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Chapter 34: Mommy Milla and Dog Momoyo

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Your Highness, I don’t even know how to thank you… Thank you! Really, thank you!”

“I said it’s okay. So let go of my leg already!”

As you would guess, Lorina found out about what happened and right now she was strangling my leg.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were an elf princess?”

“The elf laws restrict your life. Do you know what it’s like when someone tells you there is only one path you can walk?”

I get how Lorina feels. That’s probably why she became a blacksmith and sword master. She tried to defy her fate.

“Lorina, I will not look into your past if you don’t want me to. The current you is the one I need. But I want to know if that idiot brother of yours will cause me any problems.”

“I’m not sure. Melron is stubborn, and once he makes up his mind it’s hard to make him back down. We might see him again.”

Even if that’s the case, I’ll just chase him off again. Lorina is mine and I’m not giving her up. But I have a more pressing matter right now to deal with.


Himeko was tugging on one of my feathers.

“Lorina, mind explaining why Himeko is calling me her mother?”

Lorina went a bit stiff. So it’s your fault after all. I told you to teach her swordsmanship. So what the f̲u̲c̲k̲ did you teach my loli?

“Himeko, why are you calling me okaasan?”

“Parents. Don’t have. Lorina said you look after this town like a parent. You also own me. So… okaasan.”

Okay… I can’t say her logic is wrong, but come on. I’m a loli too. How the hell am I supposed to be a mom?

“Why don’t you call me Milla-nee or onee-chan like everyone else?”

She shook her head left and right.

“No. You’re okaasan. Do you not like it? Do you hate me?”

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Gwaaa… don’t give me those teary puppy eyes. She’s just too cute. Ah, fine!

“All right. You can call me okaasan. Just don’t cry.”

I started patting Himeko’s head. She slightly blushed, closed her eyes and she really looked like she was enjoying it. God, she’s so cute. I wanna kiss her. I want to play with that loli p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲. But, while I was patting her head, I noticed something.

“Himeko, that sword on your back… is that…?”

“Void Blade.”

Just as I thought. I turned my head over to Lorina.

“Lorina, is it true? Can she really use that sword?”

Time for another story. The founder is said to have had 5 special swords. They have a tremendous power. They are referred to as ancient relics. Currently only 2 relics are known. One of them is Ornis’ blade. The other one was this Void Blade. It’s said that the location for the other 3 is unknown. The Void Blade was a Japanese katana. An azure hilt and grip with gold trimming. But I was shocked because Lorina told me that an ancient relic chooses it’s master. As long as it’s sheathed, it’s safe. But when I tried to draw it, it lashed out on me, releasing a lightning attack.

“She can draw and cut things with it. But unlocking the swords’ full power is still impossible.”

Himeko drew the katana. The blade was unique. It had a purple aura, and the blade itself was black with white dots. No. Let me be more clear. It was almost like looking at the stars at night. A whole different dimension. Stars inside a blade. Given it’s unique ability, it makes sense how it looks. Legend has it that this sword can absorb any magical attack. It literally devours it and sends it to its “void dimension”. But the user also has access to any attack absorbed, so it can also fire it back. Neither me nor Lorina don’t know how much it can absorb. But if Himeko can master it, I am sure she will become even stronger. Speaking of strength…

“By the way, did you manage to remove her seal?”

“Yes. I was surprised how strong she is.”

Hmm. Let’s have a little test.

“Himeko, why don’t you try and punch me.”

“Don’t want to hurt.”

“You won’t hurt me. Trust me. Come on. Take a swing.”

Himeko nodded and clenched her tiny fist. She then swung it straight at me. Last time I took it head on, but this time, I caught it in my palm. The moment her fist hit my palm, a small shockwave was formed. Impressive. I had to pour a bit of mana and wrap my hand in my aura to cancel it out.

“Himeko, you truly have grown.”

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“All thanks to Lorina-sensei and okaasan.”

I patted her on the head once more. Then I turned to Lorina again.

“Lorina, I might need you in the upcoming war. Not just as a blacksmith. I might actually need you on the field.”

“Lady Milla, normally I would decline, but I have grown quite fond of you. You also refused to send me back to the elves which I will forever be grateful. So, if you say you need me, then my sword is at your command.”

“That’s sweet. Anyway, for now just keep training Himeko. I need everyone to be prepared.”

And speaking of preparations maybe I should also check on prez and see how Irina handles her.

“Irina… care to explain what you are doing?”

“Ara Ara! What do you mean, Your Highness? I am simply following the order you gave me and I’m training Momo-chan.”

“And just how does that count as training?”

Momoyo was hanging from the ceiling wrapped all over with Irina’s web. It seems her hobby kicked in again. Bondage. Prez was tied up, strings around her chest, hands behind her back, visible panties… you get the picture.

“But this is just to ensure she has enough flexibility.”

“Milla… save me…”

With a bright red face and teary eyes she was pleading me to help her.

“Put her down for now.”

Although reluctant, Irina complied and released prez from her web.

“So, how’s her training going?”

“Although she still has ways to go, she reached a stage where she is usable. She is nothing like her past self. She’s fast and nimble and very capable with the two long daggers that Lorina provided. However if she is to become a true assassin, it will take more time.”

Prez quickly went behind me, crouched down and put her hands around my torso. Was she that scared of Irina? I could feel her breasts pushing against my back. The smell of an aroused girl is sweet. But I don’t have time to play around right now.

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“Prez, please separate a bit…”


That was quick. Uoh… stop squeezing me so tight… gimme a break already!

“Kuh! Momoyo, stop!”



What’s going on? A moment ago she didn’t want to let go, and now she stopped hugging me and just sat there crouched. She was looking at me and kept still at a terrifying level. Wait… don’t tell me…

“Momo, sit!”


“Stand up!”


“Turn around!”


“Gimme your hand!”


“Your other one now!”


“Say ‘woof’!”

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After a short moment, prez seemed to come back to her senses. She blushed and with a sort of panicked voice she said:

“No way… What are you making me do? But… if it’s an order I have to follow it… Wait! What am I saying?”

Since when did prez turn into a dog? Although, I can guess who the culprit is.


As I turned my head around, Irina was smiling brightly, as if saying ‘I have trained her to be your faithful dog’.

“Irina, how exactly did you train her?”

“Ara Ara! With her new limbs she is improving fast. So while I was developing her speed and mobility, I also subtly enforced the thought that she should respond to your orders with absolute obedience.”

Don’t just brainwash people without my permission. What’s gotten into these girls? First Lorina, and now Irina. What are you training my girls into? I could only let out a sigh.

“Both of you come with me for now. I ordered a special package for you prez and during my absence it arrived. It’s an important step in your training, so I want to personally supervise it.”

Both of them responded in unison:


“Ahh… this is so embarrassing!”

She’s kind of cute. I might get used to having a dog around, hehe!

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