to escape this situation. I need her to know that this is serious so of course I’m gonna show my fangs a bit.

“Alright! I will do my best to live up to your expectations. What must I do?”

I ended up visiting Lorina each day for an entire week. It was hard for me to describe what I had in my head. And when Lorina finally understood it took us quite a while and lots of errors until we managed to actually get something close to what I wanted. But, Lorina truly is skilled. It was like her brain had thousands of blueprints. I think I gave her a headache, but when we got our first success she was very satisfied and puffed her chest. You’re probably wondering what I had her make. Well, all I can say is that it’s something necessary for the Blood Ball.

Time passed rather fast. The fated day was drawing near, so it was time for me to take the next step. Right now I was looking for a merchant. Many tried to approach me, but I knew they just wanted to get my favor. So I ended up in the back of an alley. A little girl all alone in a dark place. Yeah, am not gonna lie, some muscle head idiots who didn’t knew me tried to ambush and r̲a̲p̲e̲ me. Of course, I turned them to ashes.

And so I ended up meeting with a werewolf. He was covered with a cloak. But you could tell he was a true werewolf.

“I never expected to meet you here, Your Highness. There are so many merchants around, yet you chose to meet with me.”

“I don’t need any average seller. I need the best, and word has it, that’s you.”

Name: Morag
Age: 112
Race: Werewolf
Class: Merchant
Strength: A
Agility: SS
Endurance: A+
Magic: C
Luck: S
Overall Rank: A+

“Morag, let’s get down to business. I need to deliver something to the Olympia Empire.”

“Your Highness, I am sure you are aware, but trading with humans is against the demon code. It is considered a great disgrace even coming in contact with them or having them as slaves.”

Like I give a f̲u̲c̲k̲ about the demon code.

“But, you’re not saying that you can’t do it.”

“There are indeed ways. My connections are made of people that are willing to exchange goods with demons as long as the pay is right.”

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So in other words they care more about making profit. They only see the money, and not the person who is handing it. That might prove useful.

“I can assure you a nice compensation if you can deliver something for me to the King of Alvira territory. I am going to need the money from selling this little thing to him for the Blood Ball. ”

The Olympia Empire, similar to the demon kingdom, has various kings that are all under the command of the Empress.


He was shocked when he saw what I was holding in my hand.

“Such an item… now I understand. Very well, Your Highness. I shall procure the fastest ships and routes. You have my word, it shall be done!”

It seems he guessed my plan. Good. That makes thing easier.

“Just to make myself clear, if you fail, you know that I’ll kill you, right?”

I let out a little bloodlust. When he saw my change he immediately kneeled.

“I won’t fail! This will be sold to the King of Alvira for sure!”


And with that I left the alley and returned to my mansion.

◇ ◇ ◇

A month went by in the blink of an eye. Milla-nee did her best to make the preparations she needed. I often can’t help but ask myself if this is the same girl I once knew.

She got friendly with an elf, making quite some interesting items. Then she even went to the slums to personally talk with a merchant. Any other Demon King wouldn’t even think of stepping into places like that. I keep telling myself that her title is fitting.

And she can use Origin magic. It was the first time when I witnessed it. Milla-nee truly is amazing. She ordered me and her new servant Cleo to recruit staff for the mansion and prepare the lobby for tomorrow night. I was still scared. His Highness Vacheron will surely ask for the 10,000 gold coins. My lady didn’t show any signs of having that amount, but right now, she was confident.

Whenever I tried bringing the subject up, she always told me “It will be okay, Grace!”

I wanted to believe those words.

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“Hey, Grace, stop standing there. We need to get everything ready! Stop staring at the wall and get your a̲s̲s̲ over here!”

Even when she acts angry and spoiled with me, she is still cute.

“Milla-nee, about tomorrow…”

“Grace, I know what you want to say. But I can’t spoil the fun yet. Just be patient and when the time comes, enjoy the show. It will truly be a night that nobody will forget!”

Right now, mistress had a devilish smile on her face. When I saw her look, I knew for sure that no matter what, Milla Walpurgis would break the cage that Vacheron prepared for her.

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  1. Magical Girl. A subgenre of Japanese fantasy light novels, manga, anime, and video games which features girls with magical powers or who use magic.

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