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Chapter 56: Ornis Balmund

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Annoying insects.”


“Monster… he’s… unstoppable!”

The human army was screaming fanatically. Their march towards Mistveil mountain was interrupted by Ornis Balmund, who was currently engaging them. Everyone who tried getting close to him fell in the blink of an eye. Shields and armor might as well be paper before him.

In his right hand Ornis had his mighty sword. The ancient relic that was the Founder’s main weapon. Demon Blade Xyphos. It was a greatsword with a dark bluish blade and a purple hilt. It didn’t have any fancy accents or trimming. One could say it looked rather simple. But it’s purpose wasn’t to look pretty. It was to obliterate everything in its path.

“Captain, pull your men back. They can’t handle him. Let the apostle face this demon.”

The Pope called out to the captain who immediately issued a retreat order. The remaining soldiers quickly ran behind Melina. Some of them were so scared that they even pissed themselves.

“Fear not men. The apostle shall save us. She will kill this demon. Believe in the Goddess!”

At those words Melina started to walk towards Ornis. 2 gold ornaments from her dress detached. She grabbed them and poured magic into them generating pure white light blades. She made 2 light sabers.

“Kiddo, do you really want to challenge this sword?”

Melina didn’t respond. She kept walking forward.

“It seems something is wrong with you. Then, come as close as you like. I shall put you out of your misery.”

When Melina got in striking range she swiftly swung her swords at a tremendous speed. Melina gave the impression that she had 6 arms and was swinging 6 swords at the same time. She used her two swords for continuous strikes! Ornis managed to block her attacks with Xyphos.

“Hmm…! Those are some strange movements. And your sword technique…”

Normally, given the way she is swinging her swords and the speed used, her arms should have collapsed by now as she was executing movements that elf arms aren’t capable of… Moreover, it was a dual sword style. But thanks to the Slime King’s core inside her, her muscles were healed by the second. Melina’s movements were chaotic. Her swings created an illusionary image too difficult to grasp the true reality of. Any normal opponent would have fallen by now, but…

“Don’t get too confident, brat!”

He swung his big sword with strong power to deflect Melina’s continuous attacks. As soon as Xyphos hit the ground from the vertical slash, the earth shook and a powerful shockwave was formed. The sword in her left hand was blown away. Ornis wanted to follow up his attack. It was like he was drawing a black pattern in the air itself. He made a complex upwards swing, but it really felt that he was wielding more than one blade. Melina was forced to cast a wind spell. Besides jumping back she propelled herself so that she could take some distance and escape that barrage.

“A dual sword stance with continuous strikes, huh. And you also have sharp instincts. That’s not half bad, but you’re just swinging your swords randomly. Your swordsmanship is barely basic level. In short, you’re still wet behind your ears.”

Orins’ eyes became darker than blood. His crimson eyes shined deeply.

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“You’re too naive if you think you can reach me with that.”

The men that were witnessing the scene couldn’t believe their eyes.

“How can one sword defeat two?”

“Oi… is that blood on the apostle?”

As the men pointed out a trail of blood did indeed flow from her head and moved along her cheek. But it was only for an instant since her ultimate regeneration ability sealed it quickly.

Ornis placed Xyphos on his shoulder and waited for Melina’s next move. She extended her hand and the gold ornament that was sent flying came back to her and immediately formed a sword again. She then surrounded herself with an unusual electrical aura and pointed the tip of one of her swords towards the Demon King.

“So you’re getting serious now? Let me show you the difference between us! [Despair Aura]!”

In a similar manner, Ornis wrapped himself with a black sinister aura.

Melina increased her agility tremendously as she stood next by Ornis in the blink of an eye! Still, Ornis’ reflexes were great as well as he prevented one of her sword attacks with his Xyphos! However, the other sword was aiming straight for his throat!

“Secret technique… Brutal Cutter!”

Ornis’ sword emitted a black light! He deflected the sword that Xyphos blocked earlier, and used it as a shield to protect his throat from the other sword!

White vs black. The white from the Melina’s blades clashed with the black aura coming from Xyphos. The speed of their swings was so great that a human… no… even a demon couldn’t follow them with their eyes. They could only see sparks flying around and hear clashing sounds.

“Impressive. You are circulating lightning through your muscles to make them react and move in the way you desire. That also means you have some form of healing ability that prevents them from tearing apart. I’ll give you some praise. It’s been a while since I fought at this speed. However…”

An overflowing jet of black light engraved a pattern in the air and Ornis let out a small grin! It swallowed Melina’s light strikes in a fraction of a second!

“You’re nowhere near my level.”

Ornis overpowered her to the point he sliced both her arms off. And again, a powerful shockwave was created. Even a few of the knights who were closer to the battle got blown away by it.


Even if Melina was devoid of life, she could still feel pain. And in that moment when her arms were sliced off…

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“Now Melina! Do it!”

When the Pope issued that order, the remaining ornaments on her dress detached and they all fired powerful light beams towards Ornis. They ignited as soon as they made contact and created a big explosion. Melina managed to take some distance. From the place she was cut, green goo started to leak and heal her hands. In a few more moments she was as good as new. But almost at the same time…


The voice belonged to Ornis. Once the dust cleared he was standing without a single injury. The men couldn’t believe their eyes.

“No way…”

“It was a direct hit! I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Is the apostle in trouble… could it be that…”

“Don’t say such a blasphemy. The Goddess will protect us!”

As the soldiers were watching and debating the scene that was unfolding before them, Ornis once again spoke to Melina.

“Did you perhaps think that I would drop my guard if you only used swords? Sorry to disappoint you, but regardless who my opponent is, I never let my guard down.”

S̲h̲i̲t̲! He’s stronger than I predicted. But no matter. That doll just has to hang in there a while longer. Our preparations are almost complete.

Those were the Pope’s thoughts. He was frowning, but he still ordered Melina to continue the fight. As Melina once again approached Ornis…

“Judging by that clash I pretty much have you figured out. You are someone that was given great power, but you have zero combat experience. You were probably a sheltered person who never wielded a weapon more than a few sparing sessions. But because you lack experience, you are using your magic and your healing ability to make up for that gap. Let me tell you this, someone who has been in countless life and death scenarios will always find a way to break through tricks like that. Little girl, let me show you what a true battle means! Let me show why I bear the title of Demon King of Despair!”

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