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Chapter 51: Even a Loli Can Go on a Date

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

I finally managed to make the two girls shut up for a moment and listen to my story. Shiori took everything rather well. Although she almost burst into tears when she touched Momoyo’s hand. She couldn’t feel any warmth in that metallic arm. But prez shook her head and reassured her that it was alright.

In the end I managed to convince Momoyo that turning Shiori into a fox girl was the only way to save her. Similarly I managed to convince Shiori that changing Momoyo was the only way to give her limbs again. All in all it took me some time, but it went quite well.

Right now, me and Shiori were taking a stroll in my town. She wanted to see my land, so I humored her. But only after I stepped out of my castle did I realize it. Did she… just ask me on a date? I only dreamed of this moment. This was definitely a date. A date!

“Milla-chan, were should we go first?”


It was really hard to make Shiori stop calling me by my old name. Even after she got used to calling me Milla, she didn’t give up on the childish honorific. And now she was asking me to take the initiative. Alright. Let’s see…

“Well, you must be hungry, so why don’t we grab something to eat?”

High Mazoku and High Elves are the only humanoid races that don’t physically need food or sleep, but since Shiori was a beastman now, I figured she might be hungry. And judging by the way she is wagging her fluffy tail I was right.

“I’ll take you up on that offer.”

We stopped at a local bakery.

“Welcome to…”

The waitress that wanted to greet us suddenly stopped from speaking and rushed behind the counter and went through a back door.

“Milla-chan, what was that all about?”

I shrugged my shoulders. I don’t know what’s gotten into her. Soon after, we heard a woman’s voice shouting from that back door.

“What!? In our bakery? This is a great honor. Quit messing around and get your lazy a̲s̲s̲ to work! I didn’t marry couch potato!”

Not too long after an elderly looking dog girl showed up. She was probably the owner. She had long ears pointed down like a bassett hound a rough tail and was rather… fat. A typical household lady with an apron on her.

“Welcome, Your Highness! It is the greatest honor to have you here. Please let me show you to your table.”

The lady showed us to a table in the corner of the bakery. I should probably mention that although it’s called a bakery it’s more of modern day cafè system. There were tables and chairs for those who wanted to eat the freshly baked goods here.

After the lady handed us a menu, I told Shiori she could order anything she wanted.

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“It’s still hard to believe that people call you Your Highness. But I guess this just proves your story more.”

“Sorry for the commotion.”

Normally I don’t eat in town. When I do want to eat for the pleasure of eating I only touch Grace’s cooking.

“Delicious. This is good!”

She seemed to be enjoying herself as she ordered plate after plate. That side of her hasn’t changed. Shiori was a glutton. I can still recall that in elementary school she would eat her lunch with lightning speed and then she always throwed me puppy eyes to let her have a bite from mine.

“Phew… that sure hit the spot!”

Only a big stack of plates were left. The elderly lady was kinda afraid to ask me for the bill, but at the same time didn’t want to take that big of a loss. I placed a silver coin on the table.

“Your Highness, that’s too much. If you can wait for a while I’ll go and get your change.”

“No need. Keep it. My friend enjoyed herself and that’s all that matters to me.”

“Thank you! Please come again!”

She bowed her head deeply as we made our way outside again. We continued with the tour. I showed Shiori the market. She was fascinated by the different stands and goods that were sold. She even took the time to play and run around with a few children.

I took the time to buy a fancy hair brooch for Shiori. I was… doting on her. Everything she wanted to buy, I allowed it. I also made sure to stop by and get Shiori new clothes. A pink and white dress really showed just how beautiful Shiori was and it fit her fox appearance.

“Milla-chan, are you rich by any chance? I mean… I know you are a king, but I never imagined that demons and humans were so similar.”

“Well, yeah. You could say that I am rich. Business has been going quite well lately.”

“I never got to see the human towns, but this place really looks peaceful. I still can’t believe that the church is trying to ruin the peace? For what?”

I couldn’t answer that. Even I don’t know what they are truly after. The human army’s movements were weird to begin with. Instead of consolidating a base, they just keep marching in a straight line. What are they after? Initially I thought they wanted the land and resources, but I’m not sure anymore. For the time being I don’t wanna bother Shiori with my theories.

As we were moving along…

“Hey, Milla-chan, what’s that?”

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A jolt of lightning pierced my body and I froze stiff. Crap. I wasn’t paying attention and forgot to avoid this place.

“The sign says House of Love. Is this some sort of flower store or gift shop for couples?”

“You’re not… totally wrong… but, Shiori, let’s not go in there.”

“But why? I want to see…”

“We are leaving now.”

I grabbed Shiori’s arm and started dragging her away. She kept pouting and tried pulling herself sway but as you would except, she didn’t have the physical strength to go against me.

House of Love was… a brothel. Ever since I became the ruler of the beastmen this small land developed really fast. From the market, to inns and… yeah. We got a brothel too. But I wasn’t about to let Shiori get contaminated in that place. It’s better if I have her in my castle for those activities.

Eventually she gave up trying to resist and before we knew it we reached Lorina’s shop and forge. That’s weird. Smoke always comes out of this place.

“Hey, you!”

I shouted to a beastman across the street.

“What happened here?”

“Well… Your Highness… after lady Lorina returned she gave all her workers the week off and… she locked herself inside the forge…”

Okay. I can guess from that what happened. Ugh. This must be because of the state her sister was in. She must be heartbroken right now.

“Hey Shiori, can you wait for me a few minutes by that fountain? There’s some business I have in here.”

“Okay. I don’t mind.”

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