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Chapter 54: Deep Within the Mountain

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Mistveil mountain. A mountain shrouded by mist, deadly monsters and mystery. But what lies within it? What is it’s secret? It all started during the age of myths. The day, the Founder gave his life.

Many years ago, the world was in chaos. All the mortal races were divided and fighting with one another for supremacy. There were no countries. Just groups of people and towns fighting one another. The Founder was the first recorded mortal in history that managed to unify a continent. With his strength and his mighty 10 ancient relics, nobody dared to question him.

The world soon found out. The world was scared that the very first nation might whipe everyone out. All that fear, lust for power… pride. All the worlds hatred and sins… they came to life. All negative emotions and raging thoughts known by any mortal race converged. It was a dark liquid. You could say it was a giant pitch black mud slime. Except it had no eyes, no mouth. It ended up being referred as Corruption. And it’s sole purpose was the annihilation of all living things. To end life itself.

Every demon that came into contact with it lost their minds. The more life forms it absorbed, the bigger and stronger it became. Eventually, the Founder made a stand at Mistveil mountain. But even he wasn’t strong enough to kill the Corruption. Corruption formed various tentacles and swung them at tremendous speeds. And not all of the ancient relics were able to pierce them. They were stronger than any metal. And the ones that could slice through them… they couldn’t keep up with it’s regeneration. Magic had no effect on it either. It would just get absorbed in its body.

There was only one type of magic that did work on it. Origin Magic. But even if the Founder was able to use it, he didn’t have enough to obliterate the black slimy monstrosity. So how did the Founder handle it? He did the only thing he could do. He gave his life to seal Corruption. [Abyssal Seal Sacrifice].

He let Corruption absorb his body. And when his body reached the center of the mass, the spell triggered. Purple chains spread all over and compressed it into a ball around the size of your average car. Those chains would bind it for eternity. Or so it should be. But Corruption holds tremendous power. So it found a loophole. If someone were to seek it out… if someone were to need it, then it could break free from the seal. So Corruption, like a genie in a bottle was waiting. Waiting for someone to find it and make a wish. It shall grant a wish for anyone who reaches it. And when the wish is granted, it will be able to break free and devour all forms of life.

The Demon God was impressed by the Founder and his dream to keep the demon continent unified. So, in order to stop the demons from falling into chaos once again, the Demon God created the first generation of 12 Demon Kings and established the core laws into their very soul. And thus, in a way, the demons managed to remain united. The secret of Corruption was only transmitted to the rank 1 Demon King. The burden and responsibility to ensure that Corruption would never awaken again fell upon one person.

Along the years somehow it was leaked that inside Mistveil mountain there was a treasure capable of granting any wish. And that treasure was the thing the Pope wanted. The Pope couldn’t care less about the continent. Everything he did was so he could get his hands on it. He forcefully made humanity to listen to him over the Empress. So he could start his war.

And speaking of the Empress…

◇ ◇ ◇

It sure has been a long time since I was in humanity’s land. Cleo told me that the Pope almost reached Mistveil mountain. But since Ornis was there to greet them, he should be able to hold them off. Normally I wanted to rush there as soon as possible. But I need to think of the big picture first. Killing the Pope and Lorina’s sister won’t guarantee me that the humans will stop sending troops. In fact, they might just send more to avenge them.

I need to make sure that if I kill the invaders, humans will leave us alone. And the only way to do that is with the Empress. You’re probably wondering how I got back in the Olympia Empire so fast. Remember the crystal I used to reach Tenebria? Although it’s made only by elves and is very rare, there is a black market. With the help of Morag, my werewolf merchant who also helped me selling my Phoenix Tears to raise the money Vacheron wanted from me, I was able to obtain 2 more crystals. Although I won’t lie, even if I am rich, the price hurts. I had to pay 50000 gold coins for them, but I managed to haggle and lower it to just 20k gold and 2 vials of Phoenix Tears.

I used one crystal to get back to the palace. But of course I teleported to the courtyard. I used the dark magic [Doppelganger]. As it’s name suggests it would allow me to take the appearance of someone else. So I simply chose a random girl I saw and… BAM. My appearance completely changed. I was a loli with short black hair and hazel eyes with a red bandana and wearing a tight village style blue dress.

I needed an audience with the Empress. From what I could tell last time, she might as well be a caged bird if the church is calling the shots. Which means that maybe I can strike a deal with her if I help her regain her true sovereignty. If I remember right she takes audiences with the people every Wednesday and Friday, but hardly anyone comes in. As I was strolling around the castle I pretended to be lost. It might be suspicious if I act as if I know the place.

“What seems to be the problem, young miss? Are you perhaps lost?”

That voice… I know it. As I turn around, it was just as I suspected. Archbishop Frederick. The one that supervised our training. God. I so wanna kill this guy too!

“Umm… I want an audience with the Empress…”

I tried to act a little shy.

“My child, if you have any issues, it’s better to go to the Holy Church. I am sure that the Goddess will listen to your prayers and our members will kindly assist you if they can.”

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Except that I’m trying to get rid of you bunch.

” I would prefer to talk with the Empress.”

“The Empress is very busy with the political matters. Maybe you aren’t aware, but even the audience time frame was reduced. But if you head over to the Holy Church I am sure everyone will be more than helpful.”

Okay… you’re starting to get on my nerves. Ever since I became a Demon King, the word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

“I still want…”

“Listen, you brat!”

His smile turned into a frown.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll listen to me. Either you take your problem to the church or you can just go back to wherever you came from.”

Is this guy for real? Is he preventing me to see the Empress for some reason? Regardless I’m just about tired of him. Since it’s just the 2 of us in this hallway right now… nobody is gonna notice if I make a hole in his chest, right?

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