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Chapter 47: Can a Loli Challenge a God?

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“First, let me congratulate you for figuring out that the teleport crystal can also bring you here. So, what brings you to me?”

“Do you even need to ask? Last time you could read my mind, after all.”

“Last time you didn’t have a mouth. I’m showing some respect for your privacy here.”

“I see. Then I’ll be straight. Is there a way to revert Shiori back to normal?”

“Of course. Something like that is child’s play for me.”

“Then can you…”



“I’m telling you to knell. When requesting something from a God, isn’t it natural to get on all fours?”

So that’s how you want to play? Trying to trample on my dignity? Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t care about stuff like that. If that’s all that it takes to save Shiori then I’m fine with it.

I went a step further and took a full dogeza pose.

“Please… I’m beginning you… save Shiori!”

“Oh, wow! You actually went and did it! You really are the best!”

I lifted my head and wanted to ask:


“No. My answer is no.”

She changed her innocent smile into a serious expression. I was shocked. She folded her arms and continued.

“Did you really think that just by coming here I would roll over for you? And do I need to remind you that you killed Miraluka? I made it clear the last time how important the number of the 12 kings is for balance and that my ways of involving myself are limited. Letting you return is already a miracle.”


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“And you’re just like every other mortal. You only turn to a god in the final hour, when every other method fails. Only then you think of asking the gods. I have no reason to comply with your request.”

“Then I’ll force you!”

I stood up violently.

“Hou!? You really think that you can fight me, little one?”

She extended her index finger in my direction. A pure white magical circle was formed. The runes engraved on it… I couldn’t read them at all. Maybe that’s the language of the gods.

“[Delete All]!”

A white lazer blast hit me. I could only see white before me. And before I knew it… I was gone.

“I guess I overdid it a bit.

Tick tock, time shall move as I command!”

She started spinning her finger counter clockwise. Particles of light were formed and my body appeared once again. She turned back time.

I was scared. She could erase me with ease, manipulate time… And her stats…

Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Race: Divinity
Class: Demon God
Strength: Infinite
Agility: Max
Endurance: Infinite
Magic: Infinite
Luck: Unknown
Overall Rank: Infinite

I stood zero chances against her. Yet, I stepped forward.

“My, oh my. I thought that my small display was enough to show you difference in our power. Aren’t you scared of me?”

“I am. But I’m more scared of losing Shiori. If I knew I didn’t do everything in my power, then I would regret it for the rest of my life.”

The Demon God got off her throne and snapped her fingers to change the landscape around into what looked like a canion.

“Very well. I’ll play with you then. Try your best to entertain me.”

I immediately thrusted my fist into the ground.

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“[Devour, Yamata no Orochi]!”

8 snakes heads emerged from the ground and lunged at the Demon God. But she didn’t move at all. My snakes crashed into her with all their might. Yet the Demon God wasn’t fazed at all. It was like she had some sort of barrier around her.

Well if magic couldn’t brake it then maybe my punches can. I leaped at her and extended my fist. I hit an invisible wall. I punched it over and over, but there were no signs of it cracking.

“Let me give you a little advice. My barrier negates all physical and magical attacks. I’m afraid that without god slaying magic, you won’t be able to breach it.”

She flicked her fingers. It was like being hit by an invisible bullet.


She sent me flying quite a bit. And with that move alone she seriously damage my internal organs. Phoenix Resurrection kicked in to fix them, but this was still bad. Really bad. What should I do?

I placed my hands together.

“[Geo Dark Bolt]!”

I turned to Origin magic. If this is magic of the gods then maybe this might break through.

But that didn’t happen. The black lightning I unleashed was absorbed inside her body.

“Not a bad idea. But Milla, you must have realized it. You can only use Origin magic because I allow it. You’re borrowing my powers. So when you shoot Origin magic, you’re basically asking my Origin to help you kill me. That will never happen.”

She flicked her fingers again. My right arm and left leg were blown away. But before the blood managed to leak out, my flames regenerated my lost limbs in a second.

“You disappoint me. I guess I should end this here.”

3 magic circles formed above the Demon God’s head. And she fired silver blasts from them at me. I placed my hands in an X shape guard. I didn’t know what else to do. The impact made a huge explosion.

The Demon God let out a long sigh.

“In the end you were just another mortal. I hope you learned your lesson. A single mortal is no match for a God.”

“Who says she’s alone?”

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A voice could be heard from the smoke that was left behind. The Demon God focused her eyes and what she saw, left her speechless.


Besides Milla, a ghostly figure could be seen besides Milla. What was more shocking was that the ghost had the same appearance as Milla.

“Wait… who are you?”

“I’m you. The original Milla Walpurgis. Nice to meet you, other me!”

The Demon God was the one that continued.

“This can’t be. Your soul was shattered. That’s why I was able to put this guy in your body.”

“You aren’t wrong. I mostly passed away. But a few fragments of my soul stayed behind. I was always with you, other me. This place, which is abundant with magic, finally allowed me to manifest.”

“Still, why are you siding with that trash? Aren’t you angry that he’s using your body.”

“It wasn’t his fault. You are the one that put him in this predicament anyway. And besides, she is me, I am her. I don’t need any other reason to side with her.”

“Milla… thank you.”

I could feel her warmth. Her ghostly figure tightly gripped my hand. Then both of us shouted in unison:

“With the 2 of us together, we shall overturn the will off the gods!”

◇ ◇ ◇

Grace was serving Odin a cup of tea.

“Thank you, Grace.”

“It’s the least I can do. After all, you saved Milla-nee so many times.”

After a moment of silence, Odin continued.

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“There’s something you want to ask me, right?”

“Correct. Back on the battlefield, right before Fenrir and us jumped to Milla’s side, she was chanting a peculiar spell. What was that? It felt extremely dangerous.”

“Your eyes are sharp as always. That is her trump. Her final move. Grace, a Phoenix is a bird that draws its power from flames. But what is the strongest form of fire known in the world?”

“A dragon’s fire?”

“Close, but not exactly. It’s the sun. The sun that gives warmth and shines during the day. The sun is miles away from earth, yet it still manages to heat it up. It’s a giant fireball. And the sun reaches it’s peek in the sky roughly about noon. That’s when Milla can access it. She can use the explosive power of the sun. But the sun only stays at its peek for 1 minute. You can say that for 1 minute, Milla becomes invincible. But that power, similar to Berserker Mode has a price to pay. That’s why I stopped Milla from using it back then. The name of that ability is…”

◇ ◇ ◇

I am grateful that the Demon God also recreated the time zone on earth too. The conditions are met.

“O, great flames of destruction

Heed my call

Let loose my burning rage

To purge the sins of those in front of me.

I shall become a monster in thy name,

So grant me the power

To trample the world itself!


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