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Chapter 48: Milla and Milla

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Flames wrapped around Milla’s tiny body. Her black swimsuit type dress became pure white. Her wings were enveloped in golden flames. Her crimson hair also turned gold. It was fluttering in the air as if it was literally made of fire. And Milla’s crimson eyes were shining strongly.

The Demon God analysed the current Milla’s stats.

Name: Milla Walpurgis
Race: High Mazoku
Class: Demon King
Strength: EX
Agility: EX
Endurance: Infinite
Magic: Infinite
Luck: A
Overall Rank: Can’t be determined

“Do you really intend to defy a god?”

I couldn’t care less what she was blabbering about. Milla had a plan. Our minds were connected now. So we didn’t have to speak to understand one another. Okay. Let’s do this!

I wrapped my fist in flames and charged at the Demon God.

“Pointless. Even if you got a power boost, all magical and physical attacks will be…”

But she didn’t manage to finish her sentence because the moment my fist hit her barrier, it shattered like glass. And my burning fist went straight into her face.


She let out some sort of scream as I sent her body flying. It’s working. With this, we can do it!

The Demon God got herself back on her feet.

“So… transmutation. That’s your trick. Infuriating.”

She figured it out. What we did was apply an old history principle. Alchemy. The power to change something into something else. It wasn’t the same as Modelling. What we did was change the mana itself. We removed the mana from the flame and used the surrounding air as it’s fuel. A magic attack with no mana. Even for me with modern world knowledge, it’s hard to understand. If this isn’t magic, I’ll just call it Alchemy. You’re amazing Milla!

“Since the beginning of life, mortals have always tried to defy the gods. I do what I do because that’s how things are supposed to go.”

“Screw you! Why do you get to decide for us. We make our own future? And I want a future with Shiori in it. My feelings won’t lose to you!”

The Demon God gathered energy into her hand and made an orb. She trew it at me. Once the orb picked up speed, it burst open into hundreds of smaller orbs.

With lightning fast reflexes and using Persia’s techniques I manage to shatter with my fists every orb that came my way. I then kicked the ground, soared into the sky, and nose dived towards the Demon God.

She met my burning fist with hers. Needless to say that each clash we had created shockwaves that changed the landscape around. Everything around us was blown away.


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I unleashed a barrage of fists. The afterimages made you believe that I had multiple arms. The Demon God seemed annoyed.

“Useless. Why do you struggle in vain? What you want to achieve is an ideal. A delusion.”

“I’ll brake through that twisted logic of yours.”

For a split second she was faster than me and managed to punch me in the stomach. I was sent flying, but quickly regained my balance in the air. When I looked at the Demon God, I saw a magic circle in her palm.


A concentrated blue energy beam was fired in my direction. I gathered flames in my hands as fast as I could. Similar to that beam, I shot a fire blast towards it. Both our attacks clashed, making the earth shake. Our attacks were struggling. Each was trying to push the other back.

For a mortal to match my power…

These were the Demon God’s thoughts.

“You… for you to able to hold off my attack… do you realize the price you are paying?”

“I knew it ever since I discovered this power with Odin and Persia. The fuel for this power, the price that needs to be paid is… the incineration of memories.”

That’s right. One with the Sun involved burning your memories to fuel the power that can reach the gods. Right now, I was sacrificing my past life memories. I couldn’t remember my parents faces, the house I grew up in, my classmates. But I was determined to burn everything aside Shiori from my mind if needed.

Other me, fret not. If you don’t have enough, burn my memories too.

I felt Milla’s energy flowing through me. Because of that I could increase the output of my attack. The Demon God’s beam was being pushed back.

“Impossible… I can’t be overpowered…”

But that’s exactly what was happening.


I let out a powerful scream and my blast managed to defeat her beam. A direct hit. My flames made a huge explosion. It almost felt like a nuclear blast you see in movies.

It’s not over yet! We damaged her but it isn’t enough. We don’t have much time left. The minute is almost over. But, now’s our chance. Use everything you have! Use everything I have!

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You don’t need to tell me twice. I’m ending it here!

“Over boost! [Berserker Mode]!”

It felt like my flesh was ripping appart. Right now I was angry enough to fullfil Berserker Mode’s rage requirement. But my body was breaking. If not for Phoenix Resurrection, I would have gotten killed with this stunt. Overlapping Berserker Mode with One with the Sun was my full power. And because there were 2 of us now I still managed to retain my sanity.

For the only person that was kind to me and treated me like a proper human being… it’s worth the risk. My whole body was enveloped in golden flames. It was now or never.


I spinned my body around creating a flaming tornado behind me. The flames that wrapped around me started to look like a dragon head that wanted to eat it’s prey.

The Demon God started sweating and she looked like she was panicking. She fired countless energy beams so close to each other that dodging was impossible.

Don’t dodge. Go through them.

I listened to Milla’s voice and ignored the beams. As soon as they pierced me, there was no blood. Only flames leaked out. It was like fire was my blood right now.

“[Aegis Shield]!”

A purple energy shield similar to a knights’ typical shield appeared before her. It was as big as a truck. I put all my strength, all my feelings into my punch. The Demon God extended both her hands to maintain the shield. The impact was devastating. I kept pushing my fist in her shield. Electric sparks flew violently across the place. And the Demon Gods’ body was being pushed back. Cracks started to appear on her shield.

“Impossible… this can’t happen…”

“Did you forget? I… no. We are Milla, the Demon King of Insanity. For us nothing is impossible!”

I kept forcing my fist until eventually, her shield broke and from the momentum my fist landed on her stomach.


She let out a painful scream but I didn’t care. I twisted my fist and went straight through her. That’s right. I split her body in two. The 2 halves were engulfed in flames and a blazing explosion ignited behind me. As for me… I crashed onto the ground making a meteor size crater.

When the dust cleared I was back in my original form. I violently coughed blood. Why was it that every battle brings me a near death experience?

Other me, we have to stand up!

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“I… can’t…”

We must! It’s not over. Look!”

Her ghostly figure pointed towards the burning explosion I caused earlier. The Demon God emerged from the flames in one piece and without a single scratch. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I landed a solid hit, yet it did nothing?

One small step at a time, the Demon God came closer. No matter how much I struggled I couldn’t stand up. I was too exhausted. The Demon God looked down upon me. I was seriously thinking that she’s gonna kill me now. But that didn’t happen. Her serious expression turned into the childish smile she had at the beginning. She bent forward and said:

“You pass!”

She cupped my face. Her hands started to glow with a fade green color. In the next moment, all the pain, all my fatigue, they were gone. Did she just fix me up in an instant. When she let go of my face I got back up on my feet.

“Okay… What’s going on here? What game is this?”

“You can consider this a test. And like I said earlier, you pass! You exceeded all my expectations, hahaha!”

She started spinning around and dance. I can’t understand this god at all.

“Before we move on, I believe your other self wants to say her goodbye.”

Goodbye? What’s she talking about? Only then did I turn my head around to ghost Milla. And then it’s when I noticed that slowly, she’s getting more and more transparent. She was fading away.

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