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Chapter 57: A Loli Breaks the Trap

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

As soon as I returned home via my new teleport statue, Grace, Odin and Persia came to greet me.

“Milla-nyan, is your business done?”

“Yeah. For now at least. Is Everything ready on your end?”

“No need to worry, Onee-chan! We are ready.”

Good. Cause now we had to ride once more. We need to get to Mistveil mountain as soon as possible and kill the Pope, Melina and every human left. 3 Demon Kings should be more than enough. To be honest, if Ornis is there I shouldn’t even bother going, but I can’t shake off this feeling that I’m supposed to be there.

Fenrir was already excited and ready to go. He was wagging his tail back and forth and if it wasn’t for Odin holding him back he would have most likely jumped at me and cover me in drool again. This time we were only 4. Me, Odin, Persia and Grace. The fewer we are, the faster Fenrir can go. It’s about time we eradicate those annoying humans once and for all.

◇ ◇ ◇

“[White lightning]!”

Melina extend her hand forward and chanted the spell. A pure white electrical current was unleashed and was heading straight for Ornis. But he didn’t dodge. Instead he responded in a similar manner. He extended his arm and chanted:

“[Dark bolt]!”

Purple lightning fired from his arm and clashed with Melina’s lightning. Both attacks generated powerful sparks but ended up cancelling each other out.

“Although lightning attacks are among the strongest forms of offensive magic, it also happens to be my natural element. You won’t be able to beat me with it, kiddo.”

Melina soared in the air. Ornis didn’t have wings, so he couldn’t chase her. But he didn’t need to.

“I’m tired of this game already. It’s time to end this!”

Ornis poured magic into Xyphos. He was preparing to launch one of the swords abilities.

“Eat this! Apocalypse Strike!”

A bloody red energy wave was fired towards Melina. A wave powerful enough to split a mountain in two. Apocalypse Strike not only devastates the land, but the enemy that gets hit by it will definitely get killed. If that attack damages Melina’s brain or heart, even her regeneration ability won’t save her. Apocalypse Strike destroys the very soul of the target. Yet, Melina didn’t dodge.

“We’re ready! Now’s your chance! Use it!”

As the Pope shouted, Melina pulled out a small green orb from under her skirt. It was an item the Pope entrusted her with. She held it with both hands and chanted the spell she was taught:

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“[Almighty Deflection]!”

In that moment it almost like a satellite dish was formed. Apocalypse Strike clashed directly into it. Ornis was grinning as he was confident that the shield would break. But it wasn’t a shield. As it named implied it’s purpose was to deflect the blast. And it did! The blast was deflected towards the Pope who had a golden staff ready. And once the blast got in contact with the staff, it got absorbed in it.

“What!? What is the meaning of this? No container would be capable of withstanding that power! Human… what the hell did you do?”

The Pope only laughed and pointed the staff towards Ornis.

“Consider this a miracle from the Goddess. This is where you stand aside, Your Highness!”

A beam was now fired towards Ornis. He raised his sword as if he wanted to slice it, but instead of a direct impact, the beam split in four and surrounded him. A bright light appeared and before anyone realized what happened, Ornis was trapped inside a yellow cube. That was the Pope’s secret weapon. To trap Ornis who got in his way until they can reach the treasure in the mountain.

“This pathetic thing won’t…”

But as soon as Ornis tried slashing it, the sword was repelled by an invisible shockwave.

“Hahaha! Look who’s pathetic now! This was never about facing you. We just had to get you out of the picture long enough till our mission is complete!”

“Fool! Do you even know what you’re doing? If you undo the seal it will mean…”

“The end of life? That’s only a fairy tale. Only the sinners shall be purged! We are under the protection of the Goddess! The world will be in our hands, and there’s nothing you can do anymore! Hahahaha!”

The Pope started walking towards the entrance of the mountain. The soldiers who were still confused at just what happened started to follow him. Ornis was mad. He couldn’t break free from that cube.

This can’t be. This can’t happen! I can’t fail here… If I can’t stop him… someone… anyone… please protect the world!

As Ornis was having those thoughts… a big howl could be heard.


In the midst of the field, a huge wolf carrying 4 people dropped. And the first one to get off and aproach the situation was a loli with crimson hair and crimson eyes.

“Well well… it looks like we’re a little late for the party. But now that we are here, the real fun can start!”

The Pope had an angry look on his face. He was furious but also at the same time scared. His staff was made specifically for Ornis and only for one seal. He couldn’t repeat that trick.

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“Men! Please, buy me some time! The Goddess will protect us, but I must reach the treasure in the mountain. Melina! You too!”

And with those words the Pope dashed inside the mountain without looking back.


The crimson loli let out a shallow laugh.

“I actually wonder just how much time you guys can actually buy against the 6 of us!”

“6? If you count that wolf there are only 5 of you. We are an army and we also have the apostle on our side!”

One of the soldiers shouted proudly from the top of his lungs.

“I’d count again if I were you.”

The loli approached the cube Ornis was in and tried to grab it with her hand. Instead of repelling the loli, the cube emitted red sparks and it felt like it was vibrating from the magical energy the loli released.

Kek… this thing is rather sturdy. But since Persia taught me how to crush a magic attack with my bare hands and with my own knowledge…

“Sorry… but this thing has to go.”

Cracks started to appear on the cube and eventually it broke into pieces like glass, releasing Ornis. The soldiers couldn’t believe their eyes. The Pope’s most prized plan has been shattered. Some started to tremble. Others, started praying. But all that didn’t phase the loli. She took a few steps forward, but she ignored the army. Her eyes were fixed on the apostle alone.

“Now then, let’s get down to business!”

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