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Chapter 4: First Bath and Hidden Schemes

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Why did I end up like this? It was so embarrassing. Right now I was sitting on Grace’s lap. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but… Both of us were naked in a bath tub. Maybe you are wondering why I agreed to this.

At first I was very reluctant to take a bath with Grace. But just as I was preparing to go in I remembered that I was a girl. My mind was still that of a healthy young man.

But let me get it out of the way right now. I am not a lolicon! So it’s not like I was attracted to my own body. But once I saw myself naked a strange feeling came over me. I thought that if I started to wash myself, I would touch my body in various ways and I’d end up doing… well, you get what I’m hinting towards. So in the end I agreed to take a bath with Grace. After all, she did take care of me for over 200 years so I thought it was safe. But, that plan sounded better in my head. Oh, I also found out that I can retract my wings. I was just thinking it was going to be a pain to fit them in the tub and they got suddenly absorbed into my back.

Right now, breasts were being pressed against my back. The tub wasn’t large. It was big enough for 1 grown up. So I had no choice but to feel a soft pair of breasts behind me. I’m too self aware. If I was in my old body right now, my ‘holy sword Excalibur’ would stand straight up.

“Milla-nee, is the water too hot? Your face is slightly red.”

“Ugh… no… it’s not that…”

Grace follows my orders without question. She may point her opinion, but I had the last word. Every man dreams having a beautiful maid that would do anything for him. I was no exception. Something happened in my brain that day. I came with the following conclusion.

This is a different world. The common sense, the morals and laws of my own world don’t apply here. I am a guy in the body of a girl. Does that mean I need to change my sexual orientation? Hell no! I still like women. The Demon God told me I don’t have to give a f̲u̲c̲k̲ and can live as I please. I’m sharing a bath with a woman. I used to be an otaku. I read countless hentai. Quite a number of them were of the ‘yuri’ genre. I am no longer Ryusei Homura. I am Milla Walpurgis, a Demon King. I can do whatever I want. I can be as perverted as I want.

In that moment all my inhibitions, all my past worries, the mask of a timid and polite guy who tried to be accepted by society, all of them were shattered. It was the moment when I buried Ryusei Homura and embraced Milla Walpurgis. I felt a great satisfaction.

“Milla-nee, is something the matter? You have quite an unusual expression.”


I could only chuckle. I’m sorry Grace, but it’s time to punish you for the beating you gave me earlier.

“Grace, this is an order! For now, you are not allowed to move a muscle!”

“I understand. But I don’t quite follow your intention.”

I twisted my body, faced Grace and grabbed her breasts with all my might.

“Whaa… Milla-nee… What are you doing?”

Oh! So she can make this kind of face too. It’s quite pleasant.

“What does it look like? I’m fondling your b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲. They have quite the jiggle in them.”

I kept squeezing and stroking her breasts. Her face started to turn red. It seems she’s enjoying this though as she is trying to hold in her moans. I want to see her react more. So I drew my face closer.

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Grace slightly twitched when my lips touched her pink nipple. I began to suck her breast while my right hand was still fondling her other breast. It tasted good. I felt I could get addicted to this. After I had my fill, I slowly lowered my hand towards her crotch.

“No… Mistress, please… that place is…”

“I thought I told you to call me Milla-nee. Do you really think I would stop here. I need to punish this naughty maid of mine!”

“But… Fuaaa… how come you know… such indecent techniques? I never taught you… Hiii!”

“It doesn’t matter. Right now, I will indulge myself with your body. The night is still long!”

And so the night passed and morning came. Grace was sleeping on the bed. Yeah, after a while we switched from the bathroom to the bedroom. She was breathing heavily. I guess I played with her too much. Like I said before, I read plenty of hentai but I never expected for a girl to leak that much liquid during the act. Even this loli body leaked plenty. I left Grace to get her strength back. I on the other hand wasn’t tired at all. I probably could keep going but, I didn’t want to break her. I started to see my maid more like property… and I liked that feeling. But with just Grace alone, satisfying my lust might be troublesome. Should I find another girl to play with? I wonder what face would Shiori make if I did that with her?

No! Keep it together. I shake my head strongly. For now I need to put my dirty thoughts away. There was something that I needed to figure out right now. Sooner or later I will make enemies. Right now there’s only Grace and me. I needed followers. I need to build up an army or some forces if I wanna be any kind of king. But how should I approach it? Plunder a village? Make people fear me until they submit? It was hard. At first I wanted to wait until Grace wakes up and talk this with her. But I noticed a shady figure lurking outside. Well it will be nice for once to try and play high and mighty. Let’s go greet whoever is there.

◇ ◇ ◇

Current time at the holy church training grounds

Ren Takeda, the boy that had the hero class, just finished his training for the day. Even with his snob like attitude he treated his trainer with respect. At least until he learns everything he needs from him. But, when did this arrogance appear?

Ren’s mother died when he was 5, so he was raised by his father. His father was the principal of one the top academies in the country. He always pushed Ren into studying. But that’s not all. His father was also involved into politics. He would occasionally change the grades of some children in exchange for favors. His father said the following words:

“If there is something you want, you take it, even if you have to use force. Butter up to people if needed, and once you have what you need kick them in the face.”

It’s the motto that Ren has been living his life by. There was one thing that Ren desired right now. Ren wanted Shiori Watanabe. She was the class idol and Ren was the most popular guy in school. In his head, it was common sense that they should be a couple. Ren also harbored dirty thoughts and wanted to do many things to her. He didn’t view her as a person, but as a trophy.

When he saw how well she got along with Ryusei, jealousy and anger kicked in. He saw in Ryusei nothing more than someone who wants to take his trophy. So he used his position to bring hell to Ryusei.

“What do you want to do now, Ren?”

One of Ren’s classmates addressed him. Ren had a boss like feeling and any boss had to have henchmen.

“You guys can go on ahead. I want to meet up with the Archbishop for now.”

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Ren thought that since Ryusei was dead now, he could get closer to Shiori.

But even on training days when he tried to approach her, the class president Momoyo Nakano would always cut in between them. He was obsessed with obtaining Shiori.

When Ren was alone, he started talking to himself.

“Huh, that just means I got to get rid of prez, like I did with otaku freak. Once she’s out of the picture, Watanabe-san will have nobody else to rely on and will come to me! And since this is a different world, I can do whatever I want with her once she’s mine. I’ll make that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ call me master. I’ll have her groveling at my feet hahaha.

I better consult the priest on how to get rid of Nakano. The rest of the students already know their place and won’t go against me. Just a couple more obstacles, and I’ll achieve my goal.”

◇ ◇ ◇

“Who dares approach me? Show yourself if you value your life!”

That’s the typical line a Demon King would say. I kinda was proud that I got to say such words. Soon after a sinister figure came out of the trees. A tall and skinny man with 2 tentacles instead of hands.

“Pardon my intrusion, great Demon King of Insanity. I came to deliver a message from the Demon King of Savagery, Tigre Vacheron.”

Another King is already approaching me?


“Thank you, Your Highness! My King is willing to extend his hand and aid you. As I’m sure you must know, for a new Demon King, it is quite difficult to acquire land and people. His Highness Vacheron is willing to part with a settlement and land to help you.”

Yeah right. Spare me the crap. After the betrayal I went through, do you actually expect me to believe something like that?

“In exchange he only requests a monetary compensation. Of course after a little time so you can gather it. Here. Please take a look. This contract contains everything you need to know.”

I took the contract. To be honest, it wasn’t a bad deal. The land was rather big and had nice resources I could use. But most importantly the word ‘beastmen’ popped up. I felt like I wanted to meet some neko girls like the ones in manga. Beastmen were considered by all demons as trash. The humans saw them as monsters so they labeled them as demons and drove them to Xenovia continent. It was though for them as they endured many things to become somewhat accepted.

But back on topic, this guy just wants to drop his trash on me and also wanted me to pay him. Such a moron. The other problem was the money. He wanted me to pay him 10,000 gold coins in 1 month. That’s a fortune. Grace taught me basic economics so I know that even if I were to rob the people of all their belongings, I couldn’t pay off such a sum. Seems like this Vacheron guy wants me in his debt.

My existence was barely made noticed and someone already wants to cause me trouble. It’s true that what I needed most right now was a place to rule. But any normal person would refuse such outrageous terms.

“Sure. I’ll accept Vacheron’s offer!”

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I said while showing an innocent smile. It seems that the creepy fellow is rather excited. Hehe. Just you s̲h̲i̲t̲t̲y̲ demons wait. I’ll show you what happens if you try and mess with me, kukuku!

I woke up quite suddenly. Last night Milla-nee had her way with my body. I was shocked. Where did my cute little mistress learn such things? I got to see another face of her, that I didn’t know she could make. But that wasn’t bad. The lady I love so much, loved me back. I was happy.

I started dressing and cleaning the mess we left last night. As I got close to the window, I noticed that Milla-nee was talking to someone. All the alarms in my head were triggered. I grabbed my scythe and ran outside as fast as I could. But by the time I got there, the person vanished.

I found out what Milla-nee did. I was scared. She made a deal with Demon King Vacheron.

“Milla-nee… Why did you accept? Why didn’t you ask for my advice?”

I was scared. I was scared because if Milla-nee could not pay off that debt she will fall into Vacheron’s clutches. And if that were to happen, I wouldn’t be able to protect her.

“Grace, I know what you’re thinking, but right now we need a base. We need subjects. I can’t be a Demon King with just you alone. And did you forget what you told me? The Blood Ball is getting near.”

True. When I had my lady memorize all the names of the 12 Demon Kings, I also explained about the Blood Ball. Once each month, there is a red moon. On the night of the red moon, a Blood Ball is held in the Demon Gods’ honor. There are 12 Kings and 12 months. Each month 1 of the Kings must host the Ball. And right now, the 11th month is next. Which means, it will be Milla-nee’s turn to host the it next.

“What you say is true. We can’t host it here. But I fear that…”

“Grace, like I am trusting you, I ask you to trust me. I know what I’m doing.”

She cut me off. Mistress asked me to trust her. For some reason she was confident.

“Grace, this guy is picking a fight with me. But he doesn’t know who he’s messing with. I know a month is really short but because it’s me, I can do it. Just wait and see. That s̲h̲i̲t̲t̲y̲ Demon King will wish he never crossed my path!”

She was radiating. She had a vicious smile on her face, but even that was cute. She says she can do it. Although I have no idea how she plans to make 10,000 gold coins in such a short amount of time, my heart was telling me that this child… no… this lady can do anything she has in her mind. She truly fits her title of Demon King of Insanity.

“Very well, Milla-nee. I shall trust you and do my best to assist you.”

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