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Chapter 49: The Demon God’s miracle

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“We did it, other me.”

“Wait. Milla… why are you fading away? You did something, didn’t you? You… you burned all your memories… you burned everything you had! Why!?”


“So she can pass on.”

The Demon God was the one that answered my question.

“I believe I said this to you during our fight too. I do what I do because that’s how things are supposed to go. I knew there was still a portion of Milla left inside. I only acted surprised.”

“Other me, it was truly fun. But I was in a weird state. I couldn’t move on to the afterlife neither could I return or communicate with you. I was only tagging along for the ride. But now, that the Demon God pushed us this far and I burned all the memories that body had left… I can finally pass on.”

So that’s why the Demon God was so cold? She wanted to help Milla? I couldn’t help but let out tears.

“But wait… what will I do without you? I mean…”

She cuped my face and slowly wiped my tears.

“Live on. I hate to admit this, but you make a better Milla than me. All my loved ones, all my family, they’re waiting for me on the other side. But your family is back on earth. So live on, for the both of us. And it’s not like I will be truly gone. I’ll still watch over you from heaven. And I’ll always be in your heart when you need me.”

“I swear… I will never forget you! I won’t allow myself to ever forget you!”

“I know. Goodbye, other me!”

“Until the day we meet again, other me!”

And with that, Milla’s ghostly form scattered into tiny light particles and disappeared. My heart was throbbing right now. Maybe because I was in this body for such a long time I feel this way. Even though we talked for the first time, it was like we knew each other… like forever. I let out a long sigh and eventually turned my head back to the Demon God.

“You’re actually a big softie, aren’t you?”

The Demon God slightly blushed. Wait. Are gods even capable of blushing? I thought this wasn’t her real body. Oh well, better not ruin the mood.

“It’s… it’s not like I did it for your sake, you big dummy!”

What…? Did she just go tsundere on me?

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She turned around and snapped her fingers. We returned to the original darkness of that space and the Demon God got back up on her throne.

“Let’s get back to business. It’s been ages since I had this much fun. I got to use 20% of my power with that little fight. And honestly, it’s so rare for someone to ask something from me. Sure, they might pay tribute to me with the Blood Ball, but it’s not quite the same as praying. So, I shall grant your wish.”

So I gave everything I had and she only used a fifth of her strength. Scary. But she is a god after all. I saw that she extended her index finger and at the tip, a black shard of crystal with a purple aura formed.

“Like I said, because of the church’s pseudo-goddess I can’t interfere directly. So I’ll give you this. Feed this shard to Shiori and she’ll be as good as new.”

She tossed the tiny shard in my hands. This little thing was emitting such a huge magical energy… I can hardly believe it myself.

“Thank you… I mean it.”

“I know. I also know there’s something else you want to ask. About the elf princess.”

She’s right. Currently I have no means to save Melina. But maybe with her help…

“No. This time I am serious. The only way to fix that poor soul is with time magic and revert her body’s state before all those experiments that were made on her. We’re talking about rewinding 10 years off her. Even if I were to allow to use time magic, no mortal is capable of rewinding… say more than 1 hour. And time magic is taboo for mortals anyway. So I’m sorry, but the only way to save her is to kill her. Settle with your miracle.”

So not even a god can save Melina. She was lost. I don’t even know how to give Lorina the news. I assume killing the Pope won’t help either, since she’ll just end up like Shiori. An empty shell.

The Demon God waved her hand and a portal appeared inside the darkness.

“It’s time for you to go. I’ll overlook that you killed Miraluka as long as you crush the church. Once those idiots fall, I will be able to properly create another king. Milla, the reason I am favoring you so much is because I believe that you are the one capable… no. You do such insane things in this world, so I am sure you are the one that can bring peace.”

I was flattered by the Demon God’s words. I headed towards the portal, but before entering I turned around one more time.

“What’s your name? You’re actually a nice god at the end of the day so I might actually start praying to you now and then. So it would be easier if I had a name to associate you with.”

The Demon God opened her eyes wide in shock. Did I say something weird?

“My true name can’t be pronounced in any mortal language.”

“I see. Then I guess I won’t pray to you.”


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She extended her hand out to stop me. Maybe I was teasing her a bit. But it seems she really is making a big deal out of this.

“Being a god… is lonely. So if you pray to me, I wouldn’t mind talking with you from time to time. Umm… in that case you can address me as… Tenebria.”

I never would have imagine that gods can get lonely too. Well, she did a lot for me, so I don’t mind praying and talking to her from time to time.

“Okay, Tenebria. Then, until next time. See you.”

As Milla passed through the gate, the Demon God was left alone.

“To think she would actually try and make friends with me. It’s unheard of. I was right when I chose you. Still, a god must be impartial, but I can’t help not favoring her. Milla, if you keep going on this path, you will surely become as famous as the founder. Screw it. Rules or not, I will continue to lend you my support. So make sure you continue to entertain me, my cute little Demon King.”

◇ ◇ ◇

I arrived back in the same room where I left. Surprisingly Grace was still there, in the exact same spot.

“Milla-nee, could it be that the teleportation failed?”

“What do you mean?”

“You disappeared for around 5 seconds and then appeared again.”

Seriously? Aside from my 1 minute suicide battle, it felt like I was in the god realm for more than an hour. I guess time flows different in that place.

“What is that in your hand?”

Grace was talking about the shard that Tenebria gave me. It wasn’t a dream. It was all real. I plan to keep my word and pray to her from time to time. But right now, it’s time to fix Shiori.

“Grace this will solve all my problems. Please, leave us alone.”

Grace tilted her head. She probably didn’t understand what I was talking about. But she didn’t talk back.

“As you wish.”

Grace left and closed the door behind. It was time to test if this thing will really work.

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