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Chapter 32: What Needs to Be Done

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Hahaha! This is too much. I can’t actually believe you did that! You really are insane to speak to Ornis like that, onee-chan!”

Odin was laughing and rolling on the bed. Even though I solved my own problem, I wasn’t allowed to leave until the next day. Normally I would have to wait until the council was over, but they made an exception for me. Right now, there was one thing I needed mostly.

“Hey, Odin, is there a way for me to get stronger in a short time?”

“I thought you didn’t care about strength. Onee-chan do you suddenly thirst for power?”

Nope. I thirst for oppai!1 But that’s not the issue now.

“I don’t. Normally I wouldn’t ask this if I could take my troops with me. But if only I can move freely, I will need to be stronger than this.”

I always felt that I didn’t reach my full potential yet. It was like driving a car without a driving license. You manage it, but it doesn’t feel right. And I needed power if I was to face against an army myself. Odin stood up at looked at me with a serious expression.

“Very well. In that case I shall be honest. I fought with you and I also treated your mana circuits. So I will say it up front. You appear strong, but it’s just a mask. Your magic is impressive, but in diversity only. Aside from your Phoenix Resurrection and Origin magic, you have nothing impressive. You can’t fully control the output of your power. You can’t sense the force behind someone else’s attack. At first I really thought you were just holding back when we fought, but it seems you are lacking.”

Her words were heavy, but it was the truth. For all I know the original Milla might have been stronger than me.

“Milla, if you truly want to get stronger, I can train you, but I can’t teach you.”

“Aren’t you contradicting yourself?”

“No. I mean I can spar with you and show you some moves, but knowing how to channel magic and fully controlling your body is something you need to figure out yourself.”

“And how long will it take?”

“Normally… about 50 years.”

“I can’t wait 50 years!”

“I said normally. I can’t lie and say there isn’t a way to boost you. I myself applied the same process once. But, as you would expect, there is a price.”

“And how long with that method take?”

“Around only 3 months.”

“That’s still kind of long.”

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“I have a special chamber underneath my palace. As the queen of ice, that chamber can freeze time itself. Well, not completely freeze, but it slows it down. One week in there will give you the equivalent of 3 months. It’s all thanks to a special pentagram.”

Wha… that’s like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.2

“But then, you could just spend months in there and become the strongest.”

“No. As I mentioned it works because of a pentagram. That pentagram stores mana to be able to fuel the room. And the amount of mana it needs is huge. Even 1 week in there is pushing it’s limits, but with some adjustments I can make it work.”

“Odin you truly are amazing!”

“Fufufu. Don’t praise me like that. It makes me blush. But again, there is a price to pay, so listen carefully.”

I was ready to go back home. The council was still going, but I was free to do as I please. I can’t go straight to Odin because I need her to train me, so for starters I’m heading back home. The price Odin mentioned was indeed harsh, but I will see how it goes when the training starts. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to see Shiori safe.

As I was heading towards the exit of this castle, a voice called out to me.

“Lady Milla-nya! Wait a moment-nya.”

I turned around. The Demon King of Sloth, Persia Castella was calling out to me. I wonder what business could she have with me? I’m tired of dealing with other kings. But there was something about this woman that caught my eye.

Name: Persia Castella
Age: 982
Race: High Beastman
Class: Demon King
Strength: EX
Agility: SSS
Endurance: EX
Magic: F
Luck: C-
Overall Rank: SSS+

For starters her magic was low. In human ranking, F literally means zero magic power. But rank F in demon ranking would be equivalent to around a D- rank for humans. Still, that’s way too low. And there was her race. Is she related to my beastmen? If she is a demon king why didn’t she govern them? It’s the first time I hear of such a race.

Persia is a tall and beautiful woman with cat-like, almond-shaped hazel eyes and waist-long black hair tangled to a braid. Her ears and tail are also black colored and looked really fluffy. She has a slender, toned yet very voluptuous body including large breasts. They could almost compete with Odin. Maybe just a size smaller.

Persia was wearing a white dress with green decorations on several places which exposed her cleavage and part of her breasts, shoulders, and belly. She also wears white gloves over her elbows with wide bracelets around her wrist and black stockings with identical bracelets around ankles. Lastly she had a sparkling necklace with a big emerald jewel around her neck.

She was charming. Grace gave a basic description of all the kings. Of course that includes her. She said that she tends bewitch the opponent, allowing her to manipulate them as she desires. Generally, if one becomes the victim of her glamour, they are completely eviscerated. Her name also kind of reminds me of the persian cat breed.

“Do you have some business with me, Your Highness?”

Before I could say another word she suddenly jumped at me and tightly hugged me. Wow. She smelled good. There was soap in this world, but not shampoo. But this woman really smelled good. Like freshly coming out of the shower. Wait! Let’s not get carried away. Why is she hugging me? Wait. Is she sniffing me?


“Just as I thought-nya! You really resonate with me-nya!”

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“Ugh… excuse me but…”

“And you’re so cute-nya! I agree with your idea. All the demon kings should work together and get this over with. That way we can relax and sleep more-nya!”

“Hmm? Do you also like sleeping even though we don’t have to?”

“Yup! What can be more pleasant-nya? Sitting under the warm sun and relaxing is the most purrrfect experience-nya!”

“Right? I mean work is so stressful, you just have to take things slow and enjoy life.”

“Yes, yes! I knew it-nya! We’re the same. I finally found someone who gets me-nya!”

I think I found my soulmate. When I think that Grace was cruel and took my pillow from me… This king is a role model. She continued hugging me and whisper something in my ear.

“Wow! Is that so? That really is amazing! If you have something like that then I will be sure to come to your land.”

“Odin spoke very highly of you-nya! And I see why. I like you-nya. I can tell just from your scent that we’ll get along-nya!”

I exchanged a few more words with her before she finally let me go. Did Odin hook ne up with her? Well it’s not that I mind. She is a beauty. In all that commotion I forgot to ask about her race, but I’m sure I can get the info out of Odin. And so, I hoped into the carriage and started my journey back home. For me it was the end of the War Council.

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  1. Hyoudou Issei’s favorite word.
  2. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber (also known as the *Room of Spirit and Time*) is a dimension with a time dilation which causes one day outside the chamber to be expanded into one year inside in DBZ.

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