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Chapter 24: Unstoppable Milla

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“…[Berserker Mode]…”

As soon as those words were said, all 3 of Milla’s gems started to glow, and from them, a dark shadow emerged and started to cover her body. The shadow engulfed Milla. Her body became black. Only her crimson hair wasn’t touched and her mouth remained the same. Her body went through a small metamorphosis. She gained a bit of muscle. Her feet changed shape and gave off a lizard like feeling, with only 3 toes on each foot. Her fingers became razor sharp claws. It was like she was wearing gauntlets. Her eyes were glowing with a deep red. But not just her pupils. Her iris as well. After that her aura seemed to have settled down a bit. Her transformation was completed.

“Oh my! To think you would give into madness and overcome the drug… I wasn’t expecting that. Well, I suppose if you won’t join me, I’ll have to kill you. Although it is a waste. Since you’re showing hostility I will defend myself. It’s not my fault if you die. ”

Miraluka extended her hand forward and a barrage of spears was fired from the ground. The black loli doesn’t even budge. She releases a powerful howl similar to a wild beast. The shockwave of that howl was all it took to blow away the spears.

“It seems I have to get a little serious. I wanted to make this quick, but if you wish to suffer then…”

Miraluka didn’t finish her sentence. Milla closed the distance between them in an instant. A punch powerful enough to destroy a mountain hits Miraluka’s face, smashing her down into the ground. The force sent her through 3 floors of her castle and because of the punch angle, she found herself being blown outside of her castle. Once she hit the ground, Miraluka quickly got back on her feet.

“How dare you! Interrupting a lady is rude. You want me to fight at full power? So be it!”

Milla jumps down from the balcony and advances with a roar. But for some reason she suddenly fell on the ground. An invisible pressure was binding her. Gravity magic. Stakes were Miraluka’s signature move, but her greatest asset was her power to manipulate gravity. Right now, she pinned Milla down by increasing her gravity.

“Do you get it now? A mongrel like you only belongs at my feet!”

But at those words Milla howls again. She pushed herself up and continued her advance, albeit slower.

“Impossible! How can you still move? The pressure I applied should have crushed all your internal organs.”

But Milla didn’t respond. All she wanted was to kill the woman in front of her. She sunk her hands into the ground and ripped a large chunk of earth. She spun around once and sent it flying at Miraluka. The vampire quickly dodged the pile, but at the same time she loosened her gravity grip on Milla. The loli quickly put strength into her legs and lunged at her opponent once more.

Milla placed her palm on Miraluka’s face and pushed her onto the ground, making a small crater. She then grabs her leg and swings the vampire from left to right, smashing her on the ground several times, in a similar style like a famous western green skinned and muscular superhero. Miraluka shakes her head and summons spears that pierce Milla’s body. With that move, Milla released her grip and the vampire manages to escape. Milla’s body was fully skewered.

“Finally… it’s over…”

But she couldn’t be more wrong. As she got up, the stakes that were piercing Milla started to heat up. From dark grey they slowly reached a burning orange temperature, and eventually they melted. Milla’s eyes glowed once and flames covered her body and sealed off all her wounds. Phoenix Resurrection.

“You gotta be s̲h̲i̲t̲t̲i̲n̲g̲ me! Just die already! ”

Miraluka placed both her hands in front of her. She activated gravity magic once more and also summoned more than 100 stakes that she fired at the loli. Milla extended her hand forward. She didn’t chant any spell, nor did a magic formation appear. Yet a wave of flames was unleashed from her palm, the same way water would gush from a fire hydrant. All the spears were reduced to ash. But because of that stunt, Miraluka managed to get behind Milla. A magic circle appeared in her palm and a weapon started to manifest. It was her signature weapon. The Rose Spear. A long spear with a sharp double edge spear tip. She swung it once and sliced Milla’s head off.

“That should be enough… She won’t be able to recover from that…”

Or so she thought. But once again flames covered Milla’s body and brought her back to life. Milla once again let out a powerful roar.

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“No… How?… Are you f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ serious? Why won’t you stay dead?”

Miraluka was shocked. In all her years of life, she never faced an opponent like this. It was the first time she felt true fear. Once again, the black loli advanced. Miraluka was lost in thoughts and caught off guard. A punch to the stomach, a second to her face, a third to her left ribcage. A barrage of fists. Milla unleashed punch after punch. Each hit caused the ground to tremble. Each time she landed a strike a shockwave was formed.

After a barrage of punches, Milla finally wrapped her right fist in flames and released a flaming punch that sent the vampire flying, crashing into one of her court walls.

“Kill… Kill… Kill…”

Milla slightly mumbled those words. Miraluka, who was on all fours after the impact, tried her best to stand up.

“What… are you?”

Blood was dripping from her forehead. Milla broke quite a few of her bones and damaged her internal organs. Normally by consuming blood, Miraluka could heal herself, but right now, she didn’t have access to a source. She was desperate. She released a large amount of magical energy to send a swarm of stakes after her. Milla made an X shape guard with her arms. When all the stakes were about to hit her, a fire tornado swirled around Milla. The stakes didn’t penetrate the flames. But Miraluka only wanted to slow down Milla. She aimed the tip of her spear at the loli.

“This will end it!”

Her spear had a powerful piercing ability. There was no shield that can stop it.

“Special ability! [Thorn Blast]!”

A powerful red lazer beam was released from the tip of the spear. It was as fast as lighting. Dodging was impossible. It struck Milla fully. A big explosion was generated. Some trees were ripped from the ground. Even the vampire’s castle lost some chunks of bricks. When the explosion cleared a huge crater as big as 5 olympic swimming pools was engraved into the ground.

“It’s finally over… This time… she’s dead for sure…”

Miraluka turned around and started slowly walking to return inside her castle.


The moment she heard that word she panicked and turned her gaze to the voice. From within the crater. A body covered with flames emerged, one small step at a time and wobbling. The flames cleared, and the pitch black loli was once again standing.

“No… NOOOOOOO! Are you immortal!? No… I don’t want to die… Stay away! STAY AWAAAAAAAAY! ”

Miraluka gave into fear. Tears started gathering in her eyes. She couldn’t do anything. Her strongest attack failed to take down her opponent. What else could she do?

“Kill… Kill… Kill…”

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A voice shouted from the castle. For the first time Milla, stopped her advance. She looked up and from the balcony where it all started she saw her.


Yes. Grace was alive. When Miraluka skewered her she avoided any vital point or organ, and thanks to Sue’s liquid form, they managed to contain the blood loss.

“Please! No more. I’m alright! Just please… return to your normal self!”

Milla’s deep red eyes stopped glowing. The white returned to her iris. The shadow that that was covering her started to dissipate. Milla returned to normal.

After shedding a few tears, Milla simply said:

“Sue. Emergency retreat!”

The slime known as Sue quickly absorbed both Himeko and Grace. It was almost like she ate them. Then she bounced down and did the same with Milla. Sue became a big water balloon. But that didn’t hinder her movement. She bounced outside the court wall, bounced from roof to roof and disappeared from sight.

Miraluka was left dumbfounded. She dropped on the ground, finally feeling relieved that her life was outside of danger.

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