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Chapter 5: A New Home and Holy Mission

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Grace and I were headed to what will soon become my new base. The settlement was called Falkrum city. It was considered the beastmen capital. Well, the territory was only made of a few villages and this big city. Towns in this world sure are smaller than what I was used to in Japan. That Vacheron fella already made all the necessary arrangements and that creepy tentacle guy told us we can go and occupy it.

I didn’t want to take a carriage. I was rather eager to go claim my land, but I will admit that I’m gonna miss that cozy mansion in the woods. Am I feeling homesick? Anyway, since I wanted to get there as fast as possible I decided to fly there. Grace had her arms around my waist. Since she can’t actually fly I ended up carrying her. I felt no weight at all though. Maybe because of my high strength.

Eventually we could see the city. My demon eyes are way better than my human ones . I started to think that being a loli isn’t so bad, given how many advantages this body has. I started to look at the busy streets. I saw a variety of beastmen. Werewolves, centaurs, kemonomimi1 types that had various bunny ears, dog ears and fox ears, and the most important… NEKO GIRLS!!!

In the middle of the city there was a huge mansion. It was bigger than the one in the woods. If I were to use Earth terms, I’d say it was a Victorian style house. A house that tried to mimic a castle. Of course, it was still smaller than a proper castle. This building was going to be my new base.

“Milla-nee, that large mansion is probably our new home. We should land, find the owner, and claim it.”

“Yeah, that sounds right. Aight, Grace, let’s get to work!”

The mansion was owned by an old fox man. He already knew the situation and the moment I arrived he evacuated the house. He also told me that around noon there will be a meeting were he’ll introduce me to the people. Honestly, I didn’t remember his name at all, as he did everything he could to get away from me as fast as possible. He was most likely scared of me. But that didn’t bother me in the slightest.

I started exploring my base. It was a 2 floor mansion. The bottom floor was a big empty hall. I thought that with a few tables it would be perfect for hosting the Blood Ball. The chandelier and all the lights were special. There were shiny orange crystals instead of candles. Grace told me that by pouring mana into them they will glow strongly until that mana runs out. These crystals were similar to light bulbs. I liked them quite a lot.

The bottom floor also had a large kitchen behind a door and a service bathroom. I should probably mention that there was no hot water. Water for baths would be heated with magic. As for the sink and toilet… Let’s say that although it was far away from modern plumbing it was rather clean. A water generating stone would be placed in the sink and toilet for washing and flushing.

The first floor was meant for the servants’ quarters. It had simple style rooms to accommodate maids, cooks, gardeners, you name it. But I think they were more meant for trusted confidants as the mansion also had around 5 small houses behind it that were fenced in together with it. I’ll think of uses for them later.

And The 2nd floor was basically my floor. It had only 2 large bedrooms, a huge library and some sort of parlor that I think was meant when important guests would visit, or a conference was necessary. In the end, as expected, this place is way too big for only 2 people.

Although Grace was a super maid, it would be though in the future for her to manage everything. Of course, I wasn’t ready to trust some newly hired servant either. And that’s when a little experiment crossed my mind. We returned to the lobby as it was the biggest open area.

“What do you want to do now, Milla-nee?”

“Just a small task. I am going to create some Mazoku.”

Grace open her eyes wide and opened her mouth but no words came out. Did I say something weird again?

“Milla-nee, creating a Mazoku was indeed possible in the past, but that power was lost. Even His Highness Ornis can’t create something from thin air. Milla-nee, what you speak of is Origin magic.”

Origin magic, huh! I think the Demon God mentioned it once too. But regardless, my way is different.

“Just watch me, Grace.”

I stood in the middle of the room. At my feet, I made the magic circle for a summoning appear. Then, I overlapped it with magic circle of the Modeling spell. Modeling was an earth type spell that basically allows you to change the shape of your target. Crushing a sturdy wall or processing weapons and jewels… it felt like a blacksmith skill. And finally, I also added the final layer. The spell Necromancy. Necromancy was normally used for resurrecting the dead as zombies. But I only needed a certain part of that spell. The part that binds the target to earth. Summons end up disappearing after their job is done so I needed to make them Last forever. After all 3 layers were in place I started shifting them around until finally I managed to merge them.

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A huge surge of magical energy was emitting. Black and red-ish lightning were gushing from my new circle. It was like it wanted to short circuit. But I poured all my strength into it until eventually a deep purple light engulfed the entire room.

When the light settled down and I could open my eyes I couldn’t help but make an evil grin as I looked at the 5 beings that were kneeling before my eyes.

“Long live the Supreme One! We await your orders!”

All of them shouted in unison. It worked.

“This is… to be able to witness Origin magic…”

Grace was still in shock. Origin my a̲s̲s̲. I just mashed up 3 spells together to create a new one. But let’s let her think I can use Origin magic. I turn my head back to the 5 beings that were still kneeling.

“Stand up!”

All of them stood up at the same time. Did they rehearse or something?

“Grace, these are my new followers. They will help us in handling our affairs. As for you guys, Grace is your superior, so if she tells you to do something, you do it!”


I guess it’s time for introductions. I’m a little embarrassed cause I had to attach a name to them when summoning and my naming sense is just horrible. But oh well. Starting from left to right.

A slime girl that I named Sue. She could take various shapes including becoming a puddle, but I had her take on a jiggly breasted girl form. She can alter the size of her breasts so I can have fun with her hehe. What else to say, blue skin, green long hair and an antenna that looked like an ahoge.2

Next was a shady skeleton guy. I called him Tengu. He had a black coat, black leather pants and black boots. The back of the coat went all the way to his knees, but when you look at the front you can say it merges with his pants. His canine teeth were rather pronounced. His chest was slightly exposed so you could see his ribs.

Moving on, in the middle we have a spider girl. She was Irina. Her lower body was literally a spider with eight legs, but her upper half was human. I gave her a decent breasts size and a swimsuit top to cover them. Her hair was short and purple and her eyes resembled those of a bee, but instead of black they were red.

Next in line is a cute lamia girl. I named her Cleo. Her lower half was that of a snake and her upper half was human. Her tail was grey and her human skin was tanned. Her eyes had a sharp yellow color and she was decorate with a few jewelry. I guess was thinking of making her her appearance like in ancient Egypt.

And last but not least a cute dryad girl. I called her Teri. She had a human body, her lower part was covert with a leafy dress while her chest was covered by a leaf bra. I made her rather short so I wouldn’t be the only loli around. Her skin was green too and her long hair also had a leafy feeling to it.

And that’s the cast I made. They all are weaker in stats compared to Grace, but then again Grace is a monster. Of course, I made each one of them with a purpose in mind. It’s time to hold a meeting!

It soon became noon. It took Grace quite a while to recover from shock. Did I really do something that amazing? In any case we had a small meeting and now we were in the city center. That old fox guy told me he was gonna gather people and introduce me.

“And so, this is our new lord. This city and The beastmen territory will now be under the command of lady Milla Walpurgis, the Demon King of Insanity.”

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Once the old guy finished his line I stepped forward and my servants were right behind.

At first it was quite the noise. Some were scared, some threw ugly glares my way and others kept whispering. So annoying. I guess I should teach them their place.


I released quite a significant amount of blood lust and magic power. The air became stiffer. As expected everyone froze. In fact the pressure was so intense that some even forgot to breathe. I quickly canceled the force as I didn’t wanna kill anyone yet. After everything settled down, all the people prostrated themselves. They got on the ground and took a deep bow. Beastmen really appreciated and respected power. That’s right. I’m not a little girl, I’m your leader you assholes.

“Listen up! Starting today you will all be under my care. I won’t hurt you with no reason. I will take care of you and under my rule, this place will reach greatness. Everyone resents you, everyone sees you as filth, but I see you as flowers that haven’t bloomed yet. Submit to me and I shall make you bloom. Betray me and I shall burn you to ash. Together with my loyal servants behind me we shall bring a new order. Follow me and one day you can lift your heads up and look down on everyone that insulted you! Together, we shall aim for the top!”

After a few moments of silence.


Everyone started cheering and clapping. I could hear them call out “Long live the Her Highness”. Was my speech really that good? I turned around and told my servants:

“You all have been briefed. Go on and carry out your jobs!”


All 5 of my servants scattered and went to do what I instructed them during our meeting. Only Grace was left. I grabbed her hand and said:

“This is… so tiring. Let’s go home Grace. I want to sleep.”

She softly smiled, tightened her hold on my hand and replied:

“Yes, Milla-nee!”

◇ ◇ ◇

Momoyo Nakano was called by archbishop Frederic. She felt anxious as he requested her personally. So far, whenever the archbishop needed something he would meet with all the students. But this time she requested for her alone.

“You requested me, Your Eminence?”

“Yes, lady hero. I have a request for you, so please, hear me out.

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I am sure you are aware that soon we will send our troops to the demon continent. We must strike them before they get the chance to strike us. But, to avoid losing any more lives, we can’t charge in blindly.

I want to send a smaller unit to establish camp and gather intel for us before we send our main troops and you heroes.”

“I understand, but why tell this only to me? Shouldn’t the others hear this too?”

“The reason I called you over here is because I want you to go with the scouting group.”

“What? I don’t quite understand. Why just me?”

“Your archer class, your speed, your skills are all perfect for scouting. And like I mentioned before we can’t charge blindly. The chances of success will be significantly higher if you were to lead the group.”

The archbishop did have a valid point. Her skills are up to the task. And because Momoyo was the class president she knew somewhat how to lead a group. But she hesitated for 2 reasons.

The first was that she recalled their first expedition and the loss they suffered. This time she was supposed to be the leader and she didn’t know if she was ready to put someone else’s life in her hands. The 2nd reason was Shiori. If Momoyo were to accept she would have to leave Shiori behind for a while. She promised to protect her friend and always stay by her side.

“Lady Nakano, I understand it’s a difficult task, but this is to ensure our survival. Keeping all the heroes alive is our top concern. We don’t want a repeat of what happened in the goblin cave. We are willing to give you our Tetra Bow, a bow capable of shooting arrows imbued will all 4 basic elemental magic. We will also give you appropriate provisions.”

“…Very well. I accept.”

Momoyo was reluctant, but in the end she gave in. She thought that if she didn’t take this quest and something were to happen to Shiori, she wouldn’t forgive herself. So, for Shiori’s sake, she agreed to go on this scouting mission.

“Then I shall see you at the day of departure. You will arrive on the demon continent right after the red moon passes.”

Momoyo nodded and then headed back to her room. When the priest was sure he was alone, he opened his mouth again.

“You can come out now.”

Behind a pillar the figure of Ren Takeda, the so called Hero, started to emerge from the shadows.

“I must say Ren-dono, I hope you keep your word. Losing another hero is quite vexing, especially someone with her talent.”

“Don’t worry. Once she’s out of the picture, all the remaining students will turn towards me. They will do whatever I say, even march to their death. You wanted the heroes to do what you tell them without question, right? This is the way!”

“Very well. I shall take your word for it.”

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“But how can you be sure she won’t come back? I mean you even gave her a strong weapon.”

“That was nothing more than a prototype. A first generation attempt to apply the Goddess blessing into weapons. It won’t compare to the items you shall receive. As for her not returning… the demons won’t be happy if they find out that a small group of humans are making camp on their shores.”

“Hahaha! I really gotta hand it to you, you really know how to handle these things.”

As both started smiling and laughing, Ren was only thinking of one thing: “Goodbye prez. Go and join the otaku freak in hell.”

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  1. A person with animal characteristics, such as cat ears, cat tails, whiskers, paws etc.
  2. Literally, “stupid hair” in japanese. A single (usually short and fat) lock of hair that sticks out of an anime character’s head. The character is usually stupid in some way, but there are enough exceptions that this isn’t a rule.

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