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Chapter 31: War Council

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Okay. This doesn’t look anything like a council at all. Everyone started to argue and bicker like at a tavern. I couldn’t make up what they were saying. Even Odin was cursing and swearing left and right. She even glanced my way as if to say “What’s wrong? This is how we do politics.” The atmosphere was really a mess. Until Ornis raised his voice.


Everyone went quiet. Honestly, just how strong is this guy to be able to keep them under control.

“I summoned all of you here to discuss an important matter. The human invaders have finally made a move against us. I think it is best if we understand the current situation first.”

Ornis shifted his head to the one that looked the oldest in all the group. A guy with a single small horn coming out of his forehead, white spikey hair up to his shoulders. He reminded me of a samurai. It was almost as if he wore a yukata. Covering his mouth was a scarf that circled his head. His skin was light yellow and rather wrinkly.

“Lord Arnos, it is your shores that have been soiled. Please tell us exactly what’s going on.”

“Very well.”

Demon King of Death, Arnos Kerberus. He raised his face and mouth from underneath his scarf and began explaining what happened. The humans set up camp on the shore and quickly occupied a small village. The army had the cross emblem on their uniforms, signaling that they belonged to the church. The soldiers were sturdy, but they can be dealt with. The problem was the heroes. Arnos said that the army was led by a strange group and because of them, the village was lost. Everyone here seemed to accept this. But for me it doesn’t make sense. Are we talking about the same heroes? That bunch of idiots shouldn’t pose a threat at all in just so little time. Do they have some sort of cheat or an item? I don’t want to underestimate them, but at the same time I really can’t take those fools serious.

Also it seems that the human army is huge. I really just wanted to take care of this war by myself, but it’s not a feasible option.

Humanity was an interesting race. Religion was supposed to be used to give themselves hope, kindness and nice things, yet it creates countless insane men and triggered slaughters. God was supposed to be a symbol of holiness and beauty for humans, yet under the guidance of their god, they never tried walking a peaceful path. Instead, they picked up blades and spells. It reminds me of the stories back on Earth about the old templar knights. There was never any harmony or beauty; there was only slaughter and the sinister ambitions humans hid deep within their hearts. I know I was a human once, but I’m glad I’m a demon now.

Humanity would never see God. Humanity would never be God’s children. Humanity’s god was just a concept they fabricated. Humanity’s god served humanity, but a true God would never budge for anyone. Gods were just gods. The Demon God was really a true God. Although she can grant us her blessings, she would never step so low as to serve any race. Nevertheless, humanity invented their own god to serve them.

Humanity’s so-called goddess was the same as the houses and weapons they built. A concept humans came up with to serve their own purposes. They carried out crazy things in the name of their creed. That was their so-called religion. That was the so-called human race. Now I’m beginning to understand why the Demon God referred to humanity’s goddess as a pseudo-goddess.


Someone hit the table with his fist.

“We need to kill every last one of them. Only then, can we achieve peace.”

“Oh shut up, Magnus. Don’t you realize that if we exterminate the humans, the worlds’ balance will be ruined?”

“Lady Murglais, that is just a story of ancient time. Balance my a̲s̲s̲. We make our own world, our own future. We just need to get rid of the humans.”

They started bickering again. I could only scratch my head upon seeing the scene before me. Until suddenly, a huge amount of pressure was released. A demonic aura. It felt that the aura alone would turn into a monster and devour everyone at the table.

“I don’t like repeating myself. Silence! Arguing like animals will get us nowhere.”

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Ornis was a monster among monsters. It was impressive that he could keep this bunch under control.

“Lady Milla, you seem like you are the one in deep thought. Maybe we could use the opinion from a freshly new and young Demon King such as yourself. Please tell us, how do you think we should handle this?”

Why are you passing the issue to me? I suck at military strategy. That’s what I created Tengu for. Sorry guys, if you are expecting for a big impact just like back at the Blood Ball, I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you. But I have to say something now. Hmm… Oh, I got it!

“Ahem… Fellow kings, as I see things, we just need to crush the humans. But killing them isn’t enough. We need to implant a fear so great that they will never dare send another wave and bother us. Since our armies can’t march from one land to another freely from obvious reasons, the answer is clear. Us. The 12 of us are more than enough to kill them but at the same time give them a scare to never come back. So the way I see, all we have to do is tackle them together!”

After a short moment, some started to burst into laughter and some grinded their teeth. Did I say something weird? From my point of view it’s the best solution cause this way I can also keep an eye on the heroes and make sure Shiori doesn’t get hurt.

“You’re crazy, little one.”

Demon King of Wrath, Magnus was the one that lashed out at me.

“Humans are nothing but insects that made their way into our garden. Tell me, would a king deal with bugs himself? That’s the job of a gardener. Have you no pride? Why would we step so low?”

Yare yare. These idiots are killing me with their logic. Screw pride.

“You got something better to do? Or are you just too lazy to get your hands dirty?”

“Why you little…”

I can’t show weakness around these guys. They need to learn their lesson. Nobody tells me what to do.

“You guys might have time to sit here all day long, but I don’t. Argue as long as you wish, but that won’t solve anything. So if you can’t appreciate the simple solution I am giving you then why don’t you guys do it your way and I’ll do it my way?”

“Such impudence is…”

“Lady Milla!”

Ornis stood up and looked me straight in the eye.

“Shall I take it that you wish to act independently, even though you can’t bring your troops to another land without permission?”

“Yes. That is the best scenario.”

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“Very well. I shall allow it. You may take your leave then from this meeting.”

“I appreciate that, Ornis-sama.”

And without further issues I made my way out of that room. I couldn’t go back home till the council was over, but nobody said I have to listen to their crap all day long.

As Milla left, Magnus addressed Ornis once more.

“Lord Ornis, why did you let her go that easy?”

Ornis seemed annoyed by that question, but he still gave a proper answer.

“Keep in mind she is young. She didn’t have time to develop our sense of pride. And we also lack the time to teach her. So it’s better if we just let her do as she pleases.”

If any other Demon King would have said or done that, he would most likely get a harsh verbal abuse. But not Ornis. Because an explanation was provided, Magnus didn’t dare to push further.

“But you know, she’s right-nya.”

“I really believed you were asleep, Lady Persia.”

Demon King of Sloth, Persia Castella.

“How rude-nya! That little girl might have overstepped her bounds but she had a point-nya. We could deal with everything fast and that way we’d have more time for naps-nya!”

“Don’t you start now, too!”

“Enough! All of you! Let’s end this topic here and come up with some viable solutions.”

And so, the council resumed with it’s usual bickering atmosphere.

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