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Chapter 42: A Loli Descends

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Shiori-chan! It’s me! Momoyo Nakano. I know I look different, but I’m the same Momo-chan you remember.”


“Shiori! What’s wrong with you?”

“Quick men! That demon over there is targeting our healer. Let’s… Guah!

The torso of the man shouting was cut in half by Irina’s string halbeard.

“Ara Ara! This is getting quite troublesome. Momo-chan, you can’t let your guard down.”

“But… Shiori is… what did they do to her?”

“I don’t know. But as she is now, she’s nothing more than an empty doll. Talking to her is pointless.”

The reason why Shiori was in this state was because of the drug that Ren fed her each and every day. It would be more accurate to say that Shiori’s brain is now mush and only responded to Ren’s voice.

“That’s it… former classmates or not… I won’t forgive them. Milla was right. They must be all killed!”

“I like your attitude, but we must secure the target first. If anyone can fix that girl, it’s Lady Milla. Cover me, while I work, Momo-chan.”

Like a cowboy, Irina quickly made a web lasso and threw it at Shiori. She then pulled strongly and Shiori flew across the air straight into her arms. Then, using her spider legs she started to spin Shiori around into a cocoon, leaving only her nose and mouth visible.

“Yosh! That should do it.”


“What’s wrong? You’re not looking too good. Where did all that energy before go? Hahaha!”

Grace was breathing heavily and sweating all over. Besides the poison, she also had to deal with her mana being drained. She was leaning on her scythe. As she was struggling to get back up on her feet she suddenly jolted. Then, slowly closed her eyes and smiled.

“So, it’s over, huh?”

“Oh? Are you giving up? We don’t take prisoners. Are you hoping for a painless death?”

“You haven’t noticed, have you?”

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“What are you talking about?”

“Hasn’t it gotten a bit hotter around here?”

Now that Grace mentioned that, Ren realized that it was really hotter than before, but during battle, he didn’t notice.

“Oi, what’s that in the sky?”

A soldier pointed to something in the sky.

“Isn’t that just a bird?”

“It’s getting bigger and bigger…”

It wasn’t an ordinary bird. It was a fire bird. A bird completely covered in flames. It was about the same size as a killer whale. It went into a nose dive and crashed into the human army. At the moment of impact, a huge fire explosion was made. It obliterated at least 1000 knights. When the flames and smoke cleared, in the middle of the crater made by the blast stood a loli. Her aura was emitting heat. Her eyes were narrow. Hate, anger… she was after blood.

Well, that certainly was a big entrance I made. It was quite fun enveloping myself in flames and shaping them into a phoenix. But as soon as I landed… I could only feel anger. I saw Grace almost kneeling near Ren. And when I looked around I also saw Shiori. I could tell that something was wrong with her. Thank God that Irina covered her in web. If I were to see her state right now, I think I would involuntarily trigger Berserker Mode again.


Himeko dashed towards me, but stopped when she felt the pressure of my aura.

“You did well. Now just stand back. Mommy has some cleaning up to do.

Irina, put Shiori on Felicia’s back. Felicia, take her back home as fast as you can. Protect her with your life!”

“Un… understood!”

I turned my gaze towards Ren again.

“Hey, they’re taking one of our own. What are you waiting for? We have to… Guaaah!”

I closed the distance between us before he could blink, kicked him in the stomach and sent him flying. Then I casually reach for my shadow and pull out a bottle of Phoenix Tears to give to Grace.

“Milla-nee… I’m sorry. I was careless.”

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“It’s alrigh, Grace. Have everyone retreat. Just leave the rest to me.”

“But how did you manage to get here so fast? Your training should have lasted another day.”

At those words, from within my hair, a small spider made its way out.

“Irina gave me this little guy before I departed. Everything Irina sees, this guy can see as well, regardless of how time flows. When I heard you guys were charging in and spotted Shiori, I hurried out and came here.”

At first I thought it was creepy to keep a spider in my hair. I didn’t want web or eggs in my head. But the little guy was so small, that I barely could notice or feel him. But, since there’s no such thing as a telephone in this world, I settled with the little critter.

“Milla-nee… You are… Something isn’t right with…”

“That’s enough, Grace! Like I said, you guys retreat. I’ll handle the rest.”

Meanwhile as the 3 Demon Kings were watching the scene unfold before them…

“This is a circus! Honestly, what does that girl think she is doing?”

“Lord Arnos, maybe we should consider stepping in as well? If she actually manages to push the humans back by herself, then we will be humiliated.”

“I guess we have no choice! Then let us…”

But as soon as Arnos stepped forward, a wall of ice suddenly emerged, blocking their path.

“Sorry old geezer, but we can’t let you do that.”

From within the bushes, Odin and Persia came out.

“What’s the meaning of this!?”

“Nya! Don’t get mad now. We’re just saying that you guys need to wait a little longer. Milla-nyan needs to blow of some steam, so don’t get in her way-nya. Okay?”

“If you still insist on going, then you’ll have to go through us. So why not sit back and enjoy the show?”

Milla isn’t the only one that got a power boost. We were training her, but at the same time she was kinda training us too. Even if it’s 3 against 2, these guys don’t stand a chance.

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“Very well…”

“Oi, don’t just stand around! Kill that f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”

When Ren got back on his feet he issued that order to his classmates.

“Leave it to us!”

3 heroes tried to tackle at the same time. 2 from the front and 1 from behind. I finally understood why they managed to conquer so much. They were almost as weak as last time I saw them. It was their gear. Their gear was enhancing all their abilities. But against the current me, it’s useless.

I simply waved my hand and surrounded myself with a circle of fire the moment they tried to strike me. Needless to say that the heat was so great that it burned the 3 of them to the bone. I turned my head back.

“Prez, Grace, Himeko, Lorina… I thought I told you to retreat. I don’t want to hurt you by mistake.”

“I… I want to see. For what they did to Shiori, I want to see them suffer!”

“Milla-nee, you don’t need to worry. Felicia, Sue and Irina already fell back. I simply wish to stay by your side.”

I’m happy that they feel that way and want to stay near me. But I can’t fight and protect them at the same time.

“Just stick to do the demon army and don’t get too close to me for now.”



Now then. It’s time to get my revenge. I’ll make you suffer for everything you’ve done!

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