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Chapter 22: Let’s Buy a Loli!

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

We moved on to the main streets of the city and were headed to the castle. It really was scary. Like something from a horror movie. But on our way we saw a big crowd gathered in one spot so we decided to go and see what was the commotion about.

It turned out to be an outdoor slave auction. Grace said that in many parts of the world it’s quite common to see slaves. Males were mostly used as work mules while females were used as sex partners. Of course this wasn’t set in stone, but that’s the average use for them. I told Grace I wanted to stay a bit. But it was pretty hard to see because of the crowd.

“Grace, let me get on top of your shoulders! I can’t see a thing.”

“As you wish.”

I didn’t care what people were thinking. I didn’t hesitate to get on Grace’s shoulders. There were mostly females in this auction. But as it went on, someone caught my eye.

“And now, on to our next product. We present you this lovely young girl. She may be a child, but if nurtured, think of the beauty she can become. And I’m sure she will learn fast if you desire to use her at her current age.”

A small girl was brought on stage. She had a charm resembling that of a small animal. Growing from her forehead there were was a thin black horn curved upwards. Her ears were long like that of an elf. Her eyes were a clear emerald green, her blonde, cream-colored hair that was put into a small ponytail that reached up to her shoulder blades, and from above her butt, there was a thin lizard tail hanging down and flopping about. She was dressed with rags. Let me rephrase that. It was a single piece of cloth with holes for her arms and head, to be more specific. She was as tall as me, but given that I was wearing high heels and she was bare footed, it’s more accurate to say that she was taller than me, but not by much.

A loli. She was a loli. Her chest was a bit smaller than mine. She wasn’t completely flat, but she was in the A cup range. But that’s not what caught my eye. I checked the stats of every slave since I arrived. And this girl was special.

Name: Unnamed
Age: 114
Race: Mixed Blood
Class: None
Strength: SSS+
Agility: SS-
Endurance: S-
Magic: D+
Luck: E
Overall Rank: B-

Okay. Lots of questions popped in my head. I thought I got a general understanding of the demon ranking system, but her stats were all over the place. She looked so frail and week, yet she is the first person outside the Demon Kings who had an SSS stat. On paper, her strength is at the level of a Demon King. Her overall rank should be much higher than that. Maybe she doesn’t have any combat experience at all. Maybe she was too young. I didn’t know the reason. This girl was an enigma. Still I can’t help but notice how cute she is. If cleaned up properly and dressed with some clothes she would almost look like a princess. Too cute. I wanna suck on her lips. I wanna lewd her. I kept saying that I wasn’t a lolicon, but ever since I came to this world and could be true to my desires, there were many things I discovered. I guess this could be a test. Yes. Just a test to see if I have a thing for little girls or not. Normally I’m all bout b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲… but this girl is just too freaking cute to ignore. And there was one more thing about her you couldn’t ignore. Her race.

“Hey Grace. What does Mixed Blood mean?”

“Hmm? Are you referring to the girl they brought up? Mixed Blood is exactly what it’s name implies. She’s a cross breed of different races. Most likely her mother was a slave or a prostitute. Some people have a different reproductive system. How should I put it? I guess it’s best to be straight. If various men were to f̲u̲c̲k̲ her over and over, then a part from each of their seed would take part in the pregnancy cycle. It’s the first time for me seeing a mix of so many different features. I can only assume that her mother was heavily r̲a̲p̲e̲d̲.”

I get the picture. Back on Earth there were some jerks who liked to use the saying “children must pay for their parents’ sins”. But I’m not so shallow. I didn’t care about such stuff. Maybe she had some hidden potential. I also stored in my shadow gold coins in case of emergency. And judging by the prices so far it shouldn’t be a problem.

Money in this world was divided into 3 currencies. Copper, silver and gold coins.

1 gold coin = 100 silver coins

1 silver coin = 100 copper

That being said a night with 3 meals at an inn would be 50 copper. The price of slaves were around that amount too, and there were few that reached 1 silver.

“We shall start the bidding at 20 copper!”

“Grace, that girl, I want her.”

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“Are you sure? I don’t see any benefit in a creature like her.”

“Trust me. I got a feeling about her. She might be useful.”

The one thing I wanted most was to surround myself with trustworthy people. After getting backstabbed by Ren, after what happened to Milla, I had trust issues. But anyone would be like that if they were in my shoes. If I train this girl, maybe I can make her my bodyguard. Grace won’t be able to always be by my side. She’s better at managing politics and overseeing other issues. So for the times I need her management skills, I could use another helper. Plus she’s rather cute. Again, I’m not a lolicon, but if this world doesn’t consider ‘playing’ with children a crime, then I guess it can’t hurt to give it a try at least once.

“27 copper!”

“28 copper!”

“35 copper!”

“Bah! There’s no way that brat is worth that much.”

I could hear how the auction went. As I was about to raise my hand and bind, someone else stepped forward.

“1 silver!”

“Oh my! 1 silver from the distinguished gentleman over here! Anyone else?”

I turn my head around and see a man that resembles a butler. A blue tuxedo, fancy red tie, grey skin, spikey short white hair, beard and moustache. Kek. I wasn’t about to let some old guy get in my way.

This time I raise my hand and test the waters:

“2 silver!”

“2 silver. We have 2 silver from the young lady in front.”

Everyone looked at me in shock. The old butler also turned his head to me and looked annoyed. He made another bid.

“5 silver!”

The crowd was speechless. No slave was worth that much. The old guy took a few steps towards me.

“It would be in your best interest to not bid against me. I serve one of the 5 counts that are in Her Highness’ grace. My Lord wishes for the blood of children like her.”

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I couldn’t care less what your master wants. You’re getting her just to get her killed? That’s twisted, mister. A vampire that only sees someone as a blood tank is crazy. Don’t mess with me you old fart!

“1 gold coin!”

I bid again. Everyone opened their mouths wide. Even the auction manager. I stepped down from Grace’s shoulders and look at the butler.

“Sorry, geezer. But I couldn’t care less about your master. In terms of status, I am above him. I am the Demon King of Insanity, Milla Walpurgis! And it would be in your interest not to bid against me!”

Noise and whispers started to spread.

“Could she be telling the truth? No way is a kid like her a Demon King.”

“Shut up you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲. Crimson hair, crimson eyes! It’s got to be her!”

“I heard she really humiliated Vacheron-sama.”

“This girl? True, she does have a strange aura around her.”

“Let’s get out of here! If we piss her off we’ll be dead.”

Even the butler started shacking a bit and didn’t dare to open his mouth. Was I really such a big deal now? Regardless, I grabbed a gold coin out of my shadow and threw it at the auction guy.

“I believe that girl is mine now.”

“Y… yes! Of course! Please follow our staff in the back so we can imprint your ownership over her!”

The girl was scared and shaking. It’s alright little one. I won’t bite… much.

And so I bought my very first slave.

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