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Chapter 55: Milla and the Empress

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Empress Éclair Olympia was sitting in her personal chambers and looking out the window into the flower garden. Once again, it was a day when nobody requested an audience with her. Or to be more specific, the church has prevented anyone to see her. Until a knock on her door came.



“Your Majesty, it’s me. Captain Armlock.”

Captain Armlock was the knight in charge with the palace security.

“What is it?”

“There is a little girl here that wants an audience with you.”

At those words the Empress joltet and went straight for the door. She slightly opened it. Next to the proud figure of the captain, there was a shy little girl.

“Forgive me, but I found her wandering around the castle. We already searched her for concealed weapons. And since you haven’t received anyone in so long I thought…”

“Yes! You did well, captain. Come, child. Please come in.”

The Empress extended her hand towards the little girl, who also extended her tiny hand. But just then…

“Captain Armlock!”

A knight rushed towards the captain.

“What’s wrong? Can’t you see we are in the presence of Her Majesty? Show some restraint.”

“Sorry, captain… but it’s important! It’s about the archbishop. You… have to see for yourself…”

“This better be major, or else!”

The two of them excused themselves. They were probably referring to the little mess I made out of the priest. Sorry, but he was just too annoying. Initially I wanted to tear his heart out with my bear hands but… if I were to get covered in blood they would have figured me out. So I simply flicked my finger and blasted his head off instead. I think I actually did you guys a favor. But now, back on track.

The Empress grabbed my tiny hand and pulled me inside her room. It was luxurious. A huge king sized bed that could easily support 4 people with red drapes. Exquisite furniture with gold trimming, a desk with various make-up products and a big fireplace. It was beautiful. In fact,it distracted me from her appearance. She wasn’t wearing her dignified uniform that I saw her in last time. She was wearing a long pink simple dress. It made me think… was she still in her pajamas? This is definitely a pj. Why would she receive someone looking like that? Was it because I was a kid?

“So, please speak. What can I do for you?”

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“Umm… when I came here everyone told me I should go to the church instead of coming to you. Your Majesty… are you perhaps too busy?”

The Empress’s smile turned a little sad.

“It’s… complicated.”

“Your Majesty… you seem sad. Do you perhaps not like the church?”

“You… are really smart for your age. But, it’s true. I am afraid I can’t go against the will of the church too much.”

Like I suspected, she’s a bird in a cage. If she’s this unhappy, I can use this to my advantage.

“Your Majesty… if you could break free of the church… if the church weren’t around and you could get your glory and power back… would you take such an opportunity?”

“You really shouldn’t talk like that. People here are very loyal to the church. You’ll only get in trouble if you use such words. But… yes. I wish I was a proper ruler again, young one.”

“What if I can help you?”

“That’s sweet. But you would only get in trouble. And speaking of trouble, were are your parents? Are you here alone? You haven’t told me yet what you wanted.”

At those words I snapped my fingers. The illusion that was covering my body disappeared and I returned to my regular appearance.


Before she could say a single word I dashed with lightning speed and covered her mouth with my hand.

“If you so much as sneeze without my permission, you’re dead. I just want us to have a little chat. Got it?”

She nodded up and down to signal that she understood my intention. I slowly removed my hand from her mouth. Sweat started to run across her face.

“You are… a demon!?”

“That’s right. Demon King to be more specific. Rank 11, the Demon King of Insanity, Milla Walpurgis. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty.”

“But… you’re just a little girl.”

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Since I was floating earlier to reach her face… at her words… I couldn’t help but crash on the ground. This is getting ridiculous. Why does everyone have to react that way every time I introduce myself? I brush my feelings aside for now.

“Listen, Your Majesty. Your so called Holy Church is getting in my way. It’s annoying for them to keep invading us over and over. I am sure you are aware that we demons aren’t the ones that started this war.”

She didn’t speak. She continued to listen to my story.

“I’ll cut to the chase. You are a prisoner. I intend to break your cage. I will kill the Pope and crush this so called church of yours. The Goddess they believe in is nothing more than a fake. When the church will fall, the people will turn to you again. You will obtain sovereignty once more.”

“That would be pointless.”

What’s she talking about? I’m offering you your freedom again.

“I would only be trading a tyrant for another. Sorry, but I can’t put humanity in the hands of a demon.”

Oh, I get it now. She thinks I want to take over the human empire.

“You got me wrong. I have no intention to take over humanity. Like I said, you will be the ruler. I just want this stupid war to stop once and for all. So once I crush the church I want you to never invade us again and leave us alone.”

The Empress pondered for a few moments.

“What is your true goal? Surely peace isn’t the only thing you want. So what is your aim?”

No. Peace IS the only thing I want. I just want everyone to leave me be and live a carefree life. Is it that hard to believe? Well I guess I am demon so it’s common sense to doubt me. Should I ask for something more? Hmm… Oh, I got it!

“Well, besides peace there is something else I want. You.”

Her face made a confused expression.

“Aren’t you contradicting yourself? You said…”

“Nono. I know what you are thinking. I don’t mean your throne. I want your body. Physically.”

I floated once more and got close to her ear and started to whisper all the lewd things I wanted to do to her. Her face started to become red.

“Are you some sort of succubus? I… I don’t swing that way. It… isn’t normal.”

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“Well it really is your call. By accepting my terms, I promise to wipe out the church and restore the power to you. And you can keep ruling in whichever way you see fit. Most importantly, nobody has to die anymore. We shall establish peace. My terms are more than fair. Just promise never to come on our continent and let me have my way with you whenever I want and all your problems will be solved!”

After another moment of pause, the Empress let out a long sight before speaking again.

“Very well. If the state of the Empire doesn’t change, everything I worked for will fall to ruin. So if salvation means striking a deal with the devil, then… so be it.”

She extended her hand towards me. She wanted a handshake to seal the deal. But, it’s no fun if it’s so formal. So I grabbed her wrist instead, pulled her closer and forcefully kiss her. I made sure to insert my tongue really deep and feel the inside of her mouth. God, she tastes so good! I felt a sweet fragrance from her. Eventually I let her go. As you would expect her face was bright red now.

“And with that, we have a deal!”

I tapped my shadow and it spit out a miniature obelisk statue. Roughly the same size as a big flower vase. This is the thing I crafted from the other teleportation crystal. I broke it in two and crafted 2 obelisk statues. Now this one, and the one back in demon continent are connected. Like a gateway. I can freely travel back and forth between the 2 statues. I’m a genius if I may say so myself.

“What’s that?”

“With this I can come to you whenever I feel like it. Think of it as a door from me to you. So make sure you don’t lose it or else…”

“I understand.”

“I have some other business to take care now, but remember… I’ll be back!”

And with that I placed my hand on the small statue and my body was enveloped in light, before disappearing in tiny particles. Mission accomplished huehue!

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